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Oscars 2017: Best Foreign Language Film Submissions

They announced the submissions for Foreign Language Film a while back. I’m only just getting around to them now. Mostly because this is my unofficial kick off to Oscar season, and I really like Oscar season. So I try to hold off as late as I can so I can really focus my attention on it. The only reason I even do this article is because of how much I love Oscar season.

There was a record 92 submissions for the category this year. Every year a couple of films don’t end up as official submissions or are disqualified for whatever reason. Still, 92 countries is pretty great.

What we do with this article is get acquainted with what each country submitted and what each of the films is about. And then I just sort of guess about what I think could end up getting shortlisted and/or nominated, which means very little but at least can make me feel pretty good if I get remotely close in the end.

Anyway, this tends to run long, so let’s just get into it. (more…)


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