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The Oscar Quest: Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress – 2002

These are an interesting set of nominations. I remember this being my first real Oscar race. 2001 I watched as merely a viewer. 2002 was when I started drawing party lines. I had my favorites, decided who I liked, had very definite ideas of who I thought should win each category. Supporting actor specifically made me very happy. Because, to me, it was who I picked. Apparently, to everyone else, it was an upset. Now I get to go back and look and analyze this from a more objective point of view. I’m excited. (more…)

Oscar Breakdown by Category — Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, Best Live-Action Short, & Best Animated Short

This is what’s known as getting the rest of the bullshit done in one fell swoop. This is like the LMNOP run. Just do it real fast — and then you’re done.

Best Documentary Feature is a stupid, but necessary category. Who’s to say what the best documentary truly is? This category should be called “Most Important Documentary,” or “Our Favorite Documentary This Year,” because sometimes an entertaining one wins, like Man on Wire. Other times, it’s the same old boring, “Your country fucked you over in some way,” doc that wins every year. Don’t believe me? Check this:

I won’t even put it in a table. It doesn’t get one. It has to go to the kids table. Which I drew myself. With invisible crayon. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “I am shocked — shocked — to find out gambling is going on here.” “Your winnings, sir.”

The Box Office Report – February 4-6

Last week, in Box Office…

The Rite wins the box office with a paltry $14.8 million. Yes, I am very happy. I said, even “if it tanks, which it shouldn’t, expect around $15 million or less for the weekend.” Well, it tanked. Normally a shitty film like this does 20 the first weekend and then falls off the face of the earth. Thank god, too. Maybe now we’ll get less of these stupid “Based on true events” horror movies. Does anybody even care? Was anyone legit excited to even go see this? Give us better things, Hollywood.

Glass ceiling on a total for this is still $40 million domestic.

Finishing in second was Natalie, with NSA. That did $13.4 million. Held better than I expected. I said $10-11 million. But, that displacement money from up there had to go somewhere. You’re looking at it. And…

The Mechanic finishes third with a better-than-expected — seriously, even the studio was like, “Shit, we were only hoping for 9. This is fucking great.” — $11.4 million. Statham’s got some pull. Makes me happy, even though I know the movie sucks. I read exactly one review of the movie, which basically said you could see whatever the plot twist is coming from a mile away. So I’m assuming that means they did the obvious and had Foster try to kill Statham. I’m also guessing Statham doesn’t die. Which is why this movie was dumped in January.

Green Hornet did $11.2 million. I said 10 mil and change. Displacement money. (more…)