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Ranking Bond: Spectre (2015), Part IV

In what was a precursor to Fun with Franchises and as a lead up to the release of Skyfall in 2012, Colin and I did a series called Ranking Bond. We watched all the movies in the franchise wrote them up and ranked how we liked them. We did it as a movie a day, which is absolutely insane. Though it did make me realize we could get more out of splitting each movie into parts, and how much fun the two of us riffing on films can be, and thus Fun with Franchises was born.

But, since Bond movies keep coming out, we keep going back to the franchise. Because we love it. We did articles for Skyfall when that film got released on Blu-Ray, and now we’re doing Spectre.

Here is Part IV of Spectre:

Spectre - Title Card (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Is it true you rescued a human from drowning?” “Daddy, I had to.” “Contact between the human world and the mer world is strictly forbidden. Ariel, you know that! Everyone knows that.” “He would have died.” “One less human to worry about!”