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Why I Love the Movies (2/3/11)

Take this scene, from the movie Giant, with Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor, gorgeously directed by George Stevens:

(The part I’m referring to begins 5 minutes into the video. Feel free to just skip right ahead to that.)

Pretty self-explanatory, right? It’s a great scene to watch out of context. No setup necessary. Also brilliantly acted by Liz and Rock.

I show you that, to set up for this, the real reason for this post: (more…)

Pic of the Day: “How did you find me?” “I’m the man.”

Oscar Breakdown by Category – Best Sound Editing & Best Sound Mixing

Remember when they did that Dark Knight bullshit in 2009 to explain what these categories are?

They had Morgan Freeman – Mr. Voiceover – basically show you, with clips from the film, of the Batcycle and the truck turning over, specifically the difference between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

Interesting concept. Only problem? The Dark Knight came out in 2008.

Would have been a lot more useful if they had Morgan talk about the films that were actually up for the awards, so you could see the criteria that the voters were using to vote that year, and you’d be able to see the results of such happen right before your eyes. What better way to understand sound mixing and sound editing than to see the films up for the award show you why they’re up for it, and then have one of them emerge victorious, which would then give the audience an insight into the Academy’s thought process and voting process as it pertains to the category.

But, no. They felt incorporating more Dark Knight would somehow make up for the fact that they (deservingly) didn’t nominate it for Best Picture. Sure it lost you viewers and ratings, and sure you nominated a film that was unworthy instead of it, but, let’s face it, you should have nominated Wall-E instead. Changing it to ten nominees doesn’t change much. Chris Nolan still doesn’t have a directing nod (DGA’s nominated him 3 times, Academy. Looks like you’re gonna get stuck nominating him for a lesser film).

But, let’s stick with what we’re dealing with. Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. We’ll start with Sound Mixing first. (more…)