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Oscars 2022: The Catch-Up

Well, I’m all out of sorts this year. A lot’s been going on and I’ve just barely had time to watch stuff the past few months. So whereas most years, I’m all over everything that’s out and ready to go with a Top Ten list for December 31st, I’m thinking I’m gonna be late on that this year. I still need to watch about 45 movies (and that’s before I even get started on the shortlists). The major ones on that list include Bones and All, Tár, Triangle of Sadness, The Wonder, My Father’s Dragon, The Eternal Daughter, Bardo, Decision to Leave, Emancipation, Aftersun, The Menu, Devotion, The Inspection, The Son, White Noise, The Pale Blue Eye, The Whale, Empire of Light, A Man Called Otto, Living, Women Talking and Avatar. I’m not even gonna attempt a Top Ten list before I watch most of those. So I think mid-January is probably the best time to expect that. Which I don’t really mind. I’d rather get it right than get it posted.

All that being said, because I’m so behind on simply watching stuff (since this time of year, I’m usually only looking to watch about 5 or 6 movies and already on my rewatch portion before I finalize my list), I haven’t even begun to think about Oscar season. To the point where I legitimately didn’t even know it had started until I saw the Golden Globe nominations were out… the day after they were announced. Legitimately it hadn’t even crossed my mind that we’d even be into that stuff yet. That’s how busy I’ve been.

So this article is just me catching up on all that’s happened thus far (minus the shortlists. That’s gonna be its own thing), plus me making a list of all the things that are to come, so at least I have it as a reference for when I invariably have to catch up and need to know what I’ve missed.

Like I said, Oscar season’s gonna happen, it’s just gonna be a bit weird. So let’s embrace the weird. (more…)


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