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The B+ Movie Guide

That title doesn’t amount to much, but I didn’t know what else to call it. This one made sense as something that tied it to the blog and didn’t come across as me making some proclamation of “this is the one that everyone has to use.”

Anyway, here’s the story behind this. On May, 27, 2012, at about 2:45 in the morning, Tokyo time (which was 10:45 LA time), Colin sent me an email. This is as the class of 2012 is graduating from our school, many of whom we are friends with. (A lot of things seem to revolve around graduation ceremonies with this blog.) It said:

You’ve gotta do a list of movies you must have seen. Like the inverse of your list of movies people would be surprised to find you hadn’t seen. The essential list. You’ve done top tens and directors, but I’m looking for the list of movies people must have seen. I don’t know as I’ve seen that. 

AFI top 100, that’s different. You know the difference between what is a “good” movie and what is a movie you must see. Yojimbo, very good movie. I don’t expect people to have seen it. That’s foreign, but you get the picture.


Anyway, this doesn’t even have to go on the blog. I just want it as like…homework. The shit that any self-respecting “film person” should have seen. Whether it’s 100 or 500. I have HUGE holes in my repertoire, stuff I need to see. I’d use your other lists, but I want essentials, with no real thought given to when or who. Just essential or not.



Pic of the Day

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - 21