Fun with Franchises: The Marvel Universe – Iron Man 2 (2010), Part I — “He Shouldn’t Have to Be Doing Any Large Scale Smithy Work”

We continue with another entry in our Fun with Franchises series. This week’s film is Iron Man 2.

Fun with Franchises is a series born out of my friend Colin and I realizing how much fun it was for the two of us to watch the same movie separately and then share our reactions. We started by watching all of the James Bond movies, for the purposes of ranking them for the blog. I brought him in because he was much more of a Bond expert than I was at the time, and I felt his perspective would liven things up. He would be the color commentator to my play-by-play man.

We soon discovered that, by watching the movies separately and then putting everything we said together in the same place, hilarity ensued. We each brought in our own observations, not knowing what the other would say, and then reacted to what the other said. And we loved every minute of it.

We had so much fun, we figured we had to do it again. So we graduated from a single franchise, to all franchises. If you’re gonna have fun with franchises, it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t franchise it. Season 1 included the Harry Potter movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Twilight (which neither of us had seen before we watched them for the articles) and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of those articles can be read on the Fun with Franchises page.

Also, just so we’re clear, this is all for parody. We’re just messing with them because we love them. (Well… Twilight…) We’re watching movies we enjoy and are simply having some fun with them.

Right now, we’re doing the Marvel Universe, and today is the first part of Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 2 - Title Card


Mmkay. Hulk is done, and we’re back to a franchise that I can be at least sort of on board with. At least the character is mostly a saving grace. Oh, but he has issues in this one and isn’t fun dickish. Just regular dickish. Right? Anyway, Iron Man 2, ladies and gentlemen.

They’re all technically part of the same franchise. Which is the fucked up part. Which is why I’m not buying that all of Marvel has made more money than any other legitimate franchise.

Marvel Logo - Iron Man


Why did I think that there were more movies between the first and second movies? Were they really that surprised by the first film’s success that they immediately greenlit the sequel and got started on developing other stuff that would take longer to finish?

I think it was more, they were planning on doing all of this, but the immediate success of the first film necessitated this sequel come out sooner. It was more like — everyone bought into the whole thing with Iron Man. And Hulk was already in the can, so the most they could do there was sprinkle Iron Man and SHIELD references in parts that could still be edited. And then, as they developed everything else, they used this as more bait to further get everyone on the hook so that way they’d watch whatever bullshit they threw out.

Iron Man is the Wolverine of this franchise. It almost becomes sleight of hand. You’re watching Tony Stark, and they’re moving all this other bullshit behind the curtain. And now, look at what we’re all stuck with.

Though, actually, now that I’ve had time to think about it — also yes.

Iron Man 2 - 1

We begin by repeating the end of the last movie. Going back to the old Hollywood adage, “Hey, if it worked once, just do it again until they hate it.”


I think that’s Heigl doing the voiceover. I just assume voiceovers are done by Kristen Stewart, unless otherwise specified.

Cage does a lot of voiceovers, too. In the same tone as Kristen Stewart.

I think that tone is called “Ambien.”

Iron Man 2 - 2


Ah, Bali.


Iron Man 2 - 3


It’s great how movies still portray Russia as a permanently frozen wasteland. Winter is coming.

Iron Man 2 - 4

Wow, Russia has Iron Man on cable already? That’s pretty good. I figured they’d just be getting Titanic over there.


Nice TV, bro. Isn’t he supposed to be a technological genius? I guess he likes watching shitty news on an 11” screen. Also, this is LIVE?

Iron Man 2 - 5

They kinda took this route with Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Just saying.

Iron Man 2 - 6

I see Hobo in there.

Iron Man 2 - 7


Is he jerking off into the stairwell? Cause if so, that’s totally typecasting for Mickey Rourke.

Iron Man 2 - 8


Old people cough a lot. Stop that, old people.

Iron Man 2 - 9

Mickey Rourke.

Probably not the best choice of a villain.

Though I feel like we all loved it at the time.


The last time I saw Mickey Rourke cry was when his dog died.

Iron Man 2 - 10

I mean, the idea of Mickey Rourke as a nuclear physicist…

And that guy’s son.

I bet they’re only like six years apart in age.

What’s he playing here? 30?

Iron Man 2 - 11

Why are we starting with the villain?

Remember what we all loved about the first Iron Man?

Yeah… not the villain. We didn’t even fucking have a villain until over an hour into the movie.


But that’s cause they didn’t have to follow most rules and stuff. Now we know who the hero is, so instead of building him up for the first hour, we have to skip right to the threat. See why sequels suck?

But that’s the thing about Tony Stark. He is his own threat.

How much better would it be if, for the first 30-plus minutes, Tony Star was his own worst enemy, and then out of nowhere, fucking Mickey Rourke shows up on the racetrack and starts whipping the shit out of him with electric whips and almost kills him? You’re telling me THAT wouldn’t feel like a threat? And then you get the backstory of, “Oh, our fathers did this,” and so forth, and then Tony realizes all the shit about his dad that he didn’t know, and he has to overcome his own shit to deal with this guy.

There is a better way to tell this exact same story.

Iron Man 2 - 12

You can probably give him some vodka, too.

Iron Man 2 - 13


He just Yoda’ed Mickey Rourke so bad. You can’t just call someone over like that in your own home and fucking DIE. Why is he not in a hospital?

It’s Russia. This IS the hospital.

Iron Man 2 - 14



Still, I like that approach to death. Do we pour one out? HOW BOUT INTO MY MOUTH YEAHHH

Iron Man 2 - 15

Iron Man 2 - 16

Iron Man 2 - 17

So yeah. That happened.


Mickey Rourke, never make that sound aga—no, you did it twice why

Remember when this movie was about Tony Stark?

Iron Man 2 - 18

Why is this not happening later?

In fact, why is this happening at all?

The strange thing about it is – this is happening as he says he’s Iron Man. Which… somehow this is being broadcast live in Russia at that exact moment. Unlikely. So this is something that was happening of its own accord. The man’s father dies, and he’s got a blood vendetta against Tony Stark. This would have happened regardless. I’m guessing. It’s not a retaliation against Iron Man, is what I’m saying. The way the Joker was clearly a retaliation of Batman showing up. This is just a guy who hates Tony Stark and, oh, look at that, he manages to create electric whips or whatever he does. Now, I’m sure the form of the retribution took hold directly because of Iron Man (which I’m still fuzzy about, since he just found out he was Iron Man like, ten minutes ago while his father was dying). Was this in the cards regardless?


Probably. And they both miniaturize the arc reactor, which is not the sort of breakthrough one just MAKES. If this guy is good enough to do it, he should have done it a long time ago, because the ease with which he does it now makes you wonder why he’s been sitting around waiting for his father to die.

Also, dad’s dead, now let’s make a weapon to kill Tony Stark. Maybe, I don’t know… wait a minute? This is so cartoonish.

Iron Man 2 - 19

Iron Man 2 - 20


That blueprint is supposed to show how to make it? Cause it’s just a few geometric shapes. It’s less of a design blueprint and more of a patent application. There’s no depth to it, no 3D, nothing more than a few shapes.

Iron Man 2 - 21

Just in case you weren’t sure.

Iron Man 2 - 22

The idea being their fathers both worked on this thing, yet Howard Stark got all the credit.


Isn’t he supposed to be poor? How is he getting palladium for the arc reactor? You don’t just have palladium and an 11” TV. There is NOBODY who has both of those things.

I don’t know… it is Russia.

Iron Man 2 - 23

Driver’s license photo.

Iron Man 2 - 24

Now… once again… he has this stuff before Iron Man happens. So this is not really an act of escalation. This was going to happen at some point anyway, suit or no suit. Therefore, probably not the best angle to take for a SEQUEL. Unless it’s like, the fourth one. Because by that point, no one gives a fuck and it’s probably shitty anyway.


I do like the goggles. More people should weld like that.

Iron Man 2 - 25

Oh man, closeups of sparks. Just what I want to be seeing right now.

Iron Man 2 - 26

Look how obsessed he is. This is only driving my point home.


He’s going all John Nash with the pictures and push pins and all that. Did he buy an English copy of Forbes and one from Rolling Stone? Also, the one on the right is from after he became Iron Man, so are we to assume that somewhere in this montage of creating his own arc reactor, he went out and bought a newspaper so he could cut it out and put it up on the bulletin board and look at it? I never understood stuff like this. It’s all intentional, cause you know they have to make all these clippings specially for the film.

For those keeping score — palladium, 11” TV, and magazines.

Magazines in other languages. Nothing there is actually in Russian.


But for whatever reason, the people making the clippings never stop to think, “Gee, do you really suppose he’d pause his whole welding orgy to go out to the only newsstand in Moscow that sells English editions, buy a copy of a newspaper and bring it back to cut out for his weirdo bulletin board when he could just read it on the internet, which he has?” Cause, I mean, he’d PROBABLY do that, right?

I want a weirdo bulletin board.

Iron Man 2 - 27

Nothing sexier than welding on screen.


And then, for whatever reason, they show him reforging the goddamn Shards of Narsil even though he doesn’t have body armor like the first Iron Man suit did and shouldn’t have to be doing any large-scale smithy work.


Also, He Shouldn’t Have to Be Doing Any Large-Scale Smithy Work

Iron Man 2 - 28

Bread and butter.

Great going, Marvel. I’m joking about Russia being backwards, and you’re actually portraying it like it’s still the Soviet Union. All he’s eating is bread and butter. Seriously? Now borderline homeless people eat McDonalds.


I still need to find that episode of All That! with Amanda Bynes as a staff member at McDonalds in Red Square. It was like 1996, but they were still joking about how the Happy Meal toys were bars of soap, needles and thread. On a CHILDREN’S SHOW. But I can’t find the evidence, so maybe I dreamed it.

Iron Man 2 - 29

Iron Man 2 - 30

Villain with a cockatoo.

Iron Man 2 - 31

Nice how they’re writing articles about the thing keeping him alive and divulging technology. You’d think the government would want that shit a secret.


Now we have him with lots more newspaper clips, which makes me question his approach to making an evil weapon. Why does the bulletin board factor into this? I don’t think comic book people understand the way things work.

I’m actually interested in the no fog glass.

Iron Man 2 - 32

He has glasses. He’s not playing 30.

Why would you have reading glasses for welding?

Iron Man 2 - 33

Sure, give the bird vodka. I wonder if he’ll slur now.

Polly want a chaser?


Maybe if you didn’t feed your exotic bird liquor from a silver cup you would have had the money to cure your father.

Iron Man 2 - 34

No Stark at all so far.

This franchise, specifically this sequel, is targeted toward younger children. So if you brought a five year old to this movie, they’re gonna go, “Where the hell is Tony Stark, mom?”


Every time a newspaper clipping appears on the screen, my opinion of this movie falls. Just cut to the TV on in the background with banner headlines or something. That would accomplish the task of showing Stark’s awesomeness against this asshole drinking in the dark without making zero sense.

Iron Man 2 - 35

Iron Man 2 - 36

Iron Man 2 - 37

His dad’s dead. He’s got the blue shit.

Telling you, man. That’s what happens.

I think they just send you the blue shit when your parents die.

Maybe the blue shit is palladium.


I’m confused. Why did he have to pump that antifreeze stuff or whatever that slurry was into the arc reactor? Why do the lights go off as he does it? The lights didn’t go off when Tony turned his on. Only when he started using the suit.

I’d give this movie five stars if he was actually making the Mr. Freeze suit and went around making ice puns for the rest of the movie.

Iron Man 2 - 38

Iron Man 2 - 39

Five minutes of nonsense.

This could all have happened later.

Iron Man 2 - 40


Once again, we have a bad guy who has something similar to the hero’s power. Tim Roth, Mickey Rourke. At least they started the movie with it this time, instead of turning Tim Roth into a mini Godzilla.

His looks like a fucking headlight, though. There’s no way this carries enough power to really power whatever he’s making for that long.

Iron Man 2 - 41


Iron Man 2 - 42

Why is this not the first shot of the movie?

Iron Man 2 - 43

Also, notice the AC/DC motif going on.

Like when Matrix and Matrix Reloaded ended with Rage Against the Machine.

Kind of funny. The Matrix using Rage Against the Machine and Iron Man using AC/DC.

Iron Man 2 - 44

Iron Man 2 - 45


Why is he being dropped in when he could just fly there?

Good tune, though.

Because now he gets to tally ho out of an airplane.

Iron Man 2 - 46

Iron Man 2 - 47

Iron Man 2 - 48

Iron Man 2 - 49

Iron Man 2 - 50

That’s a nice touch. Hit by the firework. Amounts to nothing, but sure.

Iron Man 2 - 51

Iron Man 2 - 52

Iron Man 2 - 53

Iron Man 2 - 54

Iron Man 2 - 55

Remember when that went through his driveway six months ago?


I’m pretty sure that something of that weight hitting the stage at that speed would leave a crater.

Yeah, but if he landed in a crater, he’d either have to be on one knee and naked, or someone would have to be standing outside the crater measuring his power level.

Iron Man 2 - 56

Okay, slight rant time.

He’s at the Stark Expo. Which is fine. But, for some reason, what I thought (or remembered) this as being, was him flying down to show up at something like the MTV Movie Awards and presenting as Iron Man.

And now that I think about it – that would have been the better choice for this movie.

Because I feel, the better angle to have taken with this sequel is – now that the world knows he’s a superhero, he instantly becomes a celebrity. All the political shit with superheroes is still present, but since this is Tony Stark, that doesn’t matter to him. Even so, anyone who is publicly a superhero in the world today is automatically going to become a celebrity.

Within six months of him saying he’s Iron Man, that’s what happens. Everyone wants to interview him, everyone has his toys and posters, cheerleaders are dressing like him, there’s probably a porn parody that exists. That’s the world we live in. And of course the thing he’s gonna do is be presenting at the MTV Movie Awards. That’s the exact kind of stunt you’d expect them to pull. And it would have been a good rumination on the idea of superhero as celebrity, which would have been the first time anyone’s really done that.


One time, at the MTV Video Music Awards…

This conversation is over.

The idea being that now Tony told his secret identity to people, and already being a public figure, now he’s everywhere. Now everyone wants to know all about him. And he’s in the public eye, and also accruing political enemies.

There’s such an open road here for what celebrity can do to a superhero (because you know the media and the public can turn on him in a second. Vanko shows up, kills a few people, says it’s Stark’s fault. “Oh my god, all he wants is Stark. It’s Stark’s fault. Fuck Stark. We’ll give him Stark and this’ll end.” You know they would), and play that off of the usual superhero sequel stuff.

And here they take a simple revenge route and water it down and add too much CGI.

That’s Marvel, folks.


A sequel that’s trying to build on what was done in the first film should take whatever has changed (you know, based on this thing called an ‘arc’) and make that the starting focal point. They’ve almost sorta kinda done that by making the “change” the simple fact that there is now a suit out there that everyone wants. So the Hammer thing works in that regard. They covet what he’s got, they try to get their hands on it, it doesn’t work out, he has to mop up that issue. The revenge being the overarching plot is weak, though. And the blood toxicity.

Plus, the villain never amounts to anything, and Tony’s self-destructiveness never amounts to anything. (Why? Because SHIELD has a magical cure. And he creates a NEW FUCKING ELEMENT OUT OF NOWHERE.) So we’re left with a weak story that could have been told much better with some not major changes.

Iron Man 2 - 57

Also, why are there so many cheering people at an Expo? Has anyone considered that? Even if the public is crazy about him and wants to show up for it, why would they come out in this many numbers? Does Apple’s expo thing have this many people? And if so – WHY?!!!


I never understand people going out to stuff like this. “ZOMG TIM COOK IS UNVEILING THE APPLE WATCH!” Great. I’ll be at home watching movies and not buying that. Enjoy standing in a crowded room watching something I could watch on Youtube minutes later. Actually, something that I could watch on Meerkat LIVE with booze.

Though, to be fair, this is actually what Scientology gatherings are like.

Scientology and Apple are surprisingly similar. Cults that people give a lot of money over to that really don’t give a fuck about them.

Colin’ll like this analogy.

Iron Man 2 - 58

Now I’m thinking about Tony going too much down the celebrity rabbit hole and – Rocky III, essentially. Losing the Eye of the Tiger.

Iron Man 2 - 59


This is a wet dream for most of America. Weapons and cheerleaders.

Iron Man 2 - 60

Iron Man 2 - 61

They allowed solo cups at an expo.

Iron Man 2 - 62

They should have Flushing’d this movie down the toilet.


I’m just glad it’s not Hulk. This is worse than Iron Man, but so much better than that. Set blessings to ‘counted.’

Iron Man 2 - 63


(But actually, though. A weapon of mass destruction being cheered while the people in all the countries that hate us watch angrily.)

Iron Man 2 - 64

Note: I didn’t realize this when I watched the movie the first time, so my notes later on will contradict this, but isn’t it hilarious that Stark had his expo RIGHT next to Hammer Industries?

I mean, sure, this is where it was held the first time, but that’s fucking funny.

Iron Man 2 - 65

Iron Man 2 - 66

Iron Man 2 - 67

Iron Man 2 - 68


I’m the asshole at home watching this thing come off him and complaining about how they still haven’t made a microwave that’ll heat up lasagna evenly.

Iron Man 2 - 69

Iron Man 2 - 70

Iron Man 2 - 71

Iron Man 2 - 72

Iron Man 2 - 73


Look at that crease! How does your metal suit not wrinkle your silk suit? Also, notice that his arc reactor is not visible, and it should be connected to the suit to power it. He always had it connected in some way before, but there’s fabric between it and the suit, and I see no wires. At this point, they’re like, “Eh. He has a reactor, just accept it.” Like having a can of gasoline in the trunk of your car somehow powers the engine.

Iron Man 2 - 74

Iron Man 2 - 75


You know he slept with all of them. Hm? Stark or Downey? Yes.

Iron Man 2 - 76

It’s funny how he’s both celebrating and mocking his own image at the same time.

We’re six minutes into this movie and it’s already a huge misfire.

Iron Man 2 - 77

Iron Man 2 - 78

Sure, just repeat the pose.

Iron Man 2 - 79


That face. “Mm. Ass.”

Over-excited Asian guy, guy flipping him the finger, creepy old dude, and chick with no respect who put her drink on the stage.

“Oh, it’s good to be back.”

Yeah, see if you’ll be saying that in two hours.

Iron Man 2 - 80

“Did you miss me?”

“I missed you too.”

Iron Man 2 - 81

“Blow something up!”

“Blow something up? I already did that.”


I really appreciate that they put random shoutouts in this. You never hear hecklers or people yelling shit out like morons in movies. 

I’m DYING to put one of those in something. The one I’ve always had in my head is, some guy in a wheelchair is giving a speech, and everyone’s completely quiet, and says, “I stand before you today…” and some heckler in the audience just shouts, “YOU’RE CRIPPLED!” If I heard that shit, I’d die laughing.

Iron Man 2 - 82

“I’m not saying that the world is enjoying it’s longest period of uninterrupted peace in years because of me.”

Iron Man 2 - 83

“I’m not saying that from the ashes of captivity never has a greater phoenix metaphor been personified in human history.”

That line was a bit much.

Iron Man 2 - 84

“I’m not saying that Uncle Sam could kick on a lawn chair, sitting on a lawn chair, sipping ice tea, because I haven’t met anyone who’s man enough to go toe to toe with me on my best day.”

See? Escalation. This is exactly the kind of shit we should be seeing first.

Iron Man 2 - 85

Iron Man 2 - 86

“Please – it’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s not even about us. It’s about legacy. It’s about what we choose to leave behind for future generations.”


“Please. It’s not about me.” This guy is good. Fuck every other Marvel superhero character. They boring.

Iron Man 2 - 87

“And that’s why, for the next year, and for the first time since 1974, the best and brightest men and women of nations and corporations the world over will pool their resources, share their collective vision to leave behind a brighter future.”


I want to see the interim here of him going to Chechnya or wherever and fucking people up before people decided world peace was the right answer. Like the Clone Wars of the Iron Man franchise.

Iron Man 2 - 88

And now, here’s my dead dad to exposit some shit.

Iron Man 2 - 89

Dad is played by John Slattery.


John Slattery. And he’s actually kinda like Roger Sterling here, which is cool. I like him as an actor.

Iron Man 2 - 90

I don’t really care what dad says, because it’s meaningless.

Iron Man 2 - 91

I guess it’s clues about the element thing, but that’s horse shit anyway, so I care even less.

Iron Man 2 - 92

And this could be a great shot, if you gave a shit about the father thing. But you don’t.

Iron Man 2 - 93

Iron Man 2 - 94

I guess we need an obstacle for this movie. Because clearly it’s not gonna be the villain.


I wonder if that number is affected by booze. Is it like, the arc reactor stuff AND booze?

Iron Man 2 - 95

Iron Man 2 - 96

Iron Man 2 - 97

Olivia Munn. How nice.


Olivia Munn??? I forgot about her in this. We like Olivia Munn. She fine and she can act. It’s too bad people didn’t appreciate that talent as much til she played Sloan.

Iron Man 2 - 98

Iron Man 2 - 99


And now, a POV porno featuring Jon Favreau.

Iron Man 2 - 100

Iron Man 2 - 101

Iron Man 2 - 102

“I remember you.”

Iron Man 2 - 103


I hate that women think that hotness gives them the right to say shit like “call me” to a billionaire they don’t really know. But it kinda does.

Iron Man 2 - 104


Did they shoot this with Google Glass?

Iron Man 2 - 105

Iron Man 2 - 106

Iron Man 2 - 107

Not really sure what the point of this is. Favreau just trying shit out, I guess.

Iron Man 2 - 108

Larry King.

Just parade Stan as old people.

Iron Man 2 - 109

Iron Man 2 - 110

Iron Man 2 - 111

“Look what we’ve got here, the new model.”

Iron Man 2 - 112

“Hey look – product placement.”


Even with the model pun… jesus.


Ugh. Why do people like convertibles? They’re ugly. Which reminds me, a new Audi R8 just dropped (I’m writing this during the Geneva Motor Show) and Tony won’t be driving it cause Honda has product placement now, as far as I know. It has for a bit, anyway. He’ll probably still be in an Acura NSX.

Iron Man 2 - 113

Wait, that’s Kate Mara.

Kate Mara and Olivia Munn are both in this movie? Really?


WAIT, ZOE WAS IN THIS? I’m just noticing women from my favorite shows left and right. Kate Mara’s another I haven’t seen in too many places.

Iron Man 2 - 114

Iron Man 2 - 115

“What are you up to, later?”

Iron Man 2 - 116

“Serving subpoenas.”

Iron Man 2 - 117

Iron Man 2 - 118

“He doesn’t like to be handed things.”

“I have a peeve.”

He’s gotta appear before the senate.

Iron Man 2 - 119

“Can I see a badge?”

“He likes the badge.”

Iron Man 2 - 120

“You still like it?”

Iron Man 2 - 121



I enjoy characters with that little shame. I would love it if he still tried to fuck her. Oh, wait. He’s still with Gwyneth, right? So he’s got fine women throwing themselves at him and he doesn’t go for it, which is why this is fantasy.

He’s not with Gwyneth yet. He just doesn’t go for it because he now has shit to do.

Iron Man 2 - 122

So does she have to take the train home, or…?

Iron Man 2 - 123

“How far are we from D.C.?”

“D.C.? 250 miles.”

Iron Man 2 - 124

Iron Man 2 - 125

And one cut.


Really? I didn’t think it was fucking Des Moines, if that’s what you were worried about.

Iron Man 2 - 126


He’s flirting at a congressional hearing. But it’s with a redhead, so I’m less impressed.

Iron Man 2 - 127

“Mr. Stark, please!”

“Yes, dear?”

Where are all the black people?

Iron Man 2 - 128

“Can I have your attention?”


Do you think you deserve his attention?

Iron Man 2 - 129

“Do you or do you not possess a specialized weapon?”

That looks like Laurence Fishburne as Gandhi back there.

Iron Man 2 - 130

“I do not.”

“You do not.”

“I do not. Well, it depends on how you define the word weapon.”

Or, you can just say no and leave it at that.

Iron Man 2 - 131

“The Iron Man weapon.”

“My device does not fit that description.”


Congress sucks. We can all agree on that.

I thought it was a suit. Now it’s a device?

Iron Man 2 - 132

“How would you describe it?”

“I would describe it by defining it as what it is, senator.”


“It’s a high tech prosthesis.”

With weapons on it.

“It’s a weapon, Mr. Stark.”

Technically a pen is a weapon. Ain’t you guys seen The Bourne Identity. A weapon is a weapon if only you know how to use it. Give a knife to a polar bear and it won’t know what the fuck to do with it.

“Please, if your priority was actually the well-being of-”

“My priority is to get the Iron Man weapon turned over to the people of the United States of America.”

“Well, you can forget it.”

Iron Man 2 - 133

“I am Iron Man.”

He says that in every movie.

“The suit and I are one. To turn over the Iron Man suit would be to turn over myself, which is tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you’re in.”

Iron Man 2 - 134

“Look, I’m no expert–”

Iron Man 2 - 135

“In prostitution? Of course not, you’re a senator. Come on!”


He knows all about prostitutes. Some of his best friends are prostitutes.

He has a great relationship with the prostitutes.

Iron Man 2 - 136

Iron Man 2 - 137

Why does she shake him off? This is exactly what senate hearings need.

Iron Man 2 - 138

“I’m no expert in weapons. We have somebody here who is an expert in weapons. I would like to call Justin Hammer. Our current primary weapons contractor.”


How is Justin Hammer the number one weapons contractor for the US military? He’s not Lockheed or Boeing and Stark still probably outsells him even without weapons on the table. I’m unclear on how he can possibly be a competitor as such a limp dick.

I think the word “current” is the key. Stark was primary up until six months ago. So now his main competitor takes over. And Hammer talks a good game, so it makes sense why they’d go for him. Plus, it’s comic books. Law of characters.

Iron Man 2 - 139

Iron Man 2 - 140

“Let the record reflect that I observed Mr. Hammer entering the chamber, and I am wondering if and when any actual expert will be in attendance.”

Iron Man 2 - 141

Sam Rockwell, ladies and gentleman.


Does he not remind you of Dan?

I’d say his perception of himself and how he is seen by other people is definitely Dan-like.


The unaware nebbish?

Iron Man 2 - 142

“Absolutely. I’m no expert. I defer to you, Anthony. You’re the wonder boy.”

He was in Wonder Boys.


He calls him Anthony, and having known Italians, I can say on their behalf, “Fuck you.”

In general? No. The way he says it, yes.

Also, you have a great relationship with the Italians.

Iron Man 2 - 143

Ah, he’s bringing up his dad. I guess we are gonna have daddy issues in this one.

I guess I should state now that I saw this movie at midnight when it came out, and otherwise have not seen it since and remember next to nothing about it. So this is going to be interesting, as far as my reaction to it.

Iron Man 2 - 144

Great how they’re letting him wander around and do his monologue.

Iron Man 2 - 145

I have no idea why Gary Shandling is in this movie. I have no problem with it whatsoever. But I still have no idea.

Iron Man 2 - 146

Tony’s created a sword. And insists it’s a shield.

He created a suit. Pretty sure by definition a suit is more of a shield than a sword.

Unless we’re talking The Tuxedo, that shitty Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt movie. That was a weapon, right? I have no idea, I never saw it.


Jackie Chan should have stopped making movies in 2000. He’s like the Asian Eddie Murphy.

Iron Man 2 - 147

“I’d love to be comforted, Anthony. I’d love to leave my door unlocked when I leave the house. But this ain’t Canada.”

Why not? I love that Canadians do that.


This is NOT Canada. He says that with pride, as though a dismal crime rate was something to brag about.

And universal healthcare.

Iron Man 2 - 148

“We live in a world…”

That has walls? And those walls are defended by men with guns?

Oh, he says he won’t be able to see all the threats before they happen.


Aw, Judi.

Like the villain in this movie.

Which is foreshadowing because he’s bankrolling that villain.


Not yet.

Not direct foreshadowing, just… movie foreshadowing.

But it’s also really vague. And given how this movie plays, you could very easily make that mistake.

Iron Man 2 - 149

“God bless Iron Man, God bless America.”



“Watch me turn this shit around.”

Iron Man 2 - 150

Now they’re calling Rhodey.

Iron Man 2 - 151

Iron Man 2 - 152

Hey kids, it’s Don Cheadle and not Terrence Howard. Partly owing to them not paying him enough, partly to his awful, monotone performance, and partly because Terrence Howard is supposedly not a very nice person to work with.

It’s just like Katie Holmes turning into Maggie Gyllenhaal and no one saying anything.

Although Rhodey doesn’t get Maggie’d in this one.

Iron Man 2 - 153

“Hey, buddy.”

I will say – kudos to them for dealing with it head-on and also believable enough to be an in-joke and in-story.

Iron Man 2 - 154

“I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Look, it’s me, I’m here, deal with it. Let’s move on.”


I love how they make it about the switch from Howard to Cheadle. “It’s me, get over it.” Good work.

I hope he knows how to liaise.

Iron Man 2 - 155


And that’s it.

Iron Man 2 - 156


It’s really sad that when I move back to the US, C-Span is probably the only channel on an actual television that I would still watch. Everything else sucks or is online. If you have the stomach to watch C-Span for more than 5 minutes while something is going on, you’re almost guaranteed to see something ridiculous happen live.

This is why I don’t have cable. My father asks me all the time, “What do you do without cable?” And I’m like, “The only thing I ever watched on cable was TCM and football.” That’s it. And awards shows during Oscar season. Why the fuck would I pay for cable if I’m not gonna watch shit most of the time? Plus, I think I’m lazy as shit now and am not as productive as I can be. What is that gonna be like if I had TV?

Iron Man 2 - 157

Is that Bob Gunton cameraman in the middle? And Scott Bakula cameraman on the left?

Also, great face on John Cho senator.

Iron Man 2 - 158

He’s having him read specific selections from his report. Which is like that moment in the trial movie where they focus on one part of the testimony designed to make the opposite case as the evidence clearly suggests.


This is what’s wrong with these tribunals. They get to look at the evidence, select exactly what they want to hear in front of the public and then use that testimony to get away with what they want. There’s a reason why criminal prosecutors aren’t also allowed to sentence criminals.

Iron Man 2 - 159

He’s a dick. Basically.

Iron Man 2 - 160

The skinny on this is… he’s a threat. But he did go on to say the benefits far outweigh the liabilities.

Iron Man 2 - 161

“I’m not a joiner, but I’ll consider Secretary of Defense, if you ask nice. If they can amend the hours a little bit.”

Iron Man 2 - 162


I’m that guy. “Is that water for me? I’m gonna have some of that.” Anything to give you an excuse to not speak for a few seconds during an awkward encounter.

Is this how you liaise?

Iron Man 2 - 163

And now they’re gonna show images.

Which are classified and they’re doing for no reason.

Iron Man 2 - 164

Strange how no one from the government says anything about this.

Iron Man 2 - 165

They’re making copies of his suit.

Iron Man 2 - 166

And he’s stealing the pictures.

Iron Man 2 - 167

I hope he’s hacking them, too.


It’d be so great to be able to hack shit wirelessly and in real time. Rick Roll Times Square and stuff.

Iron Man 2 - 168

Iron Man 2 - 169

Iron Man 2 - 170

There we go.

“Time for a little transparency. Let’s see what’s really going on.”

Iron Man 2 - 171

Iron Man 2 - 172

Iron Man 2 - 173


He’s in full view hacking the federal government. Which I’m sure isn’t illegal at all.

What does that say, if he can do that? About him and about them?

Iron Man 2 - 174

Iron Man 2 - 175

It’s North Korea.

… and we already know how this is going to turn out.

Iron Man 2 - 176

Iron Man 2 - 177

Iron Man 2 - 178

Iron Man 2 - 179


Hah. North Korea making something other than threats is a novel idea.

Iron Man 2 - 180

Iron Man 2 - 181

Iron Man 2 - 182

Senator Beckman looks like he doesn’t know where he is.



Iran? Iran is the other one? I don’t really get that, other than them being a member of the “Axis of Evil”…they don’t seem like the type to do conventional weaponry.

Iron Man 2 - 183

“No grave, immediate threat here.”

Iron Man 2 - 184

“Is that Justin Hammer? How did Hammer get there?”

Iron Man 2 - 185

Look at that black guy. You’ve got to admit. Stark’s got style.

Iron Man 2 - 186

Iron Man 2 - 187


Is THAT how you liaise?

Iron Man 2 - 188

That pilot just got FUCKED UP!

Also one of the more realistic things in any movie — someone not knowing how to work the A/V equipment setup.

Iron Man 2 - 189


This guy is such a schmuck. He’s not a real threat to anyone, he’s just fun to root against. And totally Dan.

Iron Man 2 - 190

Iron Man 2 - 191

“Yeah, I’d say most countries – five to ten years away. Hammer Industries – twenty.”

Iron Man 2 - 192

“I’d like to point out that that test pilot survived.”


So you got that going for you. Which is nice.

Iron Man 2 - 193

“I think we’re done is the point that he’s making.”

Iron Man 2 - 194

“The point is – you’re welcome. Because, I’m your nuclear deterrent.”

I’m your nuclear deterrent. What a great line. I hope he wrote that line.

“It’s working. We’re safe. America is secure. You want my property? You can’t have it. But I did you a big favor.”

Iron Man 2 - 195

“I’ve successfully privatized world peace.”

Iron Man 2 - 196

Iron Man 2 - 197

“I’ve tried to play ball with these assclowns.”

Iron Man 2 - 198

“Fuck you, Mr. Stark. Fuck you, buddy.”

Jesus, look at Squints back there.


A senator just said “fuck you.” No.

Iron Man 2 - 199

Iron Man 2 - 200


What’s the point when there’s no mic to drop?

Iron Man 2 - 201

Why wasn’t this the first time we saw him?

Iron Man 2 - 202

Iron Man 2 - 203

Iron Man 2 - 204

“My bond is with the people. And I will serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself. If there’s one thing I’ve proven, it’s that you can count on me to pleasure myself.”


Nobody does live translation on TV like that, not for a congressional hearing in another country. Also, the senator said “fuck you” on live, internationally broadcast TV?

I don’t think it’s live. Isn’t it breaking news, here’s what happened a few moments ago in Washington?

Iron Man 2 - 205

Iron Man 2 - 206

You live in a shitty apartment. Where did you get all that equipment?


I assume crackheads.

Iron Man 2 - 207


Aren’t those the same tattoos that Viggo got on his chest in Eastern Promises? Remember that movie? The Russian mob is messed up. 

Think about that — a nuclear physicist went to prison and got tatted up with the Russian mob.

Iron Man 2 - 208

Iron Man 2 - 209

Iron Man 2 - 210

And how are you not setting this building on fire?

Or at least fucking up the power grid.

This looks like Soviet Russia. Power supplies you.

Iron Man 2 - 211

Iron Man 2 - 212

Iron Man 2 - 213

Iron Man 2 - 214

How are you gonna get those past customs?

Iron Man 2 - 215


I like how they never get into what these whip things are or why they can cut through stuff. They’re just like, hey electric whips! Eat your heart out, Alex Haley!

Iron Man 2 - 216

Iron Man 2 - 217


No need to wreck up your own place. Also, couldn’t a sniper just take him out? He’s all fleshy with no covering.

Like actually though. Remember the last movie, when Stark shoots like 12 different guys while they’re standing there with the hostages? Why not use that targeting thing to shoot him in the face and the knees and the chest at the same time. He can’t block all of them like that. OR, shoot your missile thing at the ground, which he can’t protect himself from. This guy is wide the fuck open.

Iron Man 2 - 218

Iron Man 2 - 219

Really? Where the fuck else would we be?

Iron Man 2 - 220

Iron Man 2 - 221

Iron Man 2 - 222

Iron Man 2 - 223

Iron Man 2 - 224

So we’re at Mark IV now?

Also, kudos for the Roman numerals.

Iron Man 2 - 225

The UK stock market is a Poké Ball.

Iron Man 2 - 226

Jarvis thinks it’s refreshing to see him in a video with his clothing on.


Jarvis, sadly, is a better secondary character than most of what Marvel has to offer.

Iron Man 2 - 227

Robot butler making smoothies.

Iron Man 2 - 228

Iron Man 2 - 229

Iron Man 2 - 230

This thing gets more character development than Gwyneth Paltrow.

Iron Man 2 - 231

He’s gotta drink that shit to counteract the poison. Or whatever.


He has to drink kale juice, or whatever, to heal himself. Which is dumb. Cause kale is dumb. I swear, they invented that stuff after I left the country, and now everyone has a boner for it.

Iron Man 2 - 232

That thing rose 5% in like, two days. Pretty sure you’re dead in a month.

Also, what’s poisoning him? Did they say?

Iron Man 2 - 233

Ah, there we go. The continued use of the suit is killing him.

Sure. Whatever you need to do to make it through the sequel. Though you already explained that the thing in his heart was keeping him alive. So, you’re retconning some kind of toxicity shit that makes no sense.

Plus, the suit use is only making the condition worse. So whatever it is, he has it. From somewhere. I guess because he’s using a toxic element to power the thing? Best guess.


Using the suit means running the reactor for more juice, which means he spends the fuel bits faster, and that’s somehow getting into his blood.

It’s the “somehow” that I have a problem with.

That’s like the Rob Lowe moment in Thank You for Smoking. “Oh, it’s just one line of dialogue. ‘Thank god we invented… the thing.”

Iron Man 2 - 234

Iron Man 2 - 235

Iron Man 2 - 236

Iron Man 2 - 237

Iron Man 2 - 238

And the memory chip thing is fried. Again.

I don’t care about any of this.


I’m also confused as to how the cores are contaminating his blood when there’s actually no contact with his internal organs. It has a socket and it’s supposed to be powering the magnet keeping him cool and also powering stuff he’s attached to, but the electricity isn’t going through his body. How’s the stuff getting into his blood?

The Plot.

Iron Man 2 - 239

Iron Man 2 - 240

Iron Man 2 - 241

Iron Man 2 - 242

Iron Man 2 - 243

Oh, there we go. No known elements can counteract the poison.

So they basically set up an obstacle and the thing that overcomes it is him discovering a new element.



You know, I don’t hate how Jarvis is getting the exposition out of the way. It’s clumsy, but at least it isn’t being drawn out for like 10 minutes and 3 scenes. They’re up front about it and get it out of the way.

Iron Man 2 - 244


Wow, but it is also REALLY over the top exposition. Like, he knows this stuff. Thanks for the recap while he looks at his veiny chest in the mirror. Doesn’t Pepper see that? Maybe they aren’t dating right now. I’m not 100 percent sure about what went on in this movie.

Iron Man 2 - 245

“Unfortunately, the device that’s keeping you alive is also killing you.”


That kinda looks like the Tokyo metro map.

Iron Man 2 - 246

Iron Man 2 - 247

Iron Man 2 - 248

“Did you just donate our entire modern art collection to—”

“The Boy Scouts of America.”


The Boy Scouts of America. Hah. Yeah, doesn’t really make any sense. I’m thinking more like the beginning of Last Crusade. Or now, I guess it’s like Pinewood Derbies and shit.

Iron Man 2 - 249

Iron Man 2 - 250

Iron Man 2 - 251

Iron Man 2 - 252

Iron Man 2 - 253

Iron Man 2 - 254

Iron Man 2 - 255

Iron Man 2 - 256

That’s a great game he has going there. That’s brilliant.


Holy shit, can I have that? His trash can is fucking holographic QUIDDITCH with a bell. You have to wonder if he’s vain enough to have programmed it to correct trajectory in the air and be more forgiving with his accuracy. I’m gonna say…yes.

Iron Man 2 - 257

She put in over ten years curating that.

So naturally he just tossed it away, because why the fuck not?

Makes no sense, this being here.


It is HIS money. But it’s thanks to her. They did do a great job of putting them together out of necessity for one another. Without him, the company loses its genius and its cash. But without her, it loses focus and therefore cash. And like Batman, Iron Man is usually only good with cash. They do the poor-in-Asia thing for a little while at the beginning, yes, but after that it’s pretty much all cash except for the one time that both of them find themselves poor and without any help and have to pull through somehow like the rest of America. God, but comic books are shallow.

Iron Man 2 - 258


WHOA WHOA WHOA stop the presses. That car in the background is – and I’m confirming – a Ghia Cadillac, of which I think 2 were made. And the only customer car belonged to Rita Hayworth and BELONGS IN A MUSEUM which is where I’m assuming they borrowed this from. But yeah, early 50s Cadillac styled by Ghia, so probably on the top ten list of classiest American cars ever. What a fucking choice. They had better ideas after ditching the Saleen and the Cobra.

Iron Man 2 - 259

“The Expo is a gigantic waste of time.”

This movie is a gigantic waste of time.

Iron Man 2 - 260

“I need you to wear a surgical mask, until you’re feeling better.”


She’s nagging, he’s evasive. Same old, same old. It is a good dynamic for a romantic thing.

Iron Man 2 - 261

This is art. He says.

Iron Man 2 - 262

And they argue, but hers is more plot related and he’s just not paying attention.

This isn’t fun.


Someone wrote this dialogue that we’re not listening to.

Iron Man 2 - 263

Iron Man 2 - 264

Iron Man 2 - 265

He tells her she needs to run the company.

Iron Man 2 - 266

“I am trying to do it!”

Iron Man 2 - 267

“You’re not listening to me. I’m trying to make you CEO.”


HAH! A LADY CEO! That’s better than the holo Quidditch.

Iron Man 2 - 268

Iron Man 2 - 269

Would the board of directors even approve that?

How are the board of directors feeling about now, after they voted to lock him out and then he killed one of them?

Iron Man 2 - 270

“Have you been drinking?”

Iron Man 2 - 271


Iron Man 2 - 272

“I hereby, irrevocably, appoint you CEO of Stark Industries, effective immediately.”

Didn’t you know that shit’s official?

Iron Man 2 - 273

“Yeah, done deal.”

See? When you’re rich and white, it’s just that easy.

Iron Man 2 - 274

Iron Man 2 - 275

Premature ejaculation.


Champagne is good and I’m surprised that his dumbass ashy robot had it ready for this supposedly spur of the moment appointment.

Iron Man 2 - 276



I just bought a nice bottle of champagne and I think that’s something you should always just have on hand in case something happens. Like getting the right answer on Final Jeopardy.

Iron Man 2 - 277


She just went from a personal assistant to CEO of a Fortune 500 company REAL quick.

For a redhead.

Iron Man 2 - 278

Is he dealing drugs ACROSS THE STREET from where he lives?


They meet in the alley outside his apartment and try to look suspicious as poor people walk past them on the way to the snow farms or whatever. We get it, Russia. You’re poor and shifty.

The Snow Farm Leagues.

Iron Man 2 - 279

What could he possibly be getting?


I love how they also took a leaf out of the Bourne book and put a random siren in the background cause there’s never not a siren in Russia.

Iron Man 2 - 280

This is every evil asshole henchman from 1986-1995.

Iron Man 2 - 281

Iron Man 2 - 282

Ah, fake IDs.

Iron Man 2 - 283

C’est Le Grand Prix.


Oh boy, get ready for a Jeu Monegasque. Keep your eyes peeled for Benoit. Balls.

Iron Man 2 - 284

The notary’s here.

Iron Man 2 - 285


People who box…okay.

Iron Man 2 - 286

They’re doing MMA. It’s trendy.

Favreau says it’s just dirty boxing. It’s been around forever.


I like that, when people call you out for pulling the “trendy” card. “It’s like, this new thing where you just have plain toast. It hasn’t really caught on yet.” Um, motherfucker, that was called “breakfast” during the Depression.

Iron Man 2 - 287

Iron Man 2 - 288

C’est Scarlett Johansson.

Iron Man 2 - 289

Iron Man 2 - 290

Iron Man 2 - 291

Iron Man 2 - 292

“I promise that this is the only time I will ask you to sign over your company.”

So, for all future reference, that chick in the Avengers – also a notary.

They should bring that back later on.

Iron Man 2 - 293

“Lesson one, never take your eye off – ”

Iron Man 2 - 294

You think Everlast is sponsoring the movie?

That’s okay.

I know What It’s Like.

Iron Man 2 - 295

Iron Man 2 - 296

“What’s your name?”


“Rushman. Natalie Rushman.”

Iron Man 2 - 297

“Front and center. Come into the church.”


“If it pleases the Court, which it does.” Remind me to say things that are equally as shitty as this.

Iron Man 2 - 298

Iron Man 2 - 299


Fewer redheads in things.

Iron Man 2 - 300

Iron Man 2 - 301

Dead eyes.


What’s with the bottle? Is that supposed to be baby imagery? Maybe it’s more like when you tell a woman at the bar to come over and talk and then take a big swig of your drink while you look her up and down. Which I’m sure is still a thing in some places.

That’s his chlorophyll drink. I think the joke is that he’s just staring at her and trying to make her uncomfortable. Or just staring at her because she’s Scarlett Johansson. It does come off as funny, I just don’t know why.

Iron Man 2 - 302

Iron Man 2 - 303


Iron Man 2 - 304

“Can you giver he a lesson?”

Iron Man 2 - 305

“Who is she?”

“She is from legal, and she is potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit if you keep ogling her like that.”

“I need an assistant, boss.”


So they AREN’T dating. And of course Potts has the good reasons why the man she’s into can’t have Scarlett Johansson. Which are all legitimate, but still secondary to the fact that she’s a hotter redhead.

I want to have a potentially very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit.

Iron Man 2 - 306

“She’s boxed before.”

Iron Man 2 - 307

He demeans her.

Iron Man 2 - 308

Iron Man 2 - 309

And now he’s googling her.


His random tables are fucking touch screens. Tell me again why he leaves the house?

Iron Man 2 - 310

And apparently he runs his own Twitter account.


All the celebrity geniuses do. Musk is great on Twitter, as CEOs go.

Iron Man 2 - 311

Interned at Hammer.


Some people do speak Latin. You can even listen to Finnish news in Latin. I kind of want to learn Latin just to be a[n even bigger] prick.

Which should come in handy here in Virginia.

Iron Man 2 - 312

Modeling history.


I’ve modeled in Tokyo! I made an airplane AND a battleship.

Iron Man 2 - 313


You think they shot these just for the movie?

I always think the same thing as I watch this.

Iron Man 2 - 314

Iron Man 2 - 315

“Rule number one, never take your eye off your opponent.”

Iron Man 2 - 316

Iron Man 2 - 317

Iron Man 2 - 318

Iron Man 2 - 319

Iron Man 2 - 320

Iron Man 2 - 321


That’s just gratuitous. It’s also very similar to this one move that turns up in like every Vietnamese martial arts movie. They don’t have martial arts that are as well-known as the ones from other Asian nations, but they do have that one move where they jump and get their legs around your neck to bring you down and it happens like 100 times in EVERY MOVIE. We’re all familiar with your little trick, Hanoi.

Iron Man 2 - 322

Iron Man 2 - 323

Iron Man 2 - 324

Iron Man 2 - 325

“I slipped.”

A disc, maybe.

Iron Man 2 - 326

Iron Man 2 - 327

“I need your impression.”

Iron Man 2 - 328

“You have a quiet reserve. I don’t know, you have an old soul…”


I hate the ‘old soul’ comment. Let’s retire it.

Iron Man 2 - 329


“You’re the boss.”


This made me very unhappy to watch. I’ve stated before on several noted occasions that I don’t like it when main characters lose their stuff. Like Frodo leaving Sting trapped in the web or Luke losing his lightsaber (and hand). Even though it’s not a huge problem here, I worry about how it’ll limit him in the future.

Iron Man 2 - 330

“Will that be all Mr. Stark?”




To be fair, she did ask him.

Iron Man 2 - 331

“I want one.”


You still own the company. Or can just hire her for more money from the comapny.

But anyway, that’s the END OF PART I.

– – – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow is Part II, and Le Grand Prix.

(See the rest of Fun with Franchises here.)

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  1. Andrew

    About the idea of Stark going to something like the MTV awards: that actually would be perfectly in-character for him. Even after the events in the first film, he still has a big enough ego to pull something like that.

    May 4, 2015 at 1:50 pm

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