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The B+ Movie Guide: The New List (Part XLIII)

I gave Colin a giant list of 500 movies, and he finished it. Of course I’m gonna come up with another list.

This one is for everyone, though. Not specifically for Colin. This is raw material for everybody, should they choose, to go out and see more movies. Not all of them are essential. Most of them are just awesome. I told Colin that once he finished this list, I’d give him another one that was more fun than work. Geared toward cool stuff that he’d enjoy.

I went through and found 1,000 more movies that I think either need to be seen (leftover “essential” films) or are just really great and would be enjoyed by most who see them. Here they are: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Look, there was one alleged eye witness to this killing. Someone else claims he heard the killing, saw the boy run out afterwards and there was a lot of circumstantial evidence. But, actually, those two witnesses were the entire case for the prosecution. Supposing they’re wrong…” “What do you mean, supposing they’re wrong? What’s the point of having witnesses at all?” “Could they be wrong?” “What are you trying to say? Those people sat on the stand under oath.” “They’re only people. People make mistakes. Could they be wrong?” “Well, no, I don’t think so.” “Do you ‘know’ so?” “Oh, come on. Nobody can know a thing like that. This isn’t an exact science.” “That’s right, it isn’t.”

12 Angry Men - 17