Fun with Franchises: The Marvel Universe – Iron Man (2008), Part IV — “Jeff Bridges Made a Date Rape Machine”

We continue with another entry in our Fun with Franchises series. This week’s film is Iron Man.

Fun with Franchises is a series born out of my friend Colin and I realizing how much fun it was for the two of us to watch the same movie separately and then share our reactions. We started by watching all of the James Bond movies, for the purposes of ranking them for the blog. I brought him in because he was much more of a Bond expert than I was at the time, and I felt his perspective would liven things up. He would be the color commentator to my play-by-play man.

We soon discovered that, by watching the movies separately and then putting everything we said together in the same place, hilarity ensued. We each brought in our own observations, not knowing what the other would say, and then reacted to what the other said. And we loved every minute of it.

We had so much fun, we figured we had to do it again. So we graduated from a single franchise, to all franchises. If you’re gonna have fun with franchises, it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t franchise it. Season 1 included the Harry Potter movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Twilight (which neither of us had seen before we watched them for the articles) and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of those articles can be read on the Fun with Franchises page.

Also, just so we’re clear, this is all for parody. We’re just messing with them because we love them. (Well… Twilight…) We’re watching movies we enjoy and are simply having some fun with them.

Right now, we’re doing the Marvel Universe, and today is the fourth part of Iron Man.

Iron Man - Title Card

We begin Part IV with the news.

Iron Man - 1044

Hey, I recognize her from things.

You may also recognize her as the chick Scientology tortured because she talked about that time they tried to maker her Tom Cruise’s girlfriend.

Iron Man - 1045


Does this newscast not remind you of Dan Rather reporting from Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion?

Iron Man - 1046

Well, this is doing a good job of setting up motivations. I’ll give them that.

There’s a tip for Marvel: Set up motivations, not universes.


I want a propeller on my wall when I grow up.

Iron Man - 1047


Do you think he can jack it with that hand?

Iron Man - 1048


This seems really coincidental, that all of this shit is on the news. And yet the government does nothing about this? They SHOW them with weapons!


Who’s filming this? If this was Call of Duty, you’d get headshotted and someone would teabag your corpse. I feel like that would be the most ridiculous tactic for an American shock and awe campaign. If we did that to scare our enemies. “Yeah! TEABAGGED!”

Iron Man - 1049

Iron Man - 1050


I’m shocked at how candid that shot was supposed to look. I do say supposed to look.

Iron Man - 1051


He has an espresso maker and lots of cool models. Is it weird that these are the aspects of this scene that interest me?

Iron Man - 1052

Iron Man - 1053

Iron Man - 1054

Well that was your office.

Iron Man - 1055

Iron Man - 1056

Cause why not?

Oh, I get it. He realizes he can fuck people up.

Iron Man - 1057

Iron Man - 1058

Iron Man - 1059

Iron Man - 1060

Iron Man - 1061


Look at that…artwork he has. Lots of America. Love the propeller, though.

Iron Man - 1062

Gunfighter shit.


Such disregard for glass. Rich people don’t care about breaking stuff.

Iron Man - 1063

Iron Man - 1064

Now anyone can get in here.

Iron Man - 1065

Always remember to hit your… Mark.

Iron Man - 1066

Iron Man - 1067

Iron Man - 1068

Iron Man - 1069

Iron Man - 1070

Iron Man - 1071

Is he wearing a slightly darker black turtleneck?

Iron Man - 1072


This all looks impressive, and then he gets rid of all of it later. Which is cool, because that’s how design works. The first iteration is almost never quite there, is it? And then later on, the thing just covers him like nothing. Shit, in the second movie, he has a suitcase that does it.

Iron Man - 1073

Iron Man - 1074

Iron Man - 1075

Iron Man - 1076

Iron Man - 1077

Iron Man - 1078

Iron Man - 1079

Iron Man - 1080


Jeez, Tony, try not to look so brooding.

Iron Man - 1081

Iron Man - 1082

Iron Man - 1083

Iron Man - 1084

“I am Batman.”

No, wait… I had something for this…


Why does it look scuffed up? This is the first time he’s worn this suit. Or at least, the first time he’s worn it with the new metal and the paint job and everything.

Iron Man - 1085


I enjoy this mostly because it allows you to travel around the world without dealing with airlines. I would so gladly fly in one of those instead of flying on an airliner.

Iron Man - 1086

Iron Man - 1087

Iron Man - 1088

Iron Man - 1089

Iron Man - 1090

Iron Man - 1091

Ahh… Mexico.

Iron Man - 1092

Iron Man - 1093

Or maybe Detroit.

Iron Man - 1094


General mayhem. There’s no pretense, and the town is already blown to shreds. No real reason for them to be shooting people randomly now, but you know. That’s how this plot continues.

Iron Man - 1095


There’s that yalla yalla again.

Iron Man - 1096

Come on, kid. Listen to Drake. Go back.


Throw the child in the square so my country can be free?

Iron Man - 1097


It wouldn’t surprise me if half of these extras were Mexican. Make sure the camera moves off of them before too long and an American audience – for that matter, any audience that isn’t Arab or Hispanic – is probably getting fooled.

Iron Man - 1098


I kinda wish he was kicking him the way Samir did to the printer in Office Space. You all remember it.

Iron Man - 1099


Looks like the guy smack dab in the middle is pretending to do this woman doggystyle. Cause hostages love pussy too. 

Iron Man - 1100

Iron Man - 1101

It’s always this moment the hero shows up.

Iron Man - 1102


I hate it when children look up in movies. It’s always that moment of wonder. These are the moments Favreau worked in to subliminally appeal to kids. If Stark was a real badass, there’d be one really hot hostage chick who would look up like, “D-AMN! I wanna get fucked!”

I hate it when children look up.

Eyes on the ground, cretins!

Iron Man - 1103

Iron Man - 1104

Iron Man - 1105

Iron Man - 1106

Nice entrance.


That’s a badass entrance. Anytime you enter on one knee – preferably naked – that’s’ a great entrance.

And yet I was the one that was kicked out of graduation.

Iron Man - 1107

Iron Man - 1108

Iron Man - 1109

Iron Man - 1110

Iron Man - 1111



That’s some Dragonball Z shit right there. Punching a dude through the air and into a wall. Meanwhile, this guy has a power level of like 2, so his internal organs are jelly.

Iron Man - 1112


I’ll admit, when I saw this for the first time AFTER watching Pan’s Labyrinth, I imagined little pupils on the light cannon thing. Fuck the pale man.

Colin loves the Pale Man.

Iron Man - 1113

Iron Man - 1114


How can a place be dry AND dirty AND it’s snowing? Yeah, it’s cold and ugly, and we won’t give you enough snow to cover up the ugly or melt into precious water, we’ll give you just enough to remind you how cold and thirsty you are in this ugly place.

Iron Man - 1115

I like people being thrown into walls.

Iron Man - 1116

Iron Man - 1117

Iron Man - 1118

You guys remember cumming for the first time?

Iron Man - 1119


I don’t exactly understand what those beams are, but they’re pretty cool. Do they burn you?

From watching all ten of these movies, they’re repulsors, so they’re meant to throw you back. But I see sparks there, so there has to be some sort of burning effect somewhere.

Or maybe those are snowflakes burning.

Also, did a bird shit on his back?

Iron Man - 1120

I was gonna ask if something existed, and the internet very quickly showed me it does, and… well… here it is:

Iron Man - 1121


Hostage-taker nonsensical Arabic. The one on the left looks like he might be mid-schnell.

I hate it when I get interrupted mid-schnell.

Also, John Leguizamo terrorist.

You know which one.

Iron Man - 1122

Iron Man - 1123

Gunfighter shot.

Iron Man - 1124

Pinky’s out.

Iron Man - 1125

Iron Man - 1126

Iron Man - 1127

Iron Man - 1128

Iron Man - 1129

Iron Man - 1130


That is a very nice trick.

Iron Man - 1131

Iron Man - 1132

Iron Man - 1133

Iron Man - 1134


Stop looking up, children.

Wait, he’s about to start a slow clap. And then we’re gonna have a, “Thank you,” “No… thank you” exchange.

Iron Man - 1135


That’s the kind of phone you use if you’re fitting to get eaten by a dino-saw.

Iron Man - 1136

Who was he calling?

Iron Man - 1137


I just noticed this image. This is a funny image to me.

This is the same face Ron made when the tree dick broke through the windshield.

Iron Man - 1138

Iron Man - 1139


You just got pulled through a concrete wall, which is also pretty much death, no?

Iron Man - 1140

Iron Man - 1141

Iron Man - 1142

“He’s all yours.”

Iron Man - 1143


I would give this movie all the stars if they kept the camera rolling for another 5 minutes on this while they go all Zero Dark Thirty on this guy.

What if they picked him up and started cheering and parading him around town?

Iron Man - 1144

Iron Man - 1145

Iron Man - 1146


Mach .14? So…that’s like 104 mph. Is that all he’s doing?

Iron Man - 1147

Yes, thank you. Wasn’t quite sure what those things were.

Iron Man - 1148

Iron Man - 1149

Iron Man - 1150

I like people getting hit by things previously out of frame.

Imagine a person sitting in their car, and out of nowhere, a giant dildo hits them in the face. Hilarious. It’s science.

Iron Man - 1151

That… seemed lucky.

Iron Man - 1152

I do like him crashing, though. That was nice.

Iron Man - 1153


I don’t buy for a second that this tank can hit him. Also, this is supposed to be an enemy tank, is it not? As in, not American? Cause that appears to be an M1 Abrams, which is American. Shouldn’t they be using a T-72 or whatever they use in these parts of the world?

Iron Man - 1154

Iron Man - 1155

Look at this Steel Helmet shot.

Sure, they have no idea they’re emulating it. This is more Terminator than anything. But this shot always makes me think of The Steel Helmet.

Iron Man - 1156

What if he were furiously masturbating below the rocks?

Iron Man - 1157


Those servos don’t sound great.

Iron Man - 1158

Iron Man - 1159

This is how High Noon ended.

Iron Man - 1160

Iron Man - 1161


How you bout to dodge a tank round in a metal suit? In ANY suit? I couldn’t dodge a tank round in a swim suit.

If you can dodge a wrench…

Iron Man - 1162

Iron Man - 1163

Iron Man - 1164

Iron Man - 1165

Iron Man - 1166

Iron Man - 1167

Iron Man - 1168

Yes, it’s cool. Cliche as hell. But this came on the early end of these kinds of shots. They got way overdone after this. So I’ll allow it.

Also, kinda funny that he has one of these that works and in the next movie… squadoosh.


Gratuitous badassery. I mean, you have to be a Michael Bay movie badass to turn around and start walking before the explosion.

Iron Man - 1169

Iron Man - 1170

Iron Man - 1171

That was a fun detour.

It actually makes this more entertaining than later Marvel action sequences. Also because it’s at least 60% character based.

Iron Man - 1172

Iron Man - 1173

So Obadiah sold them to them? Was this to make up for Tony getting away? Because if he was selling them to them anyway, why did they need Tony to make them?

Iron Man - 1174

This is some Dragon Ball Z shit.

Iron Man - 1175

Iron Man - 1176

This reminds me of… which one is it.. .Diamonds Are Forever? Must be. He’s got the satellite that destroys shit. And it destroys the missiles that are set up like the Jerichos. And it just hits them, overheats them, and they turn red, and then just explode.

Man, special effects were great in the 70s.


Blows up the missiles, which is necessary – still unclear on how that works with blowing up explosives and why they don’t blow up with the same force they would had you fired them. But then, shouldn’t he head off to find the guy who kidnapped him? He might have thought he’d been killed in the cave, but we just saw him smoking a cigarette on the news. Why would you not go get him? Turned out he was right there.

Iron Man - 1177

Iron Man - 1178

Iron Man - 1179

Iron Man - 1180

Your life is just being ruined by that guy you kidnapped.

Iron Man - 1181

Iron Man - 1182


I really wonder what kind of radar signature that suit has. You’d think he could have made it stealth.

Iron Man - 1183

Iron Man - 1184

Iron Man - 1185

“Get me Colonel Rhodes from weapons development down here now.”


Iron Man - 1186

He’s asking questions that sound like they could have been asked by all of these people.

Iron Man - 1187

Iron Man - 1188

Iron Man - 1189

Iron Man - 1190

Iron Man - 1191

Iron Man - 1192

Is he gonna liaise now?


It’s really puzzling as to why they have a revolving red light in this room, as if everyone behind a monitor here has to be reminded that some shit is going down.

Iron Man - 1193


This is how comic books work. Rhodes happened to be right there and is also the person who they call about this for some answers.

Iron Man - 1194

“Colonel, what are we dealing with, here?”

REALLY?! Can none of you do your jobs at all?


Is the camo necessary in an office in California?

This is California, though, right? Because why is California the place monitoring the terrorists? Maybe, I don’t know… Virginia?

“Let me make a call.”

Iron Man - 1195



Iron Man - 1196

“Who’s this?”

Who’s this? That’s great.

“What the hell is that noise?”

Iron Man - 1197

“I’m driving with the top down.”

“Yeah, well I need your help, right now.”

Sounds exactly like something a military man would say.

“Funny how that works, huh?”

“Yeah, speaking of funny, we got a weapons depot that was just blown up a few clicks from where you were being held.”


I feel like the term “a few clicks” from somewhere is going to take on a very different meaning during the age of cyber warfare.

Iron Man - 1198

“Well, that’s a hot spot. Sounds like someone stepped in and did your job for you.”

“Why do you sound out of breath?”

“I’m not, I was just jogging in the canyon.”

“I thought you were driving.”

“Right, I was driving through the canyon. Where I’m gonna jog.”


That’s not inconsistent with what he said. He said he was driving with the top down, and then that he was JUST jogging in the canyon. Maybe he was just jogging in the canyon and just hopped into his car. The tense police do not have him in a lie here.

Iron Man - 1199

“You sure you don’t have any tech in that area I should know about?”

Remember when he was shutting down his weapons division?


“Okay good, because I’m staring at one right now and it’s about to be blown to kingdom come.”

Iron Man - 1200

Iron Man - 1201


F-22s! I love me some F-22s.

Iron Man - 1202

“Ah, that’s my exit.”

Iron Man - 1203

Iron Man - 1204

This is how Goose died.

Iron Man - 1205


He’s so much more maneuverable than they are. Going fast is not the right move. He can stop, they can’t. Fly into a cloud and just chill there.

Iron Man - 1206

Iron Man - 1207

Iron Man - 1208

Iron Man - 1209

Iron Man - 1210

Nice glare.

Iron Man - 1211


I really want a HUD on something. I don’t care if it’s on a cat. I want a HUD.

Iron Man - 1212

Iron Man - 1213

Iron Man - 1214

Iron Man - 1215

Iron Man - 1216

Is he not muting this phone call as he’s giving these orders?


He hung up and calls back later.

Iron Man - 1217

Iron Man - 1218

Did he anticipate this scenario?

Iron Man - 1219

Iron Man - 1220

Iron Man - 1221

Iron Man - 1222

Iron Man - 1223

Iron Man - 1224

Iron Man - 1225

Iron Man - 1226

Iron Man - 1227

Iron Man - 1228

Iron Man - 1229

Iron Man - 1230


See? He stopped, they didn’t. He should disappear instead of hanging out here.

Iron Man - 1231

Iron Man - 1232

Iron Man - 1233

Nice way to get in that cartoon theme song. Definitely a lot easier than the Spider-Man one.

(Still waiting on that X-Men theme to make it’s way in somehow.)

Iron Man - 1234

“Hi Rhodey, it’s me.”

“It’s who?”

“I’m sorry, it is me. What you’re asking about, it’s me.”

“No, see, this isn’t a game. You do not send civilian equipment into my active warzone. You understand that?”


What does he mean, MY active warzone? And he wasn’t doing shit to stop them with all their hostages.

Iron Man - 1235

“It’s not a piece of equipment, I’m in it. It’s a suit. It’s me!”

Iron Man - 1236

Iron Man - 1237

You got some liaising to do.

Iron Man - 1238

Iron Man - 1239

Iron Man - 1240


How come he turned his plane, though? Was that a natural movement to turn, or was this The Plot?

Iron Man - 1241

Iron Man - 1242


Clench them butt cheeks. 

Iron Man - 1243

Iron Man - 1244

Iron Man - 1245


What follows is their fault. You don’t do a barrel roll right next to another plane. What did you think was going to happen, seriously?

Iron Man - 1246

Look, I can’t help it:

Iron Man - 1247

Iron Man - 1248

Iron Man - 1249

Iron Man - 1250

Iron Man - 1251

Iron Man - 1252


Iron Man - 1253

Iron Man - 1254

Iron Man - 1255

Iron Man - 1256

Iron Man - 1257

Hey you guys remember Moonraker?

Iron Man - 1258

You guys are recording this, right?

Iron Man - 1259

Iron Man - 1260

Iron Man - 1261

I like this angle. Falling down toward the neverending sand.

Iron Man - 1262

Iron Man - 1263

And somehow he knew this?


Of course there’s no chute. And of course they immediately try to shoot him down again. He’s got to be the good Samaritan (I can’t use that phrase anymore without hearing it in Brad Pitt’s voice) and save this pilot.

Iron Man - 1264

Black guy.


About to F-22 you up.

Iron Man - 1265

Did he lower his head to go faster? In that suit, does that really make a difference?

Iron Man - 1266

Iron Man - 1267

Are they not seeing him do this?

Iron Man - 1268

Yeah, pretty sure that thing would annihilate any mechanism that was in that chair.

Iron Man - 1269

And the chute doesn’t hit him either?

Iron Man - 1270

Iron Man - 1271

Iron Man - 1272

Really? You guys didn’t see any of that?


Now that he’s saved him, everyone jerks each other off and they forget the whole thing? No more conflict? Look at the woman on the left. She looks like she won a raffle.

Iron Man - 1273

Iron Man - 1274

“Oh my god, you crazy son of a bitch. You owe me a plane, you know that, right?”


Just to clarify: F-22s cost $150 million a pop and aren’t made anymore, although they were at the time of filming. I’m so sad that program was cancelled. What a sweet plane that is. Anyway, we’ve got like 200 of them, so that’s cool. Oh, and Starscream was an F-22, which is also cool. Seriously, this plane is a MAJOR design staple in a number of different industries, from cars to coffee makers.

I wanna see him throw down the money for the plane like it’s nothing.

Iron Man - 1275

“Yeah, well, technically he hit me, so…”

Let’s see how that insurance claim goes.

“Now you gonna come by and see what I’m working on?”

He sees it right now.

“No, no, no. The less I know, the better. What am I supposed to tell the press?”

What are you supposed to tell your other officers? You just had this conversation over a fucking headset where everyone, including the pilot, could hear you. And I’m pretty sure the conversation could be carried a bit from his end through that microphone, so I’m pretty shocked no one else heard anything Tony said.


But Mike, the plot.

Iron Man - 1276

“Training exercise. Isn’t that the usual B.S.?”

“It’s not that simple.”

Iron Man - 1277

“An unfortunate training exercise involving an F-22 Raptor occurred yesterday.”



Iron Man - 1278

Nice house.


Lots of rich, dark browns in the house of a powerful white man. Brown liquors and leather and mahogany.

Iron Man - 1279

“It is unclear who, or what, intervened.”


Why is Rhodes also the one to report on the crash and what’s going on in Golmira? Is he just the only person in the military who does anything in this universe?

I’m sure that wouldn’t be suspicious at all. The military liaison to Stark Enterprises is randomly giving a statement on a military intervention that seemingly has nothing to do with Stark or anyone else.


Of course they put the price tag (incorrect) of the plane on the screen. As soon as they hear that the pilot is okay, they make it an issue of, “Well, the plane cost the taxpayers $84 million. Even Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t make that much in a year.”

Iron Man - 1280

Oh, he’s got a pretty good idea.

“But I assure you, the United States government was not involved.”


Wait, are those the pajamas Tony bought him? Cause again, if someone bought me pajamas, I would wear them constantly.

Iron Man - 1281

Iron Man - 1282

Iron Man - 1283

Iron Man - 1284

“Sir, the more you struggle, the more this is going to hurt.”

“Be gentle, this is my first time.”


I don’t love that line in that voice. And how rape-y the whole thing is. This franchise is making rape jokes.

He did say be gentle. I’d imagine that wouldn’t happen during a rape.

Iron Man - 1285

Iron Man - 1286

Iron Man - 1287

Subtle, Marvel. Real subtle.

What exactly is he doing with that shield, by the way?


I thought it was an art piece or something. It’s not the actual shield.

Iron Man - 1288


Why do the robot arms know to stop?

What kind of safe word does Tony Stark have?

Iron Man - 1289

Iron Man - 1290

Iron Man - 1291

“Let’s face it. This is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.”

Iron Man - 1292

Iron Man - 1293

“Are those bullet holes?”

That’s a perfect scene.


They sure as hell ain’t dick holes.

Iron Man - 1294

This looks like a meeting of carneys.

Iron Man - 1295

What a shitty circus this is.

Iron Man - 1296

Thing you brought enough guys?


Black SUVs are the universally recognized transportation of powerful Americans.

Iron Man - 1297

That dude is white!


Really, though? There’s white and then there’s white.

Which one am I?

Iron Man - 1298

I’ll give them credit. They waited almost 90 minutes for the villain reveal. And they really only made him questionable after 70. Of course, visually, we knew that shit from the first ten minutes, but whatever.


This is the big reveal, eh? I feel like we didn’t need this dialogue. Just have him get out of the SUV and let us work out the rest.

Iron Man - 1299

Why not just have this conversation in bed with no shirt on?

Iron Man - 1300

“Compliments of Tony Stark.”

“If you killed him when you were supposed to you’d still have a face.”

I always appreciate a villain who doesn’t like incompetence, even if it’s someone who’s on their side. The best example of this is Ralph Fiennes in In Bruges. Telling the guy how it’s his fault Colin Farrell was able to take his gun from him and shoot him in the eye with the blank and blind him.


What an awesome movie that is. And be glad this is the Middle East and not Vietnam.

Iron Man - 1301

Iron Man - 1302


There’s no way Jeff Bridges is STAYING here, right? I can’t even imagine him staying within 100 miles of here. Not like there are hotels. Maybe AraBnB.

Iron Man - 1303

Ten Rings flag.

Iron Man - 1304

“So this is how he did it.”

How did they do it? No way they got all those pieces back together?

Iron Man - 1305

And he’s like, “Check this shit, homie. This ain’t even its final form.”

Iron Man - 1306


See? Listen to this exposition. This is when all the one-liners and clever quips get cast aside and we start catering to the dumber audience members. I’m thinking about the way they did this in The Dark Knight, with the Joker showing up to the mob meeting and trying to convince them to hire him. That was a performance. That was more than just a plot-mover.

Iron Man - 1307



Two fingers cause she nasty. And why the candles?

Gotta set the mood.

Iron Man - 1308

Yeah… finger the suit.

Iron Man - 1309

Now it’s time for a deal. Bridges gets the designs… and what does he get?

Iron Man - 1310

He wants to takes Stark’s face… off.

Iron Man - 1311

No? He wants “iron soldiers”? That’s lame.

Get a better plan.


Why would you ever make world-beating weapons for someone else, especially someone like him? That’s just asking to get shot. Remember Eli Wallach, having the guy build the custom gun for him and then robbing the guy with it? That, but with giant metal death suits.

Iron Man - 1312

Iron Man - 1313

Iron Man - 1314

Did nobody notice the glowing blue earplugs before?


They only glow when the thing is on. Which is still weird. They just wanted it as a visual cue so you knew it was something sonic. But I don’t see why you can’t accomplish that with having him take out the earplugs.

Iron Man - 1315


Sucks to be you, bro. That’s SUPER bad for you.

So how does that vein thing work? I feel like that causes embolisms.

Iron Man - 1316

Only lasts for fifteen minutes. The question is why he’s doing it in the first place. He could have said yes and then not did it.


Jeff Bridges made a date-rape machine.

Iron Man - 1317

“Pack that shit up. I’ll be in my trailer.”


It’s kinda true that technology is their Achilles’ heel in that part of the world. Then again, it hasn’t stopped them from doing a number on the Soviets and on the US in war. I feel like a big part of the Marvel appeal is that it presents us with a universe in which American technological superiority knows no limits and our only enemies are those with special powers. How can non-magical terrorists cause us problems when we have hovering aircraft carriers?

Iron Man - 1318

“All right, let’s finish up here.”

Iron Man - 1319

So why’d he leave the other dude alive? As a courtesy? That makes no sense at all. Just fucking kill them all.


That’s what ‘finish up’ means? Wow. Why wouldn’t you also kill this guy, too? You killed all his soldiers and he can link you to terrorism and assassination plots. Why wouldn’t you slit his throat or something after paralyzing him?

The idea was that he was gonna work for the Mandarin, but honestly, we don’t know that, and leaving him alive serves no purpose except to potentially have him come back later.

And boy, did that plan sure work out, huh?

Iron Man - 1320

So he’s gonna build his own suit underneath the arc reactor… which is a better image than it is in words. Just saying. And then he’s wants to “recruit our top engineers.” Which is funny, since… Stark. And also, who is he talking to? Whoever it is knows what his plan is and what’s going on. Does no one have loyalty to Stark at his own company?


He’s going to want a prototype right away…this shit takes years. It’s so typically comic book that crazy technological feats are nothing. I’m sure someone’s written about this. How weird it is that they make these crazy breakthroughs all the time, yet we still have characters dying of potentially curable diseases and bleeding out in surgery or whatever.

Iron Man - 1321

How many scenes in this movie begin with her walking in on whatever he’s doing?

Iron Man - 1322

“Hey, you busy? Mind if I send you on an errand?”

Iron Man - 1323

Iron Man - 1324

“I need you to go to my office, and hack into the mainframe and you’re gonna retrieve all the shipping manifests.”

Which, you know… just like getting a quart of milk.

Iron Man - 1325

The beautiful thing about him is that he can just hand her the magic flash drive that’ll get her in, and you believe it.

And then he says some shit about ghost drives.

Iron Man - 1326

He’s gonna find the weapons they’re double dealing, and destroy them.


That’s what he’s looking for? All the other weapons? Seems kinda okay. I don’t know why she’s so worried, cause that suit clearly works.

Iron Man - 1327

“Tony, you know I’d help you with anything, but I cannot help you if you’re gonna start all of this again.”


And also… what?

Iron Man - 1328

“There is nothing except this.”


Remember when your boss went insane and launched all the missiles? I’m expecting him to start talking about his precious vital fluids.

She already had them on her hand.

Iron Man - 1329

“There is no art opening, there is no benefit, there is nothing to sign.”

Iron Man - 1330

“There is the next mission. And nothing else.”

Wow… you got shitty. What happened to the fun Tony Stark?

Iron Man - 1331

“Is that so? Well then I quit.”

Iron Man - 1332

“You stood by my side all these years while I reaped the benefits of destruction. And now that I’m trying to protect the people that I put in harm’s way, you’re gonna walk out?”


Hypocrite! That’s always effective from someone like him because he’s honest about how awful he is.

Plus I thought she hated job hunting.

Iron Man - 1333

“You’re gonna kill yourself, Tony. I’m not gonna be a part of it.”


He’s not gonna kill himself! I don’t get why people don’t argue some stuff in movies. He should have stopped her right there, and been like, “I’m gonna be just fine. They could shoot a mortar round at my dick, and it’s only gonna tickle.”

Iron Man - 1334

“I shouldn’t be alive. Unless it was for a reason.”

Yeah… they had that dude save you so they could ransom you for a shitload of money and you could build weapons for them. That’s why you’re alive.

“I’m not crazy, Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that it’s right.”


He knows in his HEART? Nothing wets panties like knowing in your heart.

Iron Man - 1335

Is that a nitrous tank? Is it for blowing up balloons? What do you need that for?

Iron Man - 1336

“You’re all I have too, you know.”


All they have is each other. And about 10 cars, a clifftop mansion and a few billion dollars.

Iron Man - 1337

Iron Man - 1338

Not suspicious at all.

Weird how this has a lot of Dark Knight parallels. This reeks of the Morgan Freeman “I’ll do it, but once it’s over, I’m gone” scene.

Iron Man - 1339


Way to walk casually. I’ve gotten away with so much just by walking like I belong there. That’s not something you can teach. It’s straight up arrogance, and it gets you places.

Iron Man - 1340

Iron Man - 1341

Nice office, though.


I need an enormous, empty office. With that glass that blacks out when you want it to.

Iron Man - 1342

I want rear projection in my office too.

Iron Man - 1343


That’s kinda weird. There’s a picture of a B-24 Liberator (to this day, the most-produced American military aircraft ever) on the wall, as though that was made by Stark Industries and not by Consolidated. Actually, those were the days when we were building so many planes they had to commandeer other kinds of factories and set them making planes. Half of those planes were made by Ford.

Iron Man - 1344

Dude, you got a Dell?


HAH. And some weird non-operating system.

Iron Man - 1345

Oh, good. This’ll be fun. The laughing stock of all of these movies. The ‘figuring out the password’ scene.

Iron Man - 1346

Oh, but wait… deus ex flash drive.

Iron Man - 1347

Good job.

Iron Man - 1348

Iron Man - 1349

Iron Man - 1350

Iron Man - 1351

Okay. But still… security breach came up for like, five seconds. Someone noticed that in IT.


I don’t get what these fictional operating systems are all the time. Movies have no problems showing a Mac or whatever, but there’s always some weird OS that looks like nothing I’ve ever seen. Linux, maybe?

Iron Man - 1352

Iron Man - 1353


Iron Man - 1354

Iron Man - 1355

Also, all of these folders have the exact same files on them. I’ve seen the same shipping manifests like four times already.


And the other thing I’ve complained about before, how characters in movies open a folder and like hundreds of files open at the same moment. That’s not a thing. Nor is it reasonable for you to understand what you’re seeing as this stream of images and documents fly out at lighting speed.

I’d love to see someone do this for real. Just open it up, drag a file to a flash drive, have it be done in like, twelve seconds, and that’s it.

Iron Man - 1356

Iron Man - 1357

Fat Iron Man.


Apparently there’s a Hulk-Buster Iron Man suit in the new Avengers movie. Like, a suit he wears over the regular suit that makes him the size of Hulk. And they fight. I think it’s funny that he took the time to make this chode of an Iron Man.

Iron Man - 1358

Iron Man - 1359

“What are you up to, Obadiah?”

I hope he’s up to what George Clooney was up to in Burn After Reading.


“I talk to myself while looking at files!”

Iron Man - 1360

Iron Man - 1361



That’s also not a thing – simultaneous translation of a video. In an accent. Without disjointed words. I work in translation, and that shit is impossible.

Iron Man - 1362

“You did not tell us the target you told us to kill was the great Tony Stark.”

Even terrorists acknowledge his greatness.

Iron Man - 1363

Why? The cops?

Iron Man - 1364

Iron Man - 1365

Iron Man - 1366

“So, what are we gonna do about this?”

I’ll take “Leading Questions When You Find Out Your Girl Is Pregnant” for $600, Alex.


What a great line. “So….what are we gonna do about this?” Cause you think he’s talking about killing her, and we’ve all been there when someone shocks you and you’re caught red-handed.

More than red-handed with her.

Iron Man - 1367

Iron Man - 1368

Iron Man - 1369

Way to not look suspicious.

Iron Man - 1370

Day drinking. Rich people jobs must be great.

Also, that face. That’s the face you make when someone is smiling as creepily as her for like, no reason.


Nice little smile before pouring the booze. I love that booze during business hours is still on the table. That gives me hope.

Iron Man - 1371

“Tony, he always gets the good stuff, doesn’t he?”


There’s nothing like a great actor smelling something. I’m 99 percent sure we’ve had at least one instance of that in each franchise we’ve covered so far. My favorite is still Hugo Weaving and the head sweat.

Hugo Weaving and the Head Sweat should be a band. Wouldn’t that be a great name for backing musicians?


Also, looking at women while sipping brown liquor. A staple of good performances.

Iron Man - 1372

Say something. Jesus. You have an Academy Award, for christ’s sake.


This scene is so enjoyable for me. It might be my favorite scene in the whole movie because of how uncomfortable it is. Her not saying anything makes it for me, too, because she’s actually too uncomfortable to say anything.

Iron Man - 1373

Iron Man - 1374

That’s a thing too, apparently.

Iron Man - 1375

Yup. That easy.

Iron Man - 1376

Always a menacing shot.

Iron Man - 1377

“I was so happy when we got him home. It as like we got him back from the dead. Now I realize, Tony never really did come home, did he?”

No, he did. He definitely came home. Remember? Picture time!

Iron Man - 1378

“He’s a complicated person.”

You are awful.

Iron Man - 1379

Way to drink scotch like an asshole, Jeff Bridges.

Iron Man - 1380

“You are a very rare woman. Tony doesn’t know how lucky he is.”

This is a weird ass conversation. What exactly is going on?

He knows she’s up to some shit, right? Is she even allowed to be there, with Tony locked out?


“You…are a very rare woman.” As in, she’ll fetch a good price? We’ve moved on to white slavery? Is there anything this scene DOESN’T have? (Mike is gonna tell us what this scene doesn’t have.)

For starters? Head sweat.

Iron Man - 1381



Women aren’t good at hiding how creeped out they are. Fortunately, creepy men are also either bad at detecting it, or simply don’t care.

Iron Man - 1382

Also pretty sure that screensaver would be interrupted by the “disk not ejected properly” error.

Iron Man - 1383

“Is that today’s paper?”

Iron Man - 1384

Iron Man - 1385

Iron Man - 1386


Sure. Because you need a whole paper for that.

Also, who reads a paper anymore?

Also, it’s a fucking company. Send someone out for a fucking paper.


I miss doing the crossword.

Iron Man - 1387

“Take care.”


He just keeps looking! Bald guys!

Iron Man - 1388

Holy shit, that was ridiculous. Doesn’t say a word to him, turns and looks as she walks away, and…

Iron Man - 1389


Iron Man - 1390

That wouldn’t still be up.

Movies really don’t know how to use computers.

Iron Man - 1391

What the fuck did you think she was doing?

Also, putting anything on a flash drive wouldn’t have that there.

Also, it’s your fucking building. You can have her arrested like, immediately.

And why did you wait? What did you gain by not catching her in the act? I don’t understand. We know you’re evil.

Iron Man - 1392

Iron Man - 1393

“Did you forget about our appointment?”

“Nope, right now.”

See, two appointments. Unless it’s 7pm right now?

Iron Man - 1394

“We’re gonna have it right now. Walk with me.”


I hope I’ll be able to recognize it when I’m enlisted as an anti-rape escort.

Iron Man - 1395


HOLY FUCK I love that he’s just watching her leave.

Iron Man - 1396

YES! Best line in the movie coming up.

I’m sorry, second best line.

After “Yeah it is.”

Iron Man - 1397

There’s been a hiccup.

“To power the suit… sir… the technology actually doesn’t exist.”

Iron Man - 1398

“The technology? Here’s the technology. I’m simply asking you to make it smaller.”

“But sir, it’s impossible.”


This guy’s looking to get done like Ned Pepper.

Iron Man - 1399


Lines don’t get much better than that.

“Well I’m sorry. I’m not Tony Stark.”


No, you’re a basic bitch.

Iron Man - 1400


Announcement: I’m home and I’ve started drinking just in time for the end of the second act! I was gonna call that the best part to start drinking at, but the beginning is the best part to start drinking at. And then you keep drinking. I swear, of all the times Mike and I went to the film series on our campus in college, my favorite is still probably when we went to Roman Holiday with some friends. I’m pretty sure we both snuck some booze in, but I know that I brought and finished an entire bottle of sake, which is not dissimilar to wine in terms of potency. I was sloshed, watching Audrey gallivanting around Rome. What a great night that was. Of course, I had seen the movie multiple times already – wouldn’t want to be that drunk for the first time I saw that awesomeness.

Roman Holiday was a fun one.

I also remember getting drunk during Borat, Back to the Future, Scott Pilgrim… actually, a lot of movies, now that I think about it. Transformers. Holy shit, did I get blasted during Transformers. Revenge of the Fallen? My god. We drank so much there we actually left early, so we could start the party before it was too late. We left just after the robot balls.

Iron Man - 1401


She really should have called earlier.

Iron Man - 1402

Iron Man - 1403

Foiled by his own invention.


Zapped yo dumb ass.

Iron Man - 1404

Iron Man - 1405


I can think of one use for short term paralysis.

Fixing the cable?

Iron Man - 1406

Downey’s looked like that before. Mostly in the late 90s.

Iron Man - 1407

“When I… ordered the hit on you…”

Iron Man - 1408

Don’t look so shocked. You’re paralyzed.


See, this would have been better without like 80 reveals leading up to it, right? You’d be just as shocked as Tony is, and you could even shoot it from his perspective as Jeff Bridges walks back and forth, in and out of his line of sight. That would be fucking diabolical.

Iron Man - 1409


“I worried that I was killing the golden goose. But you see, it was just fate that you survived that.”

Why were you killing him, exactly? Is this ever explained? He just wanted him dead, apparently.

Iron Man - 1410


How weird is it that he has this device that appears to be specially made just for ripping an arc reactor out of someone’s chest?

Iron Man - 1411

Iron Man - 1412

“You had one last golden egg to give.”


His face with that glow…

Iron Man - 1413

Iron Man - 1414

“Did you really think that just because you have an idea, it belongs to you?”

Iron Man - 1415

“Your father, he helped give us the atomic bomb. Now what kind of world would it be today if he was as selfish as you?”


I love that he’s still being a mentor during all of this, trying to explain the way the world works as he basically kills him. That’s the coldest part of this, that he’s still kind of an evil father figure through all of it.

Iron Man - 1416

You’re paralyzed. You shouldn’t be reacting.


This really is its own form of rape, in a way. He’s killing Tony, stealing his device and is going to go do evil with it, and Tony has to sit there all mickey-slipped.

Iron Man - 1417

“It’s beautiful. This is your Ninth Symphony.”

No, it’s his arc react… oh, right, metaphors.

Iron Man - 1418

Gotta respect a dude who sits down next to the person he just put into cardiac arrest.

“This is your legacy.”


Wait, so is Stane going to use this to make weapons for the US that keep us on top of things? Cause I’m wondering how that’s really any different from what ends up happening with Tony being Iron Man and the US basically running S.H.I.E.L.D. and stuff. Are we not on top after this movie? Is the only different here that Obediah is doing it in an ‘evil’ way?

Isn’t this what Dick Cheney does?

Iron Man - 1419

“I wish you could see my prototype. It’s not as conservative as yours.”

Iron Man - 1420

Reaction shots are the key to comedy.

Iron Man - 1421

“Too bad you had to involve Pepper in this. I would have preferred that she lived.”


Oh, you got his girl wrapped up in this shit! IS THERE GONNA BE A BOX WHAT’S IN IT

Iron Man - 1422

Iron Man - 1423

Iron Man - 1424

Pepper tells Rhodey.


“What do you mean, ‘What do you mean he paid to have Tony killed?’”

Iron Man - 1425

And apparently she’s just with SHIELD.

Iron Man - 1426


First – she’s in an Audi, cause product placement. Second – he’s in a Dodge (THIS IS A DODGE!) cause America. Even though I think I’m a Ford F-150 guy. Or if we’re being manly men, an F-350 King Ranch Power Stroke Diesel. Yeah, I know about trucks too. And I’ve always thought “Power Stroke” sounds like something that winds you up in the hospital or a special masturbation technique or both.

Iron Man - 1427

You should probably be dead.


Drunk in the elevator. We’ve all been there. Guy almost threw up on me in an elevator once, which was the second scariest elevator experience I could imagine, the first being the guy getting smushed in Mission: Impossible.

Iron Man - 1428

Iron Man - 1429


I hear heart beats, which is Smeagol choking Deagol. Coincidentally, also possibly something that winds you up in the hospital or a special masturbation technique.

Iron Man - 1430

Iron Man - 1431

Iron Man - 1432

Iron Man - 1433

The Untouchables - 69

Iron Man - 1434

So I don’t get why he’s in cardiac arrest right now? Doesn’t this prevent the shrapnel from moving? Why is he dependent on it now?

Iron Man - 1435

Iron Man - 1436

Iron Man - 1437

Iron Man - 1438

I’ve been this drunk before.

I’ve been this drunk alone before.

Colin might remember this. It was a random Friday in like, February, and nothing was going on. No one was doing anything at all. Both in our circles of friends and on campus. It might have even been a Saturday. And I decided I wanted to drink. But, on nights like that, where there are no parties, and the only drinking on campus is like four people in a house watching movies, there really wasn’t any upside to drinking, aside from the drinking itself. But I was determined.

So I just started drinking, figuring this would magically make people show up. But it didn’t. Colin was the only one who was like, “I have work until like, 11:30. I can come by afterward.” Because booze. So I just started drinking until then to kill time, as you do.

And I remember constantly walking around my hall, looking for people to corral into drinking with me. (This would be a lot easier the year after this than the year it was.)

This was definitely second semester. Because Siena was already abroad, and I’m sure all the athletes on the hall had meets and shit or whatever, and that’s where they were. And some people were probably away visiting people. I remember no one being around that night. Which was weird. Even if they weren’t going out, people were around, with doors open and shit, and you could find them. This night, it was deserted.

Anyway, I did fid Hamilton on the hall, in his room, playing some computer game. As he was constantly doing. I’m pretty sure you could always find him doing that at 2 am on any given night. And I kept going in there to talk to him. Probably annoying the shit out of him, the drunker I got. But he kept talking to me and not minding. I think it amused him that I kept coming in. And after a while (because I started at like, 9:15, and didn’t know what ‘pacing’ was), I was pretty fucked up.

I don’t remember if Colin ever made it over to drink. I think it ended up being, I was really drunk and was just gonna pass out, and he had a bunch of shit to do and figured it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to start drinking that late. (Which I understand. That semester was fucking brutal. Right? Wasn’t that the two jobs and six classes semester?) I feel like you almost did, but at that point, I was like, “Any more and this will turn bad. Let me cut my losses and pass out and wake up fine tomorrow.”

But by the end, I’m sitting against my wooden dresser/drawer/shelf combo thing they had, on the floor, my drink up on top. Almost exactly like Tony is right now in that shot. And I’m just reaching over my head to grab my cup (it was a holographic Pinocchio cup, too. This one), take a drink, and put it back. Which is what this shot reminded me of. For some reason, when I’m drunk (and most times, really), I like leaning against walls and sturdy surfaces, and I also like being in confined spaces. (And apparently also peeing on buildings and cop cars. But those are stories for another day.)

I was also drinking B+s, by the way. Which is whiskey (in college it was usually Canadian Club. Because what’s classier than Canadian whiskey out of a $17 plastic 1.5L handle? But that night, it was Jim Beam. Which, if Colin didn’t know where this story was going, he does now) and Arnold Palmer. I called it B+ because that ended up being the grade I got in most classes. Which is funny because, if you ask anyone who knew me, they probably couldn’t remember any times where I was actually doing solid work. I don’t remember why that became a thing, but it did, and now this blog is named after it. Pretty much everything comes back to booze. Booze is my Rome. Because is this not why we are here?

The highlight of that night was Colin texting me from his room at like, 12:30. Asking me essentially if I was still alive, since it was established that there was a half a bottle of the Beam left when I began drinking. And, completely non sequitur, in the middle of the conversation, I texted, “Jim Beam, we hardly knew ye.” And Colin immediately knew what that meant. And nothing more needed to be said.

That was fun.

Anyway, cardiac arrest…

Iron Man - 1439

Iron Man - 1440

Iron Man - 1441

Iron Man - 1442

Iron Man - 1443

That robot has better characterization than Gwyneth Paltrow.


The dumbass robot saved his life after he tried to make it to the shit that made me want to fire his secretary. I swear, this is why our grandparents don’t understand this generation of movies.

Iron Man - 1444

“Good boy.”

Iron Man - 1445

What if that broke it?

Iron Man - 1446

Iron Man - 1447

Iron Man - 1448


Can we agree that only bald people can wear pinky rings?

Iron Man - 1449

He likes to finger robot holes a lot.

Iron Man - 1450

Iron Man - 1451

What exactly is he planning on doing with that?

Iron Man - 1452

Iron Man - 1453


“Tony!” I hear that in Adam Reed’s voice.

Iron Man - 1454


He just put the thing back in his chest and passed out? I guess, yeah. I pass out after…name a thing.

Iron Man - 1455

Iron Man - 1456

“Where’s Pepper?”

“She’s fine. She’s with five agents. They’re about to arrest Obadiah.”

How do you know how many agents she’s with?

“That’s not gonna be enough.”

That’s a pretty big assumption. You’re assuming his shit works.

Anyway, that’s the end of Part IV.

– – – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow is Part V, and the battle no one’s been waiting for.

(See the rest of the Fun with Franchises articles here.)

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