Pic of the Day: “All I wanted was to sing to God. He gave me that longing… and then made me mute. Why? Tell me that. If He didn’t want me to praise him with music, why implant the desire? Like a lust in my body! And then deny me the talent?”


The Underseen Films of 2017

I’m trying to keep all three of my lists separate this year. Meaning no overlaps on Overrated/Underrated/Underseen. I’m trying to include as much stuff as I can. Some things can easily be on all three lists if I wanted, but I want to shout out as much stuff as I can.

This one, more than anything, is about saying, “Hey, maybe you’ve heard of this, but chances are you haven’t seen it, and you should.” Or, even if you’re someone who has seen these movies — not all of your friends have. I want this list to be about the stuff that, past the big stuff you’ve heard of, that you’d tell people they should go out and see. Because man, there’s such great stuff out there that needs to be loved.

If I can get ten people to put one movie each from this list in their rotation of, “Hey guys, check out this one. It’s awesome,” then I’ve done my job. As someone who was that guy, who showed a room full of people an awesome movie they hadn’t seen before, we need more people like that to get more films out there.

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The Underrated Films of 2017

Today, we discuss the underrated films of 2017. (You can see the Overrated films list here.) Unlike Overrated, where you can call pretty much anything you want overrated and be right (and get people upset with you, which is my favorite part because — you think I care about any of it), underrated is a tricky thing. What makes a movie underrated? What separated underrated from underseen? Sometimes people aren’t talking up a movie enough because not enough people even know it exists. That’s why we have tomorrow’s list, which are the films more people need to see.

Broad strokes, I think the way to describe this list is — there’s more here than meets the eye. Like Transformers. It does not mean that you had to like the movie. It just means that there’s more here to appreciate than you might think. There are preconceived notions about a movie — or just a narrative that has been created once it came out — and there’s just more to it than that.

Here are the underrated films of 2017: Read the rest of this page »

The Overrated Films of 2017

We might as well subtitle this article “Calm the Fuck Down.” Because that’s mostly what I mean by overrated.  Overrated has nothing to do with a film’s quality, it has everything to do with what you assholes say about them.

I say ‘you assholes’ because everyone should be indicted by that. Whether you’re responsible or not, you should take it upon yourself to look at whether or not you contribute to narratives about a movie in the wrong way.

For instance: last year — La La Land was my favorite movie. But, knowing where that film was headed, all I’d say when it came up was, “I loved it” with that little ‘what do you want from me’ shrug. Why? Because I am aware that it’s not for everyone, and not everyone will share my opinions on things. So rather than turn off someone on the fence about seeing it, I just simply state my opinion and leave them to make theirs. Nothing turns me off more than someone who’s loud about an opinion and tries to force you into something. I much prefer, “I really loved it and I’m curious what you think about it.” Because now, all the pressure is self-imposed on me. The other way, I’m already against a movie because you’re telling me I need to like it. And too often now are opinions, “This is how I feel and fuck anyone who says different.” Liking movies has become a mob mentality.

So here I am, as I am every year, to say, “These movies are not that good, calm the fuck down.” Movies on this list might be in my top ten. They might be movies I hated that everyone else loved. The point is not to try to chop down something you think is high art that changed the way we look at movies. The point is simply to say, “Just fucking chill.” Like your movie. Just don’t try to make everyone else conform to your beliefs.

So here are the films I consider to be the most overrated of 2017: Read the rest of this page »