Fun with Franchises: The Marvel Universe – Iron Man (2008), Part V — “The Chino Syndrome: Fueled by Hatred and Pajamas”

We continue with another entry in our Fun with Franchises series. This week’s film is Iron Man.

Fun with Franchises is a series born out of my friend Colin and I realizing how much fun it was for the two of us to watch the same movie separately and then share our reactions. We started by watching all of the James Bond movies, for the purposes of ranking them for the blog. I brought him in because he was much more of a Bond expert than I was at the time, and I felt his perspective would liven things up. He would be the color commentator to my play-by-play man.

We soon discovered that, by watching the movies separately and then putting everything we said together in the same place, hilarity ensued. We each brought in our own observations, not knowing what the other would say, and then reacted to what the other said. And we loved every minute of it.

We had so much fun, we figured we had to do it again. So we graduated from a single franchise, to all franchises. If you’re gonna have fun with franchises, it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t franchise it. Season 1 included the Harry Potter movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Twilight (which neither of us had seen before we watched them for the articles) and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of those articles can be read on the Fun with Franchises page.

Also, just so we’re clear, this is all for parody. We’re just messing with them because we love them. (Well… Twilight…) We’re watching movies we enjoy and are simply having some fun with them.

Right now, we’re doing the Marvel Universe, and today is the fifth and final part of Iron Man.

Iron Man - Title Card

We begin Part V with Gwyneth apparently thinking she can accomplish something.

Iron Man - 1457

Think Audi gave them money for this?


Other than the Audi product placement, the rest of the cars in this movie are all over the place. GM, Dodge, and now the agents are in Fords. This is how the world works, and I notice these things.

Iron Man - 1458

Iron Man - 1459

Iron Man - 1460

“Section 16.”



That is really fuck you, though. I mean, you could just walk in.

Iron Man - 1461

Of course. There it is.

(I should have saved the fuck you for now.)


Fuck yous never run out. You’re still good.

Iron Man - 1462

Iron Man - 1463

Iron Man - 1464

White people and technology.

Iron Man - 1465

“My key’s not working. It’s not opening the door.”

This is her purpose in the movie. Seriously.

Iron Man - 1466

Iron Man - 1467

Iron Man - 1468

“Oh, wow, what’s that, is that like a little device, like a thing that’s gonna pick the lock?”


Hah. Women never expect explosives.

Iron Man - 1469

“You might wanna take a few steps back.”

Iron Man - 1470

And she just goes? Did they block this scene at all?

Iron Man - 1471

Iron Man - 1472


That guy in the back is awfully close. And wincing a lot. He must be new.

Also — SHIELD shield.

Iron Man - 1473

At least he heard it and realized what was going on. This is all around a lesser version of what Tony did earlier in the movie, down to the explosion. So that’s a nice juxtaposition.

But in terms of knowing what’s in store, these people don’t have a… CLU.

Iron Man - 1474


They built that in like a week, by the way. I can’t even finish the notes and the articles for this movie in a week. They built that.

Yeah, but you’re busy. He’s being fueled by hatred and pajamas.

Iron Man - 1475

Iron Man - 1476

I believe the correct response is, “So this thing cost me $150 million plane?”

Iron Man - 1477

“That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”


The part where he officially comes out to his friend as an Iron Man.

Iron Man - 1478

Iron Man - 1479


Not too sentimental about that car, huh? It’s trashed. But most rich people buy their cars perfect and keep them perfect. Not a great formula for truly caring.

That’ the tagline for Marvel: Not a great formula for truly caring.

Iron Man - 1480

Iron Man - 1481

“You need me to do anything else?”

Nope. We’ll get Cheadle to do it instead.

Iron Man - 1482


“Call New Hunan, I’m gonna need the orange chicken, beef lo mein, two quarts of pork fried rice, oh, and get me some motherfuckin’ 40s.”

They delivery.

Also, why hasn’t Iron Man prank called somebody from inside that suit yet?

Or at the absolute very least, I would like to see him ordering takeout from the suit while also on his way home talking and/or arguing with Gwyneth. It’s those scenes that make these movies for me, not the action stuff.

Iron Man - 1483

“Keep the skies clear.”

Is that how he liaises?

Iron Man - 1484

Iron Man - 1485

That’s the great thing about California. You don’t have to fix your roof immediately.


I heard someone talking recently about how it never rains there. Did I mention I just took a 40 minute shower?

Never rains. You’ll get like, twice a year, change of season rain. Where it’ll rain for like three days straight, and then afterward it’ll be noticeably cooler or warmer overall. Otherwise, you can barely remember when it rains. I know because I never wash my car. So I’m always hoping it rains so I don’t have to. It’s always nice when it surprise rains, and I’m like, “YES! Another two months on the car.” Usually we only get shitty rain, where it’ll drizzle for like twenty minutes, and it wouldn’t be enough rain to do anything, and only serve to make my car look worse than before.

I really only judge rain in California by how much it cleans my car. Because it’s barely real rain. We got real rain like two weeks ago. I went right the fuck outside in it. Because I miss real rain. Rain is the best. Colin and I very much have that in common. We prefer rainy, shitty, overcast weather to nice, hot summer weather. Fuck the summer. If it wasn’t for the fact that it never gets balls ass hot in LA (and that you never really have to consider the weather as part of your routine), it would suck.

Iron Man - 1486

Iron Man - 1487

So your purpose in this movie is done.

Iron Man - 1488

Iron Man - 1489

“Next time, baby.”

Not for you.

Iron Man - 1490

How many of these Audis does he have?


That would be tempting, but I’m good with the R8. You shitting me? You know he got here in his Dodge, but he’s taking the Audi out. Hells yeah. I would. And he’s got this R8, which is the same from before, and the S5 that Pepper was in a few minutes ago. Oh, and he’s going to catch a Q7 on the highway in a little bit.

He’s also the fourth lead in this movie. Which is amusing.

Iron Man - 1491

Iron Man - 1492

“Looks like you were right. He was building a suit.”

Why does this sound like men begrudgingly admitting a woman was right?

Iron Man - 1493

“I thought it would be bigger.”

Of course you did.


You think THAT’S the suit? I’m sorry, but this is a world-class weapons facility and those are shitty welds. That’s like finding some crayon drawing in Da Vinci’s studio.

I wonder what 15th century Chinese food menus looked like.

Iron Man - 1494

SHIELD agents look like 50s FBI tools.

Iron Man - 1495

Iron Man - 1496


I don’t even know what it was hooked up to or why. The power comes from the chest piece. But that is a good image, cause something’s supposed to go there.

Yeah, but Tony was hooked up to shit too. Sequencing and what not.

Also, Japan.


Wouldn’t it have been better if they hadn’t shown the entire thing until now? Just show Bridges putting in the chest piece, and maybe just the eyes or something. Then the “I thought it would be bigger” gag goes over better when he comes in all huge.

They should have also played that gag with the piece from Vanity Fair.

Iron Man - 1497


Iron Man - 1498

What’s with all the water reflecting on the walls? Is that the arc reactor?

Iron Man - 1499

Wow. Somehow you haven’t figured that shit out yet.

And apparently can’t hear the big fucking metal suit moving around stealthily.


This is like that Resident Evil shit, where you’re going through a stage and you come across blueprints or some readout of the monster you’re about to encounter. And it’s always like, “Hm, I wonder what that shit wa—OH FUCK SHOOT IT”

Iron Man - 1500

Good job, Joseph Gordon-Levitt meets James Woods.


He is REALLY good at this game.

Iron Man - 1501

Iron Man - 1502


I like how in some factory and workshop settings there are just chains hanging down from the ceiling. And how you know there was someone on this crew who was responsible for chain hanging.

It looks like we’re about to have a Last Dragon battle.

Remember when late 80s, early 90s fight scenes took place in warehouses? Man, those were the days.

Iron Man - 1503

Just like Suspiria.

Iron Man - 1504


Nice work, chain hanger.

Maybe this is where he practices his dirty dancing.

Iron Man - 1505


Doo doo splosion. Is this not some Resident Evil shit? I guess it isn’t a bioweapon, but still.

Iron Man - 1506

Iron Man - 1507

Do I call her out for outrunning this giant suit? Probably not.

I am, however, amused at the other suit looking over at the giant suit like, “The fuck?”

Iron Man - 1508

Iron Man - 1509

Makes me wonder why she even accompanied them.

SHIELD never really has any plans, do they?

Iron Man - 1510

This will be repeated in the Avengers. And maybe even in the next movie.


Yeah, it’s in the next movie for sure.

Iron Man - 1511

Iron Man - 1512

He figured out repulsors too?

Also, this shot, very horror/Terminator.

Iron Man - 1513

Boy, you guys sure like having Tony Stark fall from the sky.

Iron Man - 1514

Mark 1 chest piece. 48% power.


Ah, so he’s down on power and still has to fight this massive bad guy. That’s decent plotting, I’ll give them that.

Iron Man - 1515

Iron Man - 1516

Maybe get in the car and drive AWAY. Maybe.

Iron Man - 1517

See this shot? Pepper’s not saying anything, is she? Not even making a gesture like she’s speaking into a phone, is she? Here’s the dialogue from this moment:



Thanks, ADR!

Iron Man - 1518

“Obadiah, he’s gone insane.”

Now he hasn’t. He’s just trying to not get arrested.

Also, total cop out with the earpiece. That shit was so clearly ADR before.


Asian Dominatrix Retro?

Iron Man - 1519


Iron Man - 1520

Iron Man - 1521

Iron Man - 1522

Obadiah used Dig!

But Pepper is Oblivious!

Obadiah used Dig! It’s Super Effective!


They comin’ out the ground now. If it was just the head it might look like a big ass metal Diglett.

Iron Man - 1523

Iron Man - 1524

The Iron Giant really let himself go.

Iron Man - 1525

“Where do you think you’re going?”

A Looney Tunes character would have a good answer for this.

Iron Man - 1526

She wasn’t going anywhere, actually. She was standing outside, talking to Tony. I truly don’t think she had any idea where she was going.


Gwyneth is hilarious. She just did a thing to raise awareness for families living on food stamps, so she went to the store and spent $29, which is what they have for a week of food. Her purchase was almost entirely green and included 7 limes. She lives in a strange little world inside her head.

I thought that was hilarious too. She’s a very strange person. Last year, she came out and was like, “Women should steam their vaginas.” And she wrote about how healthy it is. And then some doctor came out and was like, “No. That’s a horrible idea. That’s a very bad thing to do to your vaginas.”

Also, she has a magazine called Goop. What the fuck is that?

Anyway, Iron Man.

Iron Man - 1527

“Your services are no longer required.”


Why wouldn’t you just squish her? It’s no less barbaric than shooting her with a fucking MINIGUN.

The plot.

Iron Man - 1528

Iron Man - 1529

Iron Man - 1530

He’s got a Jarvis in here too?

Iron Man - 1531

Iron Man - 1532


I don’t think that counts as a tally ho…?

Gwyneth, or…?

Iron Man - 1533

Iron Man - 1534

Iron Man - 1535

Iron Man - 1536


Roxxan? Do THEY have to put on the red light?

Those days are over.

Iron Man - 1537

Iron Man - 1538

Iron Man - 1539

Iron Man - 1540

Yeah, fuck you and your Mazda!

(I have no idea what kind of car that is.)

Iron Man - 1541

Oh, an Audi. Big fucking surprise.


Of course this one car that figures into the action is an Audi.

Iron Man - 1542

Iron Man - 1543

Iron Man - 1544

“Collateral damage, Tony.”

So they built microphones into these things? They can broadcast?


I wonder if they could auto-tune. Cause that would be SICK. If he was talking and it sounded like T Pain.

Iron Man - 1545

Damn, bitch, why you have so many kids?


Probably a playdate.

At 9 o’clock? They all look like hers.


I’d also like to say, if you’re a mom who drives an Audi Q7, I don’t think we have ONE thing to talk about.

“So… you married? … is it a happy marriage?”

Iron Man - 1546

Iron Man - 1547

Iron Man - 1548

I like using people to hit other people with.

Iron Man - 1549

Iron Man - 1550

Iron Man - 1551

Can’t you see this coming? Drop the car on him.

Iron Man - 1552

Iron Man - 1553

Iron Man - 1554

I want to shoot people with my chest glow.

Iron Man - 1555

Iron Man - 1556

Iron Man - 1557

Is that physically possible, even with the suit?

Iron Man - 1558

Iron Man - 1559

19% power.

All of us with smart phones know all about this.


Mike was late to the smart phone game. Had that baller slider. Slide phones are the shit.

I hate that I even have a smart phone now. I originally had an old flip phone in like, 2001. And then in like, 2005, I got a brick Nokia phone, which was the shit. I loved that phone. And eventually around college, I upgraded to the slide phone. Didn’t care about iPhones, didn’t need them. I ended up finally getting one… I wanna say… Christmas 2012. And only because it was free. They practically begged me to get one. I’ve had two different iPhones now and have paid a total of $1 for both of them. Still don’t want it. But now I have to have it for work.

I used to be the best at T9 texting, too.

Iron Man - 1560

Iron Man - 1561

Damn it, woman, he’s trying to help you.


This is what Q7-driving moms do. 

Iron Man - 1562

Iron Man - 1563

Iron Man - 1564

Iron Man - 1565

He has fingernails?


I think his whole body is just one big fingernail at this point.


Iron Man - 1566

Iron Man - 1567

Iron Man - 1568


Hey, that’s nice ground clearance on that Aud– hey WAIT A MINUTE, WAS THIS PRODUCT PLACEMENT?

Just gotta shove that Au-dick in our ass a little bit more.

Iron Man - 1569

Nice. Howard Stark has a memorial park next to a freeway where I’m sure people die in auto-related deaths.

Iron Man - 1570

Iron Man - 1571


Oh, it wan’t Roxxan, it was Roxxon. And I’m seeing here that it’s the Marvel universe’s oil company. I like that they put that in knowing almost nobody would catch it. The truck and the building.

Iron Man - 1572

Iron Man - 1573

This is how the Monstars scored all their points.

Iron Man - 1574

Iron Man - 1575

Iron Man - 1576

Yeah, steal that Faggio.

Iron Man - 1577

Iron Man - 1578


He just got hit in the face with a motorcycle.

Iron Man - 1579

Iron Man - 1580


Pow, right in the Ford Taurus.

Is it me or does that bus look like it has Spider-Man font?

Iron Man - 1581

Of course we show the people running away. God forbid there are casualties.

Iron Man - 1582

He also just got punted into a bus.

Iron Man - 1583

Iron Man - 1584

Iron Man - 1585

Iron Man - 1586

This is just a good old fashioned ass whoopin’.

Iron Man - 1587


Hydrogen powered buses are dumb. 

If that bus is hydrogen powered, and they’re smashing into it, shouldn’t it be exploding at some point?

I haven’t done chemistry since high school, but hydrogen does explode, I do remember that much. Also, bombs.

Iron Man - 1588

Iron Man - 1589

More of people getting thrown through things.

Iron Man - 1590

Iron Man - 1591

Where did that come out of?

Iron Man - 1592


And a shoulder missile. I like this suit. It’s older and bigger. Sorta like how Bridges wears the scarf with the tux but Downey Jr. wouldn’t pull it off as well.

Iron Man - 1593

Iron Man - 1594

There’s the explosion.

Iron Man - 1595

Where are we? Presumably this is the 5 or the 405, right? That means his factory is somewhere in Santa Monica or down toward the airport?

Iron Man - 1596

Iron Man - 1597

This looks like fun.

Iron Man - 1598

Iron Man - 1599

He’s flying toward the camera like that door in the Matrix lobby.

Iron Man - 1600

It’s funny how this explosion is one of the biggest setpieces in the movie.

Iron Man - 1601

Ta da!

Iron Man - 1602

“Impressive! You’ve upgraded your armor. I’ve made some upgrades of my own.”


How does he know the armor has been upgraded? This is the first time he’s met him. If he means between the Mark I and the Mark II, then…fucking duh.

Iron Man - 1603

Iron Man - 1604

♫ Fat guy with some rocket shoes… ♫

Iron Man - 1605

“Oh, I’m comin’, bitch. I’m a-comin’.”

Iron Man - 1606


We already saw that it can fly, it used the rockets to jump and punch him.

All the different cuts to him flying make it look like he’s so big he’s only going like two feet off the ground. Like cutting all around a fat guy running, and then you pull back to reveal he’s only gone like, four feet.

Iron Man - 1607

“Sir, it appears that his suit can fly.”

I like when people say obvious things.

Except when they’re annoying. (See: Jarvis vs. Willie Scott.)

“Duly noted. Take me to maximum altitude.”

Iron Man - 1608

“Sir, with 15% power the odds of reaching that altitude are—”

“I know the math, do it!”

Does he, because…

Iron Man - 1609

Iron Man - 1610

Iron Man - 1611

Iron Man - 1612

Iron Man - 1613

Seriously, her only purpose in this movie.


Stop looking up, children.

Iron Man - 1614

He’s letting off Cape Canaveral type smoke there.

(Note: I don’t know if I’ve ever said this, but it amuses me, but I’ll say it anyway. I’ve noticed, especially in these past two franchises, that when I go back to riff on the articles, even after having written all my comments months earlier, whenever I see screenshots, I go to make a comment, and then scroll down to write it, only to find that I’ve already said it. It’s happened at least five times in this film already. I just went to add, “Man, that’s a lot of emissions on that suit there, Obadiah.” And then saw I already wrote the Cape Canaveral thing. Which I like, that my brain will eventually make the joke.)

Iron Man - 1615

Iron Man - 1616

Iron Man - 1617

Oh, good, you assholes are back.

Iron Man - 1618

Iron Man - 1619


Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, that’s James Earl Jones’ shot. You don’t just steal a shot from Hunt for Red October and pretend we won’t know.

Some things don’t react well to… black people?

Iron Man - 1620

“Not necessary people, just a training exercise.”

Yeah… you can be thrown in Guantanamo for that.

Why would you listen to him? He could be a Red.


Also, why would he trust Tony all of a sudden? His whole thing has been how war is for the military to fight, and now he’s entrusting the safety of however many thousands of civilians in that area to Tony, without jumping it at all. Questionable.

Is this how you liaise?

Iron Man - 1621

Iron Man - 1622


Iron Man - 1623

Iron Man - 1624

Iron Man - 1625

Really helping that smog problem there.

Also, I’ve been in LA for just about four years now… still no idea what smog is. Don’t know what it is, what it does… at this point, you say smog, I think Grimer before I think anything else.


Things have gotten better since the 70s. Since they took care of the Weezing Gang.

Oh yeah. Never thought about that. I’ve been to Lancaster Weezing Memorial Park so many times.

Iron Man - 1626

Iron Man - 1627

Jarvis says 13% power. The helmet says 12. Who do we listen to?

Iron Man - 1628

Iron Man - 1629


Iron Man - 1630

Iron Man - 1631

Iron Man - 1632

Iron Man - 1633

Iron Man - 1634

Looks a bit like General Grievous, doesn’t he?

(Note: Was about to write that again for the previous shot.)


Evil people have harsh features. Pointy cheekbones. I think they both look like Jafar. Which…how many villains and bad guys throughout history do you think have been indirectly influenced by Conrad Veidt? Probably a lot, which is cool.

Iron Man - 1635

What if Iron Man had eyebrows?

Iron Man - 1636

7%? Where’d that last 4% go?

“Leave it on the screen. Stop telling me!”

Really? You told him to keep you updated a minute ago.

Also, “Never tell me the odds!”

Iron Man - 1637

Iron Man - 1638

Iron Man - 1639

Does no one notice this?

I mean, yes, they do, based on the ending, but did Terrence Howard hanging up that phone stop all potential air problems for this fight?

Iron Man - 1640

Why are you following him? Shouldn’t you be aware that he’s using some sort of lesser power source? Why not just wait for him to fall or come down? You have the complete upper hand here. How are they gonna arrest you in that anyway?

Villains fall victim to bloodlust far too much.


I think it’s also the idea that his suit is just better, so why not? And who knows, maybe Tony goes up there and flies somewhere else. I’m following him for different reasons. I like to keep things close in case they get away.

Iron Man - 1641

Iron Man - 1642

Iron Man - 1643

“Great idea, Tony, but my suit is more advanced in every way.”

Really? How so? What kind of scientists you got working that are smarter than Tony Stark?

Iron Man - 1644

“How’d you solve the icing problem?”

Iron Man - 1645

Iron Man - 1646

Iron Man - 1647

Iron Man - 1648

How’d you not notice the icing problem until now?


Ice ice baby.

Iron Man - 1649

Iron Man - 1650

Iron Man - 1651

“Might want to look into it.”

How can he look into it… if he’s DEAD?!

Iron Man - 1652

Iron Man - 1653

Iron Man - 1654

So… if his suit is more advanced in every way… shouldn’t that thing start up no problem half the way down? You know, like Tony’s did? On a lesser power source?

Iron Man - 1655

Waxing gibbous!

Iron Man - 1656

Also… he probably lands in somebody’s yard.


I guess, depending on how heavily armored that thing is…he’ll reach terminal velocity and hit the ground, and as long as that’s okay, he’s cool. And with flaps, his terminal velocity is probably less than 100 mph. As long as he can withstand that, no problem. I’d design that into the suit first.

Iron Man - 1657

Iron Man - 1658

Iron Man - 1659

Iron Man - 1660

Emergency backup power.

Which is, what? His heart?


Firefighters trust Duracell.

Iron Man - 1661

Iron Man - 1662


You fucked up in public.

Iron Man - 1663

Iron Man - 1664

Iron Man - 1665

Iron Man - 1666


Iron Man - 1667


Iron Man - 1668

Iron Man - 1669

Iron Man - 1670

Iron Man - 1671

That actually makes sense. He should be alive.

Iron Man - 1672

Iron Man - 1673

Iron Man - 1674


Iron Man - 1675

Iron Man - 1676

Iron Man - 1677

Iron Man - 1678

Iron Man - 1679

Iron Man - 1680

I like our hero mostly getting his ass kicked and winning in the end due to intelligence and craftin… wait, this is Indiana Jones all over again!

Iron Man - 1681

Iron Man - 1682

Iron Man - 1683

Falcon PUNCH!

Iron Man - 1684

Iron Buttsex!

Iron Man - 1685

Iron Man - 1686

Iron Man - 1687

Iron Karma Sutra!

Iron Man - 1688

Iron Man - 1689

Iron Man - 1690

Iron Man - 1691

Iron Man - 1692

Iron Man - 1693

Iron Man - 1694

Iron Man - 1695

Iron Man - 1696


I need someone to give me a bear hug like that and crack my back up nice. I got hit by a car like 11 years ago and I still haven’t really stopped cracking all the time. And all you people telling me the answer is yoga…I hope you choke on whatever smoothie you made with kale this morning in your juicer.

I bet I could link to an article on Goop about this exact scenario right now.

Iron Man - 1697

Iron Man - 1698

Iron Man - 1699

You may have blinded the basilisk, but it can still hear you.

Iron Man - 1700

Iron Man - 1701

You can hotbox the shit out of that suit.

Iron Man - 1702

Iron Man - 1703

Pepper has to overload the reactor and blast the roof.

God, I forgot how shitty this ending is.

Actually, come to think of it, this movie loses steam after he becomes Iron Man. He’s much better when he’s an asshole.


So she’s gonna blow something up, which is clearly the climax. We’re talking about overloading stuff and clearing the roof. They really set you up for this stuff, huh?

Iron Man - 1704

Yeah, that’s the look of a capable person.

Iron Man - 1705


Iron Man - 1706

That’s a lot of glass.

Iron Man - 1707

Iron Man - 1708

Iron Man - 1709

Crazy how many reactors just have kill switches built in.

Iron Man - 1710

HA HA. Bitch be trippin’.

Iron Man - 1711

Anyone wearing a bluetooth in an action sequence should be killed.


I was just about to say. Bluetooth people…what?

Iron Man - 1712

Shouldn’t you be buying time by hiding? It’s not like he’s gonna notice you’re overloading the reactor. I thought you were gonna get clear of the roof.

Iron Man - 1713

Iron Man - 1714

Like the color distortion.

Iron Man - 1715

Iron Man - 1716


Weak point located? I don’t like that level of analysis. That’s for him to decide. He sees some wires, rips them out.

Iron Man - 1717

Iron Man - 1718

Aren’t you on auxiliary power?

Iron Man - 1719

Just like Simon de Bolivar.

Iron Man - 1720

Iron Man - 1721

Iron Man - 1722

Iron Man - 1723

Iron Man - 1724

Iron Man - 1725

What if an entire movie were done just inside that headset?

Like Doom. Why haven’t they truly attempted a POV Doom movie yet?


There’s a porno version. I assume.

Iron Man - 1726

Iron Man - 1727

Iron Man - 1728

Iron Man - 1729

Iron Man - 1730

Yeah, that seems like a smart thing to build over a reactor.

Iron Man - 1731

Iron Man - 1732

Crazy how easy this thing is to operate.

Iron Man - 1733


There it is. That Hulk cum green.

Iron Man - 1734

Iron Man - 1735

Technically they beat Avatar to this.

Iron Man - 1736

“I never had a taste for this sort of thing.”


Also, the only reason this is happening is so we can see him die.


Not a bad way to get the suits open and for us to see some fucking faces before the fight’s done. I appreciate that. I want to see the faces we came to see and hear the voices we came to hear. It lends a vulnerability to them, too.

Iron Man - 1737

Iron Man - 1738

“You finally outdid yourself, Tony. Made your father proud.”

You said that like he has daddy issues. You’re the only one pushing the father angle.

Iron Man - 1739

Iron Man - 1740

Iron Man - 1741

Iron Man - 1742

No way that glass hasn’t broken. Remember, this thing went through his fucking DRIVEWAY an hour ago.

Iron Man - 1743

Iron Man - 1744

That seems dangerous.

Iron Man - 1745

Iron Man - 1746

Iron Man - 1747

Iron Man - 1748

Iron Man - 1749

Iron Man - 1750

Iron Man - 1751

Glass falling is great.

Iron Man - 1752

Iron Man - 1753

Iron Man - 1754

Yeah, she’d probably have gotten Suspiria’d there.


It’s great how there are like 12 different things that COULD mean, given the context. What a movie.

Iron Man - 1755

My shitting pose.

Iron Man - 1756

Iron Man - 1757

Iron Man - 1758

Why not just shoot him in the face?

Are you getting extra points for shooting all the glass?


He has no targeting. He’s trying to hit him.

Iron Man - 1759

Iron Man - 1760

This looks like the usual shitty Marvel effects.

Iron Man - 1761


More children, looking up.

Iron Man - 1762

This looks cool. I hope they built this. They probably didn’t, but it looks cool nonetheless.

“How ironic, Tony. Trying to rid the world of weapons, you gave it its best one ever.”

Iron Man - 1763

“And now I’m gonna kill you with it.”

Short, sweet. To the point.


At this point, how does Jeff Bridges expect to get away with this, let alone sell this technology to the US government?

Iron Man - 1764

“Time to hit the button!”

Iron Man - 1765

This face.

Iron Man - 1766

“You told me not to!”



Well, now I’m telling you to do that thing I said not to do. You know how orders are superseded by new orders?

Iron Man - 1767

“You ripped out my targeting system… hold still you little prick.”

The second half of that line made the first one acceptable.


It’s always fun when people have to shoot without computers. We’ll always have that nostalgia for the old ways of doing things by hand. Mark my words, when your grandkid stumbles out of the orgasmatron, you’ll be lecturing him about those old days when you used to Power Stroke it. I mean, choke Deagol. You know what I mean.

Iron Man - 1768

Iron Man - 1769

All right, he ripped out your targeting system, but you can’t be THAT bad, can you?


He’s using the suit for the first time, and it’s a minigun. Miniguns can be a handful.

Iron Man - 1770


Iron Man - 1771


Iron Man - 1772

Iron Man - 1773

Iron Man - 1774

Iron Man - 1775

He says, “Just do it!” She says, “You’ll die!” Meanwhile, he’s about to be shot in the face with a rocket.

Women… amirite?


“You’ll die!” Shut your face hole.

Iron Man - 1776


Weird that they keep saying that.


He has power. He can just drop down and use his thrusters to not mess up the reactor and get out of the way simultaneously.

And fly her out of there because the glass on the doors is already gone.

Iron Man - 1777

Iron Man - 1778

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I can take down any nuclear power plant in minutes by myself if I ever need to.


The Chino Syndrome?

Iron Man - 1779

Hey, you guys remember Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Iron Man - 1780

Yeah, okay.

Iron Man - 1781

Iron Man - 1782

Yup, she’s dead.

Iron Man - 1783


That looks like when Pikachu got overcharged and zapped Brock’s Onix. Which still doesn’t work, but anime don’t follow rules.

Iron Man - 1784

Iron Man - 1785

Iron Man - 1786

Iron Man - 1787

And he’s dead.

And probably a bunch of janitors and custodial staff as well.

Iron Man - 1788

Iron Man - 1789

Iron Man - 1790

You guys remember cumming for the first time?

Iron Man - 1791

Wow… that’s… actually how he goes out in Tron.

Iron Man - 1792

Iron Man - 1793

Iron Man - 1794

Wow, they really like beams of light going up into space, don’t they?

Iron Man - 1795


….the Ark of the Covenant? No, wait, Minas Morgul?

Iron Man - 1796

Iron Man - 1797

Notice… traffic is still moving on that highway.

Iron Man - 1798

Iron Man - 1799

Iron Man - 1800

He’s not dead.

Iron Man - 1801

Iron Man - 1802

Iron Man - 1803

Iron Man - 1804

Iron Man - 1805

Iron Man - 1806

Iron Man - 1807

Iron Man - 1808

Iron Man - 1809

Iron Man - 1810

Okay, now maybe he’s dead.


He just got Palpatined into the core.

Iron Man - 1811

Iron Man - 1812

Iron Man - 1813

Iron Man - 1814

Iron Man - 1815

Still don’t get how he lived.

Iron Man - 1816

How’s Pepper not dead either?


That’s a pretty small explosion for a reactor, no?

Iron Man - 1817

The Dark Knight - 65

Iron Man - 1818

Iron Man - 1819


And I guess he doesn’t just die, like he was supposed to?

Iron Man - 1820

Iron Man - 1821

Iron Man - 1822

Iron Man - 1823

I thought that thing was preventing the shrapnel from moving closer to his heart, not actually keeping him alive.


Also, this little core looks spent. The new one just got incinerated in that blast, so I guess we’re to believe that this one either came back online fully or he makes another one in a race for his life like OVERNIGHT?

Iron Man - 1824


Another training exercise? Seriously, this is the only guy who does press conferences for the entire US military.

This is liaising, though, right?

Iron Man - 1825

“Iron Man, that’s kind of catchy. It’s got a nice ring to it. I mean, it’s not technically accurate. You see, it’s a gold titanium alloy. But, it’s kind of evocative imagery.”


I do like that the newspaper gave him the name. Leave writing to the writers.

Iron Man - 1826

“Here’s your alibi.”

Iron Man - 1827

“You were on your yacht. We have four papers that put you in Avalon all night, and sworn statements from 50 of your guests.”

Why 50? It would be more realistic if it was 33.


So they bought off 50 people? That’s 50 loose ends right there. Unless those people are all agents or whatever. But that doesn’t make sense. And it becomes a question of who they’re trying to convince. As long as Samuel L. Jackson can call off the courts and investigators, it’s cool either way.

Iron Man - 1828

“See, I was thinking we should just say it was Pepper and me.”


Iron Man - 1829

Iron Man - 1830

Iron Man - 1831

“Just read it word for word.”

“There’s nothing about Stane here.”

(He said, glancing at the cards as he flipped through them with barely enough time to even process the words.)

“That’s being handled. He’s on vacation. Small aircrafts have such a poor safety record.”

Iron Man - 1832

“What about the whole cover story – it’s a bodyguard? He’s my bodyguard? I mean, that’s kinda flimsy, don’t you think?”

That was the original cover story in the comics.

“This isn’t my first rodeo, Mr. Stark. Just stick to the official statement and soon this will all be behind you.”


Yeah, you know this is a lame story and that he has to tell the truth right here.

Also, I’m like 99 percent sure that the plane in the picture next to them is a Maxim Gorky photoshopped into a US parade photo. The Maxim Gorky was a Soviet plane from the 1930s. Look it up, it was seriously cool, with its own radio station and movie theater. And I don’t know why I can’t find any confirmation of this online. I can’t be the first person to notice this. Even if it isn’t that plane, you should still look up that plane. I’ve been fascinated by it since I was tiny.

Iron Man - 1833

“Oh, Agent Coulson, I just wanted to say thank you.”

For allowing this scene to continue so we can get the nerd payoff.

Iron Man - 1834

“That’s what we do. You’ll be hearing from us.”

“From the Strategic Homeland…”

“Just call us S.H.I.E.L.D.”


So we meet S.H.I.E.L.D. and from this moment on, we’ll wish we hadn’t.

Iron Man - 1835

Yup. That face.


I don’t think that’s an American plane, but it’s definitely in that American picture. Weird.

Iron Man - 1836

“You know, it’s not that bad. Even I don’t think I’m Iron Man.”

Iron Man - 1837

“You’re not Iron Man.”

“I am so.”

Iron Man - 1838

“You know, if I were Iron Man, I’d have this girlfriend who knew my true identity. She’d be a wreck. She’d be always worrying that I was gonna die, yet so proud of the man I’d become. She’d be wildly conflicted, which would only make her more crazy about me. Tell me you don’t think about that night.”


How nice, that they’re making light of the comic book conventions going on here.

I like that, in a way, he says he’s Iron Man purely out of spite.

Iron Man - 1839

“What night?”

Iron Man - 1840

“You know?”

Iron Man - 1841

The night he fucked you in the ass in the alley behind the all-night Denny’s in Koreatown?

Iron Man - 1842

“Are you talking about the night that we danced, and went up on the roof, and then you went downstairs to get me a drink and left me there by myself? Is that the night you’re talking about?”

Iron Man - 1843

Iron Man - 1844

“Thought so.”


Ooops. Sometimes, she’s just this side of Aniston, and at other times, she gives our hero shit for being an asshole. Which is necessary.

Iron Man - 1845

“And now that my meaningless rambling is out of the way…”

Iron Man - 1846

He’s prepared a statement and will not be taking any questions.

Yup. Sounds exactly like Tony.


And there’s Heigl in the front row. Cause Vanity Fair rates a front-row seat at this event.

She bangs the right people, apparently.

Iron Man - 1847

“Uhh… it’s been a while I’ve been in front of you. I think I’ll stick to the cards this time.”

You know…. Fair enough. Good save.

Iron Man - 1848

“There’s been speculation that I was involved in the events that occurred on the freeway and the rooftop…”

Iron Man - 1849

“Do you honestly expect us to believe that that was a bodyguard in a suit that conveniently appeared despite the fact that…”


Heigl just happens to be in the front row (I attend press conferences regularly, and Vanity Fair isn’t getting front row unless they show up really early) in a revealing outfit that’s a different color from everyone else’s. Look again at the image of the whole presser. She’s the only one in a lighter color.

Iron Man - 1850

“I know that it’s confusing.”


“It is one thing to question the official story and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that I’m a superhero.”

Iron Man - 1851

“I never said that you were a superhero.”


That’s the same Asian guy who was spacing out at the last press conference.

He’s just wondering if he’s gonna make another Birdman.

Iron Man - 1852

“You didn’t?”

Iron Man - 1853

“Well good, because that would be outlandish, and uhh… fantastic.”

Iron Man - 1854


They fucked.

Iron Man - 1855

“I’m just not the hero type. Clearly.”

Iron Man - 1856

“With this laundry list of character defects, all the mistakes I’ve made. In public.”

Iron Man - 1857

Iron Man - 1858

Iron Man - 1859

Iron Man - 1860

“The truth is…”

Iron Man - 1861

Iron Man - 1862

Iron Man - 1863


“The truth is…you need to get yourself checked out.”

Iron Man - 1864

“I am Iron Man.”


He wants to be the hero, which is why he’s such a good hero. I hate Superman, with all his emotional bullshit and his emo lair or solitude. I think we all know that the single greatest superpower is being rich. Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, done.

Iron Man - 1865

Iron Man - 1866

All the extras were told this was a dream sequence so that way it wasn’t spoiled for audiences.

She’s so disappointed. She could still be hitting that.

Iron Man - 1867


Hell of an ending. I think we all stood up and applauded that one.


Not a bad way to go out. And that’s why the rest of these movies fail where this one succeeded. I’ll always have my little complaints, but this is the only one I’ve seen so far that really got me into it.

Iron Man - 1868

Iron Man - 1869

Iron Man - 1870

Oh, but wait… we ain’t done. This shit is Marvel.


Are we doing the post-credits bit, too? I’m gonna watch the credits and find out who the chain hanger was, cause that guy or gal was on point.

Iron Man - 1871

“I am Iron Man.”


Jarvis is all mickey-slipped.

Iron Man - 1872

“You think you’re the only superhero in the world?”


Samuel L. Jackson! I’m thrilled it’s him, but only in that naïve way you were thrilled when you saw Mace Windu. Even watching the movies, you can enjoy him and his character, but it’s hard to be happy about Samuel being a part of this franchise the same way it kinda sucks he was such a big character in the Star Wars prequels. I love him, I don’t love the movies he was a part of.

Iron Man - 1873

“Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.”


As if anyone hadn’t already gotten who he was by the voice. If you don’t recognize that voice, you should give up now.

And this line, right there, is what ruined all future movies this studio would make.


A bigger universe. It’s not that Stark doesn’t know. It’s that we didn’t know. And I’m not thrilled about it.

Iron Man - 1874

“Who the hell are you?”

Iron Man - 1875

“Nick Fury. Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Iron Man - 1876


Iron Man - 1877

“I’m here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative.”


The Avenger Initiative. Great. So we can all wet our pants when that movie comes along.

Still gotta get more milk bottles full of urine.

– – – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow we go over our favorite images from the film.

(See the rest of the Fun with Franchises articles here.)

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