Pic of the Day: “All right, so much for the ice-breakers. What are you after, Freddy?” “My client is prepared to settle for 50 percent of the marital assets.” “Why only 50, Freddy? Why not a hundred? While we’re dreaming, why not 150? Are you familiar with ‘Kershner’?” “‘Kershner’ does not apply.” “Bring this to trial, we’ll see if ‘Kershner’ applies.” “What’s ‘Kershner’?” “Please, let me handle this.” “‘Kershner’ was in Kentucky.” “‘Kershner’ was in Kentucky?” “‘Kershner’ was in Kentucky.” “All right, Freddy, forget ‘Kershner’. What’s your bottom line?” “Primary residence, 30 percent of remaining assets.” “What, are you nuts? Have you forgotten ‘Kershner’?” (20th Anniversary)


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