Pic of the Day: “Why do you suppose I just hurled a chair at your head, Neiman?” I…I don’t kn–” “Yes, you do.” “I… The tempo…” “Were you rushing or were you dragging?” “I… I don’t…” “Start counting.” “Five-six-seven–” “In four, damnit!” “One-two-three-four…” “Keep counting!!” “One-two–three–four–” “Was I rushing or I was dragging?” “I don’t…I don’t know” “Start counting again.” “One-two–three-four-one-two-three–” “Was I rushing or was I dragging?” “Rushing…” “So you do know the difference! If you dare to sabotage my band I will fuck you like a pig. Now are you a rusher, are you a dragger, or are you going to be ON MY FUCKING TIME?!?”

Whiplash - 43

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