Fun with Franchises: The Marvel Universe – Iron Man (2008), Part II — “Is This How You Liaise?”

We continue with another entry in our Fun with Franchises series. This week’s film is Iron Man.

Fun with Franchises is a series born out of my friend Colin and I realizing how much fun it was for the two of us to watch the same movie separately and then share our reactions. We started by watching all of the James Bond movies, for the purposes of ranking them for the blog. I brought him in because he was much more of a Bond expert than I was at the time, and I felt his perspective would liven things up. He would be the color commentator to my play-by-play man.

We soon discovered that, by watching the movies separately and then putting everything we said together in the same place, hilarity ensued. We each brought in our own observations, not knowing what the other would say, and then reacted to what the other said. And we loved every minute of it.

We had so much fun, we figured we had to do it again. So we graduated from a single franchise, to all franchises. If you’re gonna have fun with franchises, it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t franchise it. Season 1 included the Harry Potter movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Twilight (which neither of us had seen before we watched them for the articles) and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of those articles can be read on the Fun with Franchises page.

Also, just so we’re clear, this is all for parody. We’re just messing with them because we love them. (Well… Twilight…) We’re watching movies we enjoy and are simply having some fun with them.

Right now, we’re doing the Marvel Universe, and today is the second part of Iron Man.

Iron Man - Title Card

We begin Part II as Stark gets ready to unveil the suit.

Iron Man - 419

Like a boxer getting ready for a fight.

You know, like Sherlock Holmes. (Seriously, what the fuck was that about?)


I don’t remember the books, and the Wishbone version didn’t get into it at ALL, but apparently Holmes was quite the pugilist. It was strange how he set it all up in his head and did it. But that’s the character, I suppose.

Iron Man - 420

Iron Man - 421


This is that gay scene where Gamling helps Theoden get dressed while stroking his ego.

Iron Man - 422

Where is the horse and the rider…

Iron Man - 423

Iron Man - 424

And this isn’t suspicious at all to the terrorists?


If he was smart, he wouldn’t put glass in front of the thing powering the whole suit. Put that shit inside.

Iron Man - 425

He shaved, by the way.


Screw that. The girlfriend got me a beard trimmer for Christmas, and I have it on the lowest setting. So every day or two, I go from that ‘3-4 days without a shave’ look to the ‘2 days without a shave’ look. And it takes 30 seconds. It also has a built-in vacuum that sucks up the little hairs so they don’t go everywhere.

Iron Man - 426

Iron Man - 427

And then he counts the steps out. Which… okay.


How does Toub know how many steps it is? I thought they hadn’t let him out.

Iron Man - 428

Iron Man - 429

Where the fuck is Stark?


These guys should absolutely know this is coming. They’ve been threatened and they’re locked in what is basically the Gizmos and Gadgets version of an armory.

God, what a great company. To come up with so many great games.

But Treasure Cove was amazing.

Iron Man - 430

The way these guys run out reminds me of SOCOM. I played the shit out of that game when it first came out.


I remember that. Think my brother had it on his PS2. That was one of those games that looked really cool but I could never really do because it was too complicated for someone with no console to just pick up randomly at a friend’s house. I remember getting spotted cause I’d leave bodies everywhere, thinking they’d just disappear or whatever.

I liked it because it was just military enough to where you could actually use sniper rifles and stuff, but all the missions were based on how you ran them. You told the rest of your team what to do. So you could tell them, go sneak up there, while you hung out and picked people off. I never got very far in the game, I always ended up going more for Mercenaries in the end. Just because the concept of that first game was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Iron Man - 431

You guys deserve everything that’s about to happen to you.

Iron Man - 432

Yes, because opening that is gonna do something.

Iron Man - 433

Iron Man - 434

“Say something.”

“They’re speaking Hungarian. I don’t—”

“Speak Hungarian.”


“What do you know?”

Iron Man - 435

He knows bomb.

Iron Man - 436


These two terrorists are totally the Middle Eastern version of the two idiot British soldiers in the Pirates movies.

Iron Man - 437


Those terrorists just got volcanoed in the face.

Iron Man - 438

Nice coloring.

Iron Man - 439

Iron Man - 440


I feel like “yalla yalla” is going to be the phrase that sticks with our generation the way “di di mao” stuck with our parents and “schnell” stuck with our grandparents.

Nah… still those other two for me.

One of the reasons I can’t wait to be a parent. The ability to shout “schnell” at my children. It’s not the same when it’s other people’s children.


That’s what life is. Yelling ‘schnell’ at other people’s children until you can yell it at your own.

Iron Man - 441

Iron Man - 442

He’s gotta finish the last of the power sequencing.

Naturally only Stark knows how to do it.

Iron Man - 443

Ticking clocks make for good action movies.

Also, this is Afghanistan, yet… QWERTY keyboard.

Iron Man - 444


He wrote a launch program for this thing? On what looks like MS DOS?

Iron Man - 445

Iron Man - 446

Iron Man - 447

“We need more time.”

And… sacrifice.

Good thing we can telegraph shit before it happens.

Iron Man - 448

“I’m gonna go buy you some time.”

Iron Man - 449

“Stick to the plan.”


He’s getting off the boat.

Iron Man - 450

Iron Man - 451

Sure. Looks like a plan.

Iron Man - 452


(That was a waste of bullets.)


Yensin don’t give a FUCK. I really don’t get him spraying the ceiling with bullets, though. If I was him, I’d conserve ammo, find a position and pick off some dudes instead of running headfirst into a goon squad. You wanna stall? Catch them off guard.

Iron Man - 453

Iron Man - 454

It’s always that progress bar. Fucking windows…

(Also, why is it going so slow now? What kind of Wi-fi they have in here?)


Is it weird that Arabic script goes right-to-left, but the progress bars still go left-to-right? I guess they only wanted to change the language packs and wouldn’t localize anything else.

Iron Man - 455

Iron Man - 456

Iron Man - 457

Hey, you guys remember Star Wars?


See? What did you expect would happen? He’s gonna get shot hundreds of times. Probably take a few in the dick.

Iron Man - 458

Iron Man - 459

Iron Man - 460

I guess that means it worked.

Though I thought his heart reactor was powering this thing. So what’s with all the sequencing?

Iron Man - 461

Iron Man - 462


I’ll never understand the slow creeping into a room with guys fighting over who goes first. It’s called a flashbang.

You know who knew how to do this? Javier Bardem in Skyfall. Just lobbing fucking grenades through the windows.


That was a great scene. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was LAUGHING.

Iron Man - 463

Iron Man - 464

Iron Man - 465

Iron Man - 466

That’s a fun way to go out.


Ever pimp smack a terrorist across a cave?

Ever? Check out my Youtube channel!

Iron Man - 467

Iron Man - 468

Sure. Just fire randomly when there are missiles in there. Seems smart.

Iron Man - 469

Oh shit.

Iron Man - 470

Iron Man - 471

This feels like something out of an 80s movie.


It looks like a stupid RoboCop.

Iron Man - 472


Wait, he just had his hands in gloves, so how is he punching them like that? Does he have hand covers?

If I had to guess, his hands only go so far into the fists, and there’s a gap there between his actual fist an the outside.

Iron Man - 473

He is, quite literally, iron man.

Iron Man - 474

Iron Man - 475

Nice camera placement.

Iron Man - 476

Iron Man - 477

This thing eats bullets.

Iron Man - 478

Yes, run at the giant metal suit.


I admire your bravery, charging Arab. But you’re a dumbass.

Iron Man - 479


Iron Man - 480

That’s what Cell did to Hercule.


And probably what Goku did to Chi Chi when nobody was around.

Iron Man - 481

Iron Man - 482

Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.

Iron Man - 483

Iron Man - 484

Barrels. Shit’s gonna explode!

Iron Man - 485

I hope he’s counting his steps. Otherwise that shit was useless a minute ago.

Iron Man - 486

Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever an Iron Man can.

Iron Man - 487

Iron Man - 488

Please step over him now.

Iron Man - 489

Iron Man - 490

Iron Man - 491

This sequence plays a lot better in real time than it does in shots.

Iron Man - 492

Iron Man - 493

Ha ha. Locked him in there with him.


That’s like the schmuck who got left in Jabba’s pit. Yeah, it’s the rancor, bitches!

If it’s not Ramses, I’m not interested.

Iron Man - 494

Iron Man - 495

Iron Man - 496

Iron Man - 497

Iron Man - 498

This is the kind of shit they do in monster movies. And now Iron Man is the monster.

Iron Man - 499

Iron Man - 500




Iron Man - 501

Oh, that dude got FUCKED up.

Iron Man - 502

Iron Man - 503

Iron Man - 504

Aww… he’s stuck.

Iron Man - 505

Iron Man - 506

Iron Man - 507

Iron Man - 508

Iron Man - 509

Good job, asshole.



Iron Man - 510

Iron Man - 511

Iron Man - 512

Iron Man - 513


Here comes Big Dick McGee with his grenade launcher. I don’t know why all weapons don’t have grenade launchers attached. I just saw American Sniper and saw a guy with an M4 Carbine (I think) with a grenade launcher, and he was very conspicuous not firing it every 2 seconds.

Big Dick McGee with the Grenade Launcher

Clue 2000.


Isn’t it also funny how grenade launchers and other attachments are referred to as “accessories?” As though you bought them at Claire’s.

Iron Man - 514

Iron Man - 515

“Watch out!”

(Is he on bags of fertilizer? That’s… shitty.)


Optimus? This actually feels like the closest fit yet for that to be true.

Iron Man - 516

Iron Man - 517

Yeah, right, like he’s got the ability to be evasive in that.

Iron Man - 518

Iron Man - 519

Iron Man - 520

Look at me, Mr. I Have Rockets Too.

Iron Man - 521

Iron Man - 522


Arm rockets are key.

Iron Man - 523

Iron Man - 524

Iron Man - 525

Iron Man - 526

Naturally he gets crushed, so he can come back later and not have to die now. Classic.


Kill your problems. We can just make more problems. I want to write an action movie where there’s a solid confirmation on all the kills. Kinda like Zombieland.

Iron Man - 527

Get this shit out of my way.

Iron Man - 528

Iron Man - 529

“Come on, we gotta go.”

Iron Man - 530

“This was always the plan, Stark.”

You guys were seriously not on the same page, were you?

“Come on, you gotta go see your family. Get up.”

“My family’s dead. I’m going to see them now, Stark.”


What is he lying on? Is that rice or something? Just some random American stuff? 

Random American Stuff

Iron Man - 531

Aww… he’s gonna cry.

Just like Timothy Dalton.

Iron Man - 532

“Don’t waste it. Don’t waste your life.”


Oh this is where he tells Robert Damon Jr. to “earn this.”

I’m sure he got that speech many times.

You know, like, in prison and rehab and stuff.

Not to bring up old wounds.

Iron Man - 533

All right, he’s dead. Now, to kick some ass.

Iron Man - 534

Iron Man - 535

Look at his little knit hat.


What’s with the cap?

Iron Man - 536

Iron Man - 537

Barrel alert.


Out of the darkness, and a terrorist yells ‘aloha snackbar.’

Iron Man - 538

Tiger Woods terrorist.


I was gonna say Hiroyuki Sanada.

Iron Man - 539

Iron Man - 540

Not bad for like, a week. In a cave.

Y’all science fair projects ain’t shit.

Iron Man - 541

They always pull guns at the same moment.

The amount of times we hear this sound effect.

Iron Man - 542

Iron Man - 543

Iron Man - 544

You’re telling me not a single person hit him in the eye hole?


There’s no way he’s not getting one of those in the eye hole.

Iron Man - 545

That guy on the left is Mexican!

Iron Man - 546

“My turn.”

Iron Man - 547

Iron Man - 548

Well that seems like a dangerous thing to have on you when people are shooting at you.

Iron Man - 549

Iron Man - 550

That thing also has a pretty great range to it. Doesn’t it?


Still thinking about those damn ants from Crystal Skull

These guys at least know how to flamethrow their problems.

Iron Man - 551

Watch out for your hat!

Iron Man - 552

Iron Man - 553


OH! Did you see that? He crossed the streams.

How many women do you think Tony Stark has peed on?

I’m sorry, what?

I zone out during action sequences.

Streams, Vanity Fair… my brain is a deep, dark place.


Just like Lana Turner.

Iron Man - 554

Iron Man - 555

Iron Man - 556

That seems pretty dangerous to be around as you set it on fire.

(Just like Lana Turner.)

Iron Man - 557

Your eyeholes are seriously exposed. Not even the fire is making that burn up or anything?

Iron Man - 558

Iron Man - 559

That guy just got propelled.

Iron Man - 560

Iron Man - 561

Metaphors, guys.

Iron Man - 562


Iron Man - 563

But not really. Since he’s still using his own equipment.


Remember Firebats from StarCraft? And how they made jokes about propane and propane accessories?

I want all of my weekend plans to include the phrase “propane and propane accessories.” But not barbecues.

Iron Man - 564

He should be walking along this place, strutting. Give us a flamethrower shimmy!

Iron Man - 565


I really don’t get how there’s a 20mm cannon on the ridge, pointed at the cave.

The plot.

Iron Man - 566

Iron Man - 567

This suit shoots rockets. And you’re on a ridge.

This’ll end well.

Hopefully with a Wilhelm Scream.

Iron Man - 568

There’s no way out. Maybe that detail would be more important for an actual escape.

Iron Man - 569

Paul Giamatti terrorist.

But like, if Paul Giamatti were playing Steve Van Sant.

Iron Man - 570

Iron Man - 571


Iron Man - 572

Action pose!

Iron Man - 573

Iron Man - 574

Iron Man - 575

Iron Man - 576

Yeah, that’s a self-destruct button.

Iron Man - 577

Where’d you get the hydraulics to be able to pull that off?

Iron Man - 578

Iron Man - 579

The army sees this, right?

Iron Man - 580


Michael Bay?


Iron Man - 581

I’m sure the CIA is freaking out right about now.


And none of this huge explosion killed the guy who’s still injured in the cave, cause he has to continue as a bad guy. And did this not kill his whole crew? The ones we see later must have been at Chipotle.

Desert Chipotle

Iron Man - 582

Iron Man - 583


Oh, I like that shot.

Iron Man - 584

Iron Man - 585

So do they not have more guys outside the mountains?

Iron Man - 586

Iron Man - 587

Iron Man - 588

Iron Man - 589

100% instant death.


This thing isn’t padded or filled with jelly or anything, so I don’t see how he survives this.

The plot.

Iron Man - 590

So he hits sand at some ridiculous speed, and now there are jagged bits of metal everywhere.

This looks like a Terminator funeral.

Iron Man - 591

Now what? You’re still in the middle of the fucking desert.


That’s what my grandfather says every time there’s some invasion in the Middle East. ISIS takes over some town. “Now what? You’re still in the middle of the fucking desert.”

When I say it, I have that Elliott Gould inflection.

Iron Man - 592

If the entire upper half is still on, where did all those parts come from?

Iron Man - 593

Iron Man - 594

Can you clim bout of that easily?

Iron Man - 595

“Not bad.”

Iron Man - 596

Are there scorpions and shit there?

Iron Man - 597

Iron Man - 598


I can’t imagine walking like that without podcasts or SOMETHING.

I hope there’s a desert Chipotle nearby.

Iron Man - 599

There’s gotta be a Starbucks or something around here.

Free Wi-fi.

Do terrorists do Instagram?

Iron Man - 600

Nice shot.

Iron Man - 601

Iron Man - 602



Did they happen to be patrolling, or is this their response to the explosions?

Iron Man - 603

Iron Man - 604

You know… I feel like no matter how much you assume they saw you, you pretty much have to act like an idiot and do exactly that when they fly overhead.

He actually sounds like Tom Hanks screaming for the volleyball right here.


He’s waving like Hanks did when Lt. Dan showed up on the dock.

Iron Man - 605

Iron Man - 606

Please, no gang signs.

Iron Man - 607


Are those rocks? They look green. What do you do in this situation? Wait. Look closely at that image. Is that not a power line in the distance, from the left? Those look like telephone poles. That’s where you should go.

Surprise America changes everybody’s plans.

Iron Man - 608

“How was the Funvee?”

Really? That’s what you have?


Aww, they’re friends. Remember that pun he made?

What’s he doing here? His friend went missing, so he just hung out in Afghanistan for three months to try to find him? Was there a whole Taken subplot to this, where he bombed around villages trying to figure out what happened to him? And now he just gets to go home, while the rest of the soldiers who helped him stay there on tour?

Is this how you liaise?

Iron Man - 609


Would they not be stopping him and asking what the glowing thing is in his chest? And assuming that it’s a bomb and that he’s rigged to explode?

Iron Man - 610

“Next time, you ride with me, okay?”

The plot can’t kill us both!

Iron Man - 611

Dead eyes.

Iron Man - 612

Iron Man - 613

Great how they brought him to the Santa Monica Airport and not to, you know, a debriefing facility of some sort.


Is that not Edwards AFB? It says Edwards on all the stuff.

Oh. It is. I was just guessing that’s what they did. These movies have instilled low expectations in me.

Still, is he not gonna be debriefed?

Iron Man - 614

What are you assholes just standing around for? Don’t you have military stuff to do?


Rich people always get to drive onto the runway. I want that. You’ve made it if you drive on the runway.

And if you’re John Favreau.

Iron Man - 615

Iron Man - 616

I always like a good shot from the inside of a plane.

Iron Man - 617

Is it weird that I find her slightly more attractive when she’s been crying?

Iron Man - 618


I’d much rather ride down that ramp on a wheelchair or something.

I hope Terrence Howard made him wait three hours before that plane took off.

Iron Man - 619


So they’re holding hands, which is normal.

Is this how you liaise?

Iron Man - 620

What asshole parks a plane directly across from another plane like that? I know the shot is one thing, but that guy parked that plane exactly across from the other one, and everyone parked like they knew the plane was gonna land right here.

That’s like those people who deliberately back into parking spots. Fuck you.

Iron Man - 621

Iron Man - 622

“Are you kidding me with this? Get rid of ‘em.”

Why? They don’t even seem like they’re paying attention anyway.

Though I like his little hand motion. Do you think that’s gonna stop real medical professionals?

Especially ones hired by the army?

It’s crazy that rich people can get away with this.

Anyone else would be in a holding cell until they answered questions.

Iron Man - 623

“Your eyes are red. Few tears for your long lost boss?”

Is that the flight crew behind him? That’s a big downgrade.

Hell of a suit you got there, though. How’d they whip that up so quickly?

I wish I was rich enough to have tailored suits ready for me at a moment’s notice.

Iron Man - 624

“Tears of joy. I hate job hunting.”

And then he says, “Vacation’s over.” Great boss.


That’s true. My current boss is the sole owner of the startup I work for, which means that if he died out of nowhere, there would be problems. Job hunting sucks. (Update: I have left that company, so whatever.)

What do you do while your boss is held captive by terrorists?


Butt stuff?

Iron Man - 625

“Where to, sir?”

Crazy Girls?

But In N Out. The answer is always In N Out.

Iron Man - 626

“Take us to the hospital.”

Iron Man - 627



“No is a complete answer.”

“Tony, you have to –”

“I don’t have to do anything. I’ve been in captivity for three months.”

Wait… three months? When the fuck did that happen? What happened to a week? Way to keep us informed of the time span, guys.


Yeah, but it might have also been his treatment and stuff. Maybe they had him knocked out for the first 10 weeks for probing and stuff like that.

Maybe terrorist abduction is a semesterly thing.

(Would that have made that their Arab Spring?)

(And Tony is now on Spring Break.)

Iron Man - 628

“There are two things I want to do. I want an American cheeseburger, and the other –”

Iron Man - 629

“That’s enough.”

Iron Man - 630

“Is not what you think. I want you to call for a press conference now.”


He wants a cheeseburger and…not what she thinks? Fries? Does Burger King sell onion rings?

They’re like 20 minutes from In N Out right now.

Iron Man - 631

“Hogan, drive. Cheeseburger first.”

Iron Man - 632

Is he driving into the plane? Where’s he going?


The plane’s big enough that it looks like they’re closer to it than they are. He’s turning around. But we’re talking a Rolls Royce, which has the turning radius of a small moon. Or a space station.

That’s a lot of people milling about for no reason. Don’t you guys have jobs?

Iron Man - 633

Really? You assholes. Clapping.

Also, Asian lady in the red suit.


Ugh. MBA types clapping. 

Iron Man - 634


Jeff Bridges doing the twinkle toes dance. Look at the guy fourth from the left. That is a comically poor-fitting suit.

Iron Man - 635

Iron Man - 636

You didn’t go to In N Out. That was closer than the Burger King.

Also, product placement much?


That woman in the background is dressed like Rosa Klebb.

But she looks like the fucking Joker. Holy shit.

Wanna know how I got these scars?

A doctor in Beverly Hills, I already know.

Iron Man - 637

I mean seriously. You want an American cheeseburger, and you live in Malibu. Get a real fucking cheeseburger.

Burger King? Fuck you.


I forget that Burger King is a thing.

That’s the most Unforgivable part of this movie.

Iron Man - 638

“You get me one of those?”

“There’s only one left, I need it.”


On the left. Casey Affleck, fat Bill Goldberg and Tony Bennett. 

That Tony Bennett guy actually looks like the guy who played the public attorney in My Cousin Vinny. The one with the stutter.

Also, Turtle is on the far right back there. And Macklemore is right behind Tony. And that guy right above Pepper’s head has a bit of a young Jon Stewart vibe.

Iron Man - 639


That’s great. He eats the whole burger on the way into the press conference. I like that vitality in a person. He’s not afraid to eat crap, drink to excess, sleep around or shoot off his mouth. Greatest superhero ever?

Iron Man - 640

Weird that they just let him call this press conference.

Though Jeff Bridges is doing a great job drumming up the band.

Iron Man - 641

Why are you smiling? He’s back in his element?

Iron Man - 642


Are these journalist extras, or did they let the producers get in on this?

What’s Jason Sudekis doing there?

Iron Man - 643

“Miss Potts?”


Fun fact: he wasn’t even meant to be a part. The dude wasn’t even named. But they saw how great Clark Gregg was with everyone else, so they kept giving him more scenes. And now he’s got his own fucking show based around the character.


Wait, he’s married to Jennifer Grey? 

Iron Man - 644

“I’m Agent Phil Coulson, with the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division.”


Tanks on a Train? That would be a great movie for Samuel L. Jackson.

Iron Man - 645

“That’s quite a mouthful.”

“I know. We’re working on it.”


Okay, S.H.I.E.L.D. Setting up the universe before we know what it’s going to be. I sure wish they were left out of this and that like 8 out of the last 10 movies didn’t happen.

Iron Man - 646

“You know, we’ve been approached already by the DOD, the FBI, the CIA –”

FBI always comes before CIA. Ever notice that?

Also… approached? Nice to be rich, when you get “approached” and not “forcibly dragged into a room.”

Iron Man - 647

“We’re a separate division. With a more specific focus.”


I hope it isn’t butt stuff.

That would be an ironic name.

Iron Man - 648

“We need to debrief Mr. Stark about the circumstances of his escape.”

At least SOMEBODY does.

“I’ll put something on the books, shall I?”

That’s how that works? “We need to debrief him about top secret military shit.” “How about next Thursday? He’s gotta go bang Miss August on Wednesday, and he doesn’t like to do meetings before that.”

Iron Man - 649

I hope he doesn’t say anything, and just looks around like that for three minutes.

Iron Man - 650

“Hey, would it be all right if everyone sat down?”

You called this rodeo.

Iron Man - 651

That guy on the right looks so inconvenienced.

Maybe he realized this isn’t a National Geographic shoot.

Iron Man - 652

I wish more people got away with this.


Hold on, did he not eat that other burger on the way in? Less respect, until I realize that he’s going to eat it in front of all of them, flaunting that flame-broiled goodness.

Hilary should do this.

Iron Man - 653

Iron Man - 654

I can’t believe this worked.

Iron Man - 655

“What’s up with the love in?”


“Love in?” He’s probably a Republican.

“Don’t look at me, I don’t know what he’s up to.”

Which is pretty dangerous, considering he’s talking to the media after being in captivity for three months and hasn’t once been approached by anyone from the government or checked for any serious mental instability or PTSD or prevented in any way from doing this.


This is America. Rich people do whatever they want. They let Donald Trump run for president.

He also, as you said, has a giant glowing thing sticking out of his chest.

Iron Man - 656

“Good to see you.”

Iron Man - 657

“Good to see you.”

“I never got to say goodbye to Dad.”

Car crashes tend to do that.

Iron Man - 658

“I never got to say goodbye to my father.”

I feel this way after burgers too.

Iron Man - 659

“There’s questions I would have asked him. I would have asked him questions about what this company did. If he was conflicted, if he ever had doubts. Or maybe he was every inch of the man we all remember from the newsreels.”

Iron Man - 660

What’s with that smirk? What kind of man was he? Was he banging playmates all day? I want to see those newsreels. And not those piece of shit ones you showed me earlier.


I think it was the “every inch of the man” comment. They used to call Howard Stark the Hogwarts Express cause he had about 9¾ if you know what I mean AYO

Iron Man - 661

Fun fact about this screenshot: I took it three times, and every time when I started the movie again, I heard the screenshot noise go off, and I thought it fucked up and caught the play symbol in the upper right hand corner. And only after the third time did I realize the sound is in the movie. If you listen closely at this exact moment, you’ll hear that noise go off. And it really fucked my shit up for a good thirty seconds.

“I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them.”


Forget the crazy technology and the superhero stuff – a Fortune 500 CEO expressing disappointment with his own industry is the single most outlandish part of this movie.

Iron Man - 662

NICE shot.

Also, he knows where this is going.

“And I saw that I had become part of a system that has become comfortable with zero accountability.”


Imagine this shit happening after Deepwater Horizon happened. Which, shit. This article is live as of April 21st, 2015, and Deepwater Horizon happened on the April 20th, 2010 (4/20, woo!), so this press conference would be happening five years ago TODAY. But there’s no way they say that shit. You get your company sued and your company sues you and everyone sues everyone else. ‘Sue’ is a funny word/name.

They’re casting that movie as we speak. I think they added Kurt Russell and somebody else just last week.

I used to be leery about movies about recent events, but Captain Phillips was the shit. And I thought that was gonna be awful.

Iron Man - 663

Look at that one asshole in the front with a question.

And goddamn, is that lady on the left dark.


LOOK AT THAT FACIAL HAIR ON THE GUY NEXT TO HER. Asian guy in the middle of the pack has spaced out.

Why did the cameramen sit down too?

Iron Man - 664

Wait, you let him ask it?!

Iron Man - 665

“What happened over there?”

The fucking GOVERNMENT is about to get scooped by the goddamn Post.


I hate movie journalists. Nobody asks that question. What a moronic question that was.

Iron Man - 666

“I had my eyes opened.”

You asshole. Make them sit down then get up to talk.

Iron Man - 667

“I realized that I had more things to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Enterprises.”


He really should have known that this was a bad idea to do publicly. But I do want to start saying “effective immediately” more often.

Iron Man - 668

Iron Man - 669

Iron Man - 670

Seriously, though. I know he’s being selfish and all, but also… that is for the good of the company. Don’t let him say that shit until you know he’s lucid.

Iron Man - 671

Iron Man - 672

“What we should take away from this is – Tony’s back!”

Really? Because he just said he’s shutting down the weapons division of his company. We should probably take that away from this as well.


Jeff Bridges, the average white man, picking up the pieces.

Iron Man - 673


I don’t know why I love this image so much. There’s a great deal of sincerity to his perfidy.

Iron Man - 674

It’s fun seeing how obvious, yet surprisingly realistic, this CGI is.

Because when you really look at this, none of this is real. Nothing in this frame is real whatsoever. And yet, looking at is as just an image… it’s not bad.

Iron Man - 675

AWFUL product placement #2.

I mean, I get it, they had to finance a movie, and they had a lot riding on this one. But still… come on, man. Jeff Bridges on a Segway? What the fuck?


Why are there so many military vehicles here? They don’t make Humvees or that stuff. This is their factory.

Is this how you liaise?

Iron Man - 676

“Where is he?”

Where the fuck would he be?

Taking a tank out for a spin.


Oh my god yes, I would love to do that. Ever since GoldenEye I’ve wanted to drive a tank around a town. Maybe before that, too. But Pierce made it look FUN.

“He’s inside.”

Seriously, where the fuck else would he be?


Cigar + Segway = Douchebag

Iron Man - 677

A HA HA, he’s gonna park the Segway.

Iron Man - 678

Iron Man - 679

Why we needed to see him swipe that card, I have no idea.

But I like his suit. So there’s that.


I was just gonna say that. You can always tell a nice suit. That hangs so nicely. 

Iron Man - 680

I like how he asked where he was, yet you could clearly see him through the glass if you wanted to look.

Iron Man - 681

That face.

“Well that went well.”

Iron Man - 682

“Did I just paint a target on the back of my head?”

Iron Man - 683

“Your head, what bout my head?”

Yeah, his head actually can have a target painted on it.


Bridges has the head more suited for target painting, if we’re honest.

Also, target for whom?

Iron Man - 684

“What do you think the over/under on the stock drop is gonna be tomorrow?”

“Optimistically? Forty points.”

“At minimum.”

Iron Man - 685

“Tony, we’re a weapons manufacturer.”

“I don’t want a body count to be our only legacy.”


I like how Bridges says ‘weapons man-a-facturer.’ It’s wrong, but I like it.


Iron Man - 686

“That’s what we do. We’re iron mongers. We make weapons.”


“What we do keeps the world from falling into chaos.”

“Not based on what I saw. We’re not doing a good enough job. We can do better. We’re gonna do something else.”

Now’s a good time to point out, because this is a scene where it feels really obvious – they shot this movie without a finished script.

That is to say – they had the story down, and the action sequences and all of that… but they never really worked out the dialogue. So mostly they just ad-libbed what was said on the set. Which is why the movie feels as fresh as it does.

They even shot some scenes with two cameras just to capture all the lines that were improvised. Now, Downey, that’s his forte. He’ll just keep saying shit and do a lot of takes and come up with something good. Other people… like Gwyneth… not their forte.

And Bridges came out to be like, “There was no script! You’d think with all this money on the line they’d have their shit together, but no.” He’s one of those people who likes to know the lines cold. So it annoyed the shit out of him, and then he just adjusted to it. He was like, “Oh, so we’re making a $200 million student film, and just fucking around. Great.” It’s crazy to think Marvel just let Downey and Favreau do and say whatever the fuck they wanted with this.


And yet…this movie. In a good way.

Iron Man - 687

“Like what? You want us to make baby bottles?”


“Babies are gay. We don’t do that stuff.” Is basically what his tone was then.

What’s with the amount of baby bottle references in this movie?

Iron Man - 688

Or…arc reactors.

“The arc reactor? That’s a publicity stunt. Tony, come on, we built that to shut the hippies up.”

Funny for so many reasons.


Haha. Screw hippies, amirite?

Iron Man - 689

“It works.”

“Yeah, as a science project. The arc was never cost effective. We knew that.”


I really like Jeff Bridges in this role. I never think of him as a bad guy, but he’s really solid here.

Iron Man - 690

“Arc reactor technology. That’s a dead end.”


“Am I right? We haven’t had a breakthrough in that in, what, thirty years.”

Iron Man - 691

Iron Man - 692

Iron Man - 693

“Could you have a lousier poker face? Just tell me, who told you?”

“Never mind who. Show me.”

“Rhodey or Pepper. It’s Rhodey or Pepper.”

“I wanna see it.”

“Okay, Rhodey.”

Was there really a choice there? Also, how would Pepper even know? You went from an airplane to a car to a press conference. Did you open up your shirt on the way over?

And why didn’t we see that scene? “Check out what I got in Afghanistan.” “Oh god, Tony, if you’re gonna show me chlamydia…”

Iron Man - 694

That’s a pretty bad poker face.

Iron Man - 695

This is what two people do when they’re about to get into some shit.

Iron Man - 696

“It works.”

Iron Man - 697

“Listen to me, Tony. We’re a team. You understand? There’s nothing we can’t do if we stick together. Like your father and I.”


My favorite part about this is that Jeff Bridges also looks back and forth and then closes Tony’s shirt like he’d been looking at an underage girl’s chest.

That’s also one of the most bullshit platitudes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t give you a heads up. But if I had—”

Iron Man - 698

“Tony, no more of this ready, fire, aim business.”

“That was Dad’s line.”

That’s also a good strategy.


That’s how shit gets done.

Iron Man - 699

“You gotta let me handle this. We’re gonna take a lotta heat. You gotta promise me that you’re gonna lay low.”

What kind of heat are they gonna take? Everyone presumably hates your company. And now you say, “Hey, the reason you hate our company… we’re not gonna do that anymore.” Sounds like you’re only taking heat from other rich white people.


Other than Patrick Stewart, bald people in action movies are not to be trusted.

Speaking of which…

Iron Man - 700



What did I just say? Jim Cramer is such a whackjob.

Iron Man - 701

We never see her in her own house.

Iron Man - 702

I feel like this wouldn’t be on TV at 10 in the morning.


Of COURSE Pepper watches MSNBC. I also appreciate what a douche comment that is on my part.

Iron Man - 703


You know who likes Jim Cramer? Dan. Also, look at that screen. It’s transcribing the conversation as they have it. So much for all those stenographers who took Indiana Jones’ class.

Iron Man - 704

This is a great thing to start a conversation with. “How big are your hands?”



Iron Man - 705

Why does that say 2:38? I thought it was 10 o’clock?

Or is that counting down how much time she has before it locks her out? That doesn’t make very much sense.

Iron Man - 706

Also a great way to be met by someone.

Iron Man - 707

“Oh, wow, they are small.”


Little hands. Also probably cold.

Chris Martin:

Fucking tell me about it.

Iron Man - 708

“God, is that the thing that’s keeping you alive?”

I’d like to have that said to me at least once. Preferably sooner, rather than later. For interest’s sake.

“It was. It is now an antique.”

It’s only been a day.

Iron Man - 709

He’s upgrading.

Iron Man - 710

Just a little speed bump. There’s an exposed wire there.

Iron Man - 711

“What do you want me to do?”

“Put that over there. That is irrelevant.”

He can eat cereal out of his chest.

I remember that was somebody’s “talent” on Figure It Out. I feel like no one was able to figure it out, because what a stupid thing to be able to do. And the end of the show was the person demonstrating their ability to do this. As if that was something to be proud of. And all those people getting slimed, and for what?

Iron Man - 712

She’s gotta reach in and lift the wire out.

How’d he get that metal tube inside his chest like that? I feel like that can pose a whole bunch of health problems.

“Is it safe?”

Good question, Sir Laurence.

Iron Man - 713

“It’s fine. It’s like Operation. You just don’t let it touch the socket wall or it goes beep.”

“What do you mean, Operation?”

“It’s just a game, never mind.”


They have someone writing the man-woman banter dialogue.

I feel like someone wrote more dialogue than this, and he just ran with whatever he wanted to.

I also like when geniuses can make simple analogies using popular culture to oversimplify what is going on. He says if she touches the socket wall it goes beep, but what really happens is he’ll die. That’s fun.

Iron Man - 714

Iron Man - 715

“You know, I don’t think that I’m qualified to do this.”

“No, you’re fine. You are the most capable, qualified, trustworthy person I’ve ever met. You can do great.”

He also pays you to do this.


This is that sort of rom-com writing where one character is like two lines ahead of the other and the person who’s behind is totally not following along at all. Cause for whatever reason, that formula appeals to people, and I kind of get it. Maybe Mike can elaborate on what I’m talking about.

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re talking about. Maybe because I see this partly as him being a genius as well as a rom-com, and also because I’m not sure specifically what kind of “two lines ahead”/”not following along at all” set up you’re talking about. My brain hears that and thinks of about four different scenarios in which that can occur.

I’m thinking you mean the part later where he’s directing her on how to do this, and she’s just winging it and pulling at whatever wires are there. Which doesn’t seem so much of a rom com sort of convention as it does an action/comedy convention. Like something Archer would do. “Okay, you have to disable the lever here, and…” meanwhile he’s already busted the control panel with the butt of his gun. Though I get that here they play it more rom commy.


No, I’m talking about when the man and woman are arguing about something or at least discussing something and talking over one another and then she stops like three lines later and goes back to question something he said like 10 seconds ago. The whole, “Blah blah blah bl– wait, WHAT?” The delayed reaction, and then he’s either in trouble, or trying to gloss over it.

I’m fine with it. Rom com dialogue can be hacky as shit, it just depends on who’s delivering it. Chemistry and the ability to pull off dialogue is what makes these scenes, not good writing.

Iron Man - 716

Iron Man - 717

Is this how you liaise?

Iron Man - 718

“Oh, there’s pus!”

It’s not pus. It’s some kind of plasmic discharge. It’s from the device, not from him.

“It smells.”

“Yeah it does.”

Best delivery in the movie.

Iron Man - 719

“The copper wire.”

She looks up at the fucking ceiling during this. Maybe look to see which one is the copper wire.

Iron Man - 720

Iron Man - 721

“You got it? Now don’t let it touch the—”

Iron Man - 722


You guys remember cumming for the first time? Lots of those moments in this movie, huh?

It’s always one thing. There are next to no tally hos in this movie.

Iron Man - 723

So there’s an exposed wire, but she’s just yanking this thing out. What exactly is going on right now?

Iron Man - 724

“Okay, now make sure that when you pull it out you don’t pull out the magnet–”

Iron Man - 725

“At the end of it!”

Iron Man - 726

“That was it.”

Iron Man - 727

“Don’t put it back in.”

Iron Man - 728

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just going into cardiac arrest because you yanked out –”


“Oh, I’m just going into cardiac arrest cause you fucked up.” The sarcasm in his voice and that line were like Catholic and Jewish guilt adopted an Asian guilt baby.

Asian Guilt Baby

Iron Man - 729

“I thought you said this was safe!”

That sounds like something I’d be yelled at for.

Iron Man - 730

Iron Man - 731



“It’s gonna be okay.”

“Is it?”


Apparently women always want to discuss feelings when they should be doing important things. Not my words. Marvel.

Iron Man - 732

“Let’s… hope.”

Big fan of witty banter while someone’s going into cardiac arrest.

Iron Man - 733

Iron Man - 734

So the magnet’s no longer there. Was that important? I’m confused as to this whole chest situation.

Iron Man - 735

Maybe take your fucking watch off.

Also, did that magnet not fuck it up?

Iron Man - 736


Did he just jizz? I still don’t get how this sends him into cardiac arrest, by the way. His heart isn’t being RUN by this thing, is it? I thought it was supposed to be just keeping the shards out.

Iron Man - 737

Iron Man - 738

“Was that so hard?”

It is now.

Iron Man - 739

“That was fun, right?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I feel great.”

How are you not gonna make a jizz joke with those hands?

Iron Man - 740

“You okay?”

Iron Man - 741

“Don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER, ask me to do anything like that ever again.”

He pays you a lot of money. This can’t even be top ten on the list of things he’s asked you to do.

Iron Man - 742

“I don’t have anyone but you.”


She fisted his chest and he caught feelings.

Iron Man - 743

And the flood gates are open.

Iron Man - 744

Iron Man - 745

This is the face you make when someone goes to wipe the jizz off of their hands.

Iron Man - 746

“What do you want me to do with this?”

“Destroy it. Incinerate it.”


I want an incinerator for like, Chihuahuas or whatever.

Iron Man - 747

“You don’t want to keep it?”

“Pepper, I’ve been called many things. Nostalgic is not one of them.”


He doesn’t have much in the way of a sternum anymore, huh?

Iron Man - 748

“Will that be all, Mr. Stark?”

“That will be all, Miss Potts.”

Was she just hanging around the house? Is that all she does? Wait around until something needs to be done?

Iron Man - 749

“Hey, butterfingers, come here. What’s all this stuff doing on the top of my desk?”


He has a robot slave.

That’s the END OF PART II.

– – – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow is Part III, and the actual unveiling of the suit.

(See the rest of the Fun with Franchises articles here.)

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