Pic of the Day: “I’ve made up my mind to rent to nobody but a woman.” “So, let me ask you something. Would I ever want to wear your stockings?” “No.” “Well, all right. Would I ever want to borrow your girdle, or your red and yellow dancing slippers?” “Of course not.” “Well, any woman, no matter who, would insist upon borrowing that dress you got on right now. You know why? Because it’s so pretty.” “I made it myself.” “And how would you like it if she spilled a cocktail all over it… at a party you couldn’t go with her to because she borrowed it to go to it… in?” “She might have something that I could wear.” “Not her.” “Why not?” “Because she’s so dumpy looking. Never has anything clean. That’s why she’s always borrowing your dresses.” “How do I know you’d be any better?” “Well, look at me. I’m neat, like a pin. Ah, let me stay.” “Well, look, I…” “I tell you what. We’ll try it out for a week. End of the week comes, if you’re not happy, we’ll flip a coin to see who moves out.” (80th Anniversary)


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