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My Favorite Disney Characters (100-51)

I did the songs and the films. I figured why not do the characters next? This isn’t just any characters list. This is a very specific type of characters list — mine. I went through every film, wrote down every person in the film who felt like they could be counted as a character, and then picked out my 100 favorites. And then I sat down and basically used process of elimination to work my way up to number one.

I’m ignoring their standing in the Disney canon. It might factor into my decisions somewhat, but I refuse to put Snow White in the top 20 just because she’s Snow White. I’m basing it on what I like about the characters, and what their actual character is. If you look at a lot of the really famous Disney characters, and what their character actually is, you’d be shocked at how few of them are actually interesting people.

A few notes, before we begin — I didn’t count Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc. Those characters. It’s just not fair to include them. I did, however, allow Pooh and the rest of those characters to be included. Pooh doesn’t demand a top ten spot. Mickey does. I’m also shying away from characters in the package films (like Peter, in “Peter and the Wolf”), though I suspect that they’re probably fair game, should you want to include them. Though I can’t imagine why anyone would seriously consider those characters to be “Disney” characters. I’m also only counting characters that appeared in the 51 animated films. So no Enchanted or shorts or anything like that. Only the official 51 canon films. Otherwise, things should be pretty obvious. I’ll try to explain why the characters are on there, but mostly they’ll be self-explanatory.

Also, one thing I want to say before I start this list – the Pink Elephants are part of a hallucination, and therefore I felt I couldn’t count them. I was heartbroken.


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The Box Office Report – September 14-16

Last week, in Box Office…

Are they still putting out movies? I totally tuned out. I have no idea what even came out last week. I hope it was good.

The Possession (fuck!) wins the weekend with $9.3 million. This actually won the box office three weeks in a row. One: fuck you, America. Two: if we have to deal with more of these god-awful shitty exorcism whatever the fuck movies, I’m blaming all you motherfuckers.

Lawless made $6 million in second place, one again proving my point that America is fucking stupid.

Expendables 2 made $5 million and nothing else did. So on the one hand, good. On the other hand, your tastes suck, America. (more…)