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Pic of the Day: “The first night that Pat and I met at my sister’s, the Eagles beat the 49ers handily, 40-26. The second time we got together we went for a run and the Phillies beat the Dodgers 7-5 in the NLCS.“ “She’s right, Dad.” “The next time we went for a run, the Eagles beat the Falcons 27-14.” “Wow.” “The third time we got together, we had Raisin Bran in the diner and the Phillies dominated Tampa Bay in the fourth game of the World Series, 10-2.” “Oh, wow.” “Let me think about that. Wait a minute.” “Well, why don’t you think about when the Eagles beat the Seahawks, 14-7?” “He was with you?” “He was with me. We went for a run.” “Really? That’s crazy.” “There have been no games since Pat and I have been rehearsing every day and if Pat had been with me like he was supposed to, he wouldn’t have gotten in a fight, he wouldn’t be in trouble, maybe the Eagles beat the New York Giants.” “She’s making a lot of sense, Pop. That’s all right on all counts.” “Does anybody here happen to know what the official motto of the state of New York is on the official seal of the State of New York? Huh? Anybody? Do you? Do you know? ‘Excelsior’. Look it up… yeah, ‘Excelsior’. Not that I give a fuck about football or about your superstitions, but if it’s me reading the signs, I don’t send the Eagles guy whose personal motto is ‘Excelsior’, to a fucking Giants game, especially when he’s already in a legal situation.” “Unbelievable.” “Wow. How did you know all that stuff?” “I did my research.” (10th Anniversary)