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Ranking Disney: The Articles

Here is a compilation of all the articles involved in my mini “Ranking Disney” quest that I went on over the summer.

If you recall, I ranked my favorite 100 Disney songs, my favorite 100 Disney characters, and I also watched all 51 Disney animated films and ranked them according to how I liked them. This article is going to compile all of them (and also can be found up in the Favorite Films tab up top), and include a few others for fun.


My Favorite Disney Characters (50-1)

Here’s part two of my characters list. 50-1. (You can find 100-51 here.)

I’d like to say, before we get started — I highly recommend everyone attempting to make their own list of favorite Disney characters, because it’s a very enlightening task. Assuming you’ve seen all (or most) of the films (because you can’t really rank the characters without having seen some of the films. Package films are okay, but if you haven’t seen The Sword in the Stone, it’s kind of hard to rank things), you should really give this a go. Because when you think about who these characters are and what you truly like about them that’s not, “Well, it’s Pinocchio, and he’s a big character, and he kind of has to go high,” you really start to see where you truly think the interesting people are.

That said — I was very surprised at how number one turned out. There were a couple surprises for me at the top of the list. I expected the people that ended up in the top five to be high, but — specifically for number one, I thought that character would end up around like, number six. And I would have been really happy with that character ending up at number six. But as I kept ranking people (backwards, remember. I started at 100 and worked toward 1), I realized more and more that I actually liked that character better than everyone else on the list. Which is why I recommend that everyone attempt this, because if you have to actually decide which people you like better — I bet you’re gonna be surprised with your choices.

That said, let’s clear up the suspense. Finish the list.


Pic of the Day: ♫ “He’s a sinner / Candy-coated / For all his friends / He always seems to be alone / But they love him / Bugsy Malone. / A city slicker / He can charm you / With a smile and a style all his own / Everybody loves that man / Bugsy Malone.” ♫