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Pic of the Day: ♫ “It might be a fight / Like you see on the screen / A swain getting slain / For the love of a queen / Some great Shakespearean scene / Where a ghost and a prince meet / And everyone ends in mincemeat. / The gag / May be waving the flag / That began / With a mystical hand / Hip hooray! / The American way. / The world is a stage / The stage is a world / Of entertainment!” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Can you feel the love tonight? / The peace the evening brings / The world, for once, in perfect harmony / With all its living things. / Can you feel the love tonight? / You needn’t look too far / Stealing through the night’s uncertainties / Love is where they are.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “You say eether and I say eyether / You say neether and I say nyther / Eether, eyether, neether, nyther / Let’s call the whole thing off! / You like potato and I like potahto / You like tomato and I like tomahto / Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto / Let’s call the whole thing off! / But oh, if we call the whole thing off / Then we must part. / And oh, if we ever part / Then that might break my heart! / So, if you like pajamas and I like pajahmas / I’ll wear pajamas and give up pajahmas / For we / Know we / Need each other / So we / Better call the calling off off / Oh, let’s call the whole thing off!” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Somewhere out there / Beneath the pale moonlight / Someone’s thinking of me / And loving me tonight. / Somewhere out there / Someone’s saying a prayer / That we’ll find one another / In that big somewhere out there. / And even though I know how very far apart we are / It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star. / And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby / It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky. / Somewhere out there / If love can see us through / Then we’ll be together / Somewhere out there / Out where dreams come true.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Bed, bed I couldn’t go to bed / My head’s to light to try to set it down. / Sleep, sleep I couldn’t sleep tonight / Not for all the jewels in the crown. / I could have danced all night / I could have danced all night / And still have begged for more. / I could have spread my wings / And done a thousand things / I’ve never done before.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Gone are my blues and gone are my tears / I’ve got good news to shout in your ears / The silver dollar has returned to the fold / With silver you can turn your dreams to gold. / We’re in the money / We’re in the money / We’ve got a lot of what it takes to get along. / We’re in the money / The skies are sunny / Old man Depression / You are through, you’ve done us wrong.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Annie are you okay / Will you tell us that you’re okay? / There’s a sign in the window / That he struck you / A crescendo, Annie. / He came into your apartment / Left the blood stains on the carpet / Then you ran into the bedroom / You were struck down / It was your doom. / Annie are you okay? / So Annie, are you okay? / Are you okay, Annie? / You’ve been hit by / You’ve been struck by / A Smooth Criminal.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Germany was having trouble / What a sad, sad story / Needed a new leader / To restore its former glory. / Where oh where was he? / Where could that man be? / We looked around / And then we found / The man for you and me. / And now it’s / Springtime for Hitler and Germany / Deutschland is happy and gay / We’re marching to a faster pace / Look out, here comes the master race. / Springtime for Hitler and Germany / Winter for Poland and France / Springtime for Hitler and Germany / Come on, Germans, go into your dance.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “But the fact is / Everything today is thoroughly modern / Check your personality / Everything today makes yesterday slow / Better face reality / It’s not insanity / Says Vanity Fair / In fact, it’s stylish to / Raise your skirts and bob your hair. / Have you seen the way they kiss in the movies / Isn’t it delectable? / Painting lips and pencil lining your brow / Now is quite respectable / Good-bye, good goody girl / I’m changing and how / So beat the drums ’cause here comes / Thoroughly Modern Millie now.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “There’s a place for us / A time and place for us / Hold my hand and we’re halfway there / Hold my hand and I’ll take you there / Somehow / Some day / Somewhere!” ♫

West Side Story - 21

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Somewhere over the rainbow / Way up high / There’s a land that I heard of / Once in a lullaby. / Somewhere over the rainbow / Skies are blue / And the dreams that you dare to dream / Really do come true.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Darlin’, oh my darlin’ / In that prison cell I’d be / Thinking of the day that I’d get out / And hold you close to me. / But what it is I always see? / One rock / Two rocks / Three rocks / Four rocks / Rock pile dust is on my shoes / I’m the guy just born to lose / When I hear the siren blow / Oooh-ooooh!!! / I get those blues.” ♫

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Oh, but you’re lovely / With your smile so warm / And your cheeks so soft / There is nothing for me / But to love you / And the way you look tonight.” ♫

Swing Time - 38

Pic of the Day: ♫ “I got chills / They’re multiplyin’ / And I’m losin’ control / Cause the power / you’re supplyin’ / it’s electrifyin’! / You better shape up / Cause I need a man / And my heart is set on you / You better shape up / You better understand / To my heart I must be true / Nothin’ left, nothin’ left for me to do. / You’re the one that I want / You are the one I want / Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey / The one that I want / You are the one I want want / Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey. / The one that I want / You are the one I want want / ooh, ooh, ooh. / The one I need / Oh, yes indeed.” ♫

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: ♫ “He’s a sinner / Candy-coated / For all his friends / He always seems to be alone / But they love him / Bugsy Malone. / A city slicker / He can charm you / With a smile and a style all his own / Everybody loves that man / Bugsy Malone.” ♫

Pic of the Day

Ranking Disney: #1 – The Lion King (1994)

This had to be number one. It’s the only film of Disney’s that will actually get me to sit and watch entirely from start to finish. I love the rest of them (specifically Fantasia and Beauty and the Beast), but this is the only one I will watch in its entirety every time.

I feel like this is (and should be) a populist choice. It is, after all, the highest grossing Disney film of all time, and is really the film that manages to combine all the elements of a great Disney film. Fantasia‘s a little bit on the slow side and Beauty and the Beast is a bit slight on the villain/conflict aspect. This one has it all. The story, the songs, the characters, the comic relief — everything you could want in a film is here. Not to mention the message — “the circle of life” — it’s wonderful.

I love everything about this movie, and honestly, aside from the fact that Fantasia is Disney’s greatest artistic achievement, this is a slam dunk, no-brainer number one for me, all day, erryday.


Pic of the Day: ♫ “Bye bye life / Bye bye happiness / Hello loneliness / I think I’m gonna die / I think I’m gonna die. / Bye bye love / bye bye sweet caress / Hello emptiness / I feel like I could die / Bye bye your life goodbye / Bye bye my life goodbye.” ♫

All That Jazz - 210.png

Ranking Disney: #2 – Fantasia (1940)

Objectively, this is probably #1. Well — top three no matter what. I feel like, this and Snow White are probably in top three no matter what. To me, this is, not counting Snow White (which has to be the “greatest,” being the one that started it all), their greatest achievement. It’s a great piece of art, animation, and a great film on top of it all.

However — it’s not #1, because — when I watched it, I realized — I hold this film in very, very high regard, and I love it. But when I watch it, there are a few segments where, while the animation is great, they’re a bit slow for me, and it’s the kind of thing where I’d consider forwarding through some of it unless I was totally on board with watching the whole thing. Whereas the film I put at number one (which should be obvious by now) is a film where — I’ll watch that one all the way through, every time. And it feels like an experience. So, for fun purposes, I put this at two. But, in terms of full packages, this was so close to being my #1. (I also felt it would have been a really easy choice for #1, which is another thing I didn’t want to do.)

Either way — it’s fucking Fantasia. If this isn’t in your top three (okay, top five if you’re doing the list like I am, based on how much you like them, and top ten if you’re totally batshit and have weird tastes), you’re delusional.


Pic of the Day: ♫ “Moon river / Wider than a mile / I’m crossing you in style / Some day. / Oh, dream maker / You heart breaker / Wherever you’re goin’ / I’m goin’ your way. / Two drifters / Off to see the world / There’s such a lot of world / To see. / We’re after the same / Rainbow’s end / Waitin’ ’round the bend / My huckleberry friend / Moon river / And me.”♫

Ranking Disney: #3 – Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Tale as old as time.

Song as old as rhyme.

It’s Beauty and the Beast.


Pic of the Day: ♫ “I’m singing in the rain / Just singing in the rain / What a glorious feelin’ / I’m happy again. / I’m laughing at clouds / So dark up above / The sun’s in my heart / And I’m ready for love. / Let the stormy clouds chase / Everyone from the place / Come on with the rain / I’ve a smile on my face. / I walk down the lane / With a happy refrain / Just singin’, singin’ in the rain.” ♫

Ranking Disney: #4 – Cinderella (1950)

It was a tough call for me, deciding between Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella for  top 5. I went with this for several reasons. First, this is really the princess story in all of Disney. It’s both the first one and the quintessential one.

In terms of being what I consider the “first,” Snow White is great and all, but it’s not really a fairy tale. She meets the dwarfs and almost dies — there’s nothing romantic there. This, though — poor girl, gets her dream to come true for a night, then winds up getting her fairy tale ending anyway — this is the first one to do that. And, when you think of how a typical Disney princess story goes, you think of Cinderella first.

Plus — the songs. Sleeping Beauty doesn’t have any songs. It just really has the one great one. This one has about five great ones. The only real thing Sleeping Beauty has over this is the strength of the animation. This doesn’t look as good as that. But, story-wise, and song-wise — this wins easily. I had to put this one in the top five. (Also, it was actually #5 until two days ago, when I realized that, while I love The Little Mermaid more because I grew up with it — this is just better.)

I couldn’t put this any higher, even though I wish I could. It’s just — the top three are the top three. Still — we know what this is. If you had to pick the top five most classic Disney movies, I’d say the three that would go on everybody’s lists were Snow White, Fantasia and this. (The other two would be up for debate.)