Pic of the Day: “I have a memory of an important man. I don’t know who he was. He had the haircut of a man who had seriously misinterpreted himself. There was an error in a time-traveling unit, and he was accidentally transported with no preset destination in time or space. Technical support informed us that he was literally sent nowhere. He was sent into the unknowable. I think about this man often; if he is still alive, and what dimension he may be in. I wonder sometimes if he erased his destination date on purpose. I have memories of dying two times, and these memories traveling across three Emilys. Dying is one of my least favorite things to do. I remember vast amounts of snow. I am not afraid. I don’t want to be copied anymore. Youth is not an accomplishment. Oh, I believe I know where we are. This is my brain’s logic center. We have to be careful. We must find a way out as soon as possible. If we should think of something illogical here, it could be a major shock to my system.” “Baby dinosaur.” (5th Anniversary)


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