Pic of the Day: “Who is she? And don’t give me that crap about it being your sister, because you don’t have a sister.” “I’ll tell you – I’ll tell you the truth.” “Good. What’s her name?” “Katherine.” “Katherine who?” “She’s my daughter.” “I said I want the truth!” “She’s my sister…. she’s my daughter… my sister, my daughter…” “I said I want the truth!” “She’s my sister AND my daughter!”

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  1. kevin ceriello


    The 1st website I’ve read on subject that is intellegent. Here are just a FEW examples of the stupidity I have read from Oscar “Experts”: Mercedes McCambridge, ” Performance too choppy” (All The King’s Men, had to be cut by 1/3 radically for release, because author of book wrote screenplay and would not edit); “Donna Reed is the worst Academy choice in history” (As you point out, all one has to do is look at, It’s A Wonderful Life, just the famous phone scene could have won Reed and Jimmy Stewart an Oscar). I started backwards on your site, just to look up your opinion of McCambridge. I read all your opinions for Supporting Actress, I found that I agreed with the vast majority of your choices (sorry, I think children should have seperate category–or special Oscar, I think it is too much stess on a child). I did start on the Best Actress page and I have the same opinion about Mary Tyler Moore in 1980. I know that it was a week year for Best Actress nominations, however why the hell didn’t they just give the Oscar to Sissy Spacek, like they did anyway, slap another actress in the Best Actress nominations and place MTM in the category where she belonged; Best Supporting Actress–I believe she would have won, HANDS DOWN. I think MTM was robbed of a richly deserved Oscar. Bare in mind, I am no huge MTM fan, but I read the novel when I was 11ys/o–she did so much with her role while remaining faithful to the character in the book.

    Whhooo, sorry to go on. Forgive me for my grammar mechanics. I am really impressed by your site and I like the mixture of intelligence and “earthy” vocabulary.

    Have A Good One,
    K. Ceriello

    March 8, 2013 at 7:18 pm

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