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The Oscar Quest: Best Supporting Actor – 1990

Hate me some 1990 real good. Dances with Wolves is one of the worst films to ever win Best Picture. It’s seriously just not a very good film at all. Goodfellas should have destroyed this year. Kevin Costner beating Martin Scorsese for Best Director (as I talked about here), is just laughable.

Then, the rest of the year isn’t that great either. Jeremy Irons wins Best Actor for Reversal of Fortune in one of the weakest Best Actor categories of all time. It was really bad. Then Kathy Bates won Best Actress for Misery, which I like as a decision (as I said here), especially considering the category. Then Whoopi Goldberg wins Best Supporting Actress for Ghost (which I talked about here), which is kind of a backhanded Oscar, since she really should have won for The Color Purple in 1985, and that fact is the only reason she got this Oscar. (It’s backhanded because she plays a (literal) magical negro in the film. The Academy are such dicks sometimes.)

Then, there’s this category, which for me is cut and dry and taken care of pretty easily. And I like that I can say that about one category in this god forsaken year. This is like the Desert of the Real in The Matrix — you look around like, “What happened?” And this category is that awesome red chair Morpheus sits in. That was a great chair.


And the nominees were…

Bruce Davison, Longtime Companion

Andy Garcia, The Godfather Part III

Graham Greene, Dances with Wolves

Al Pacino, Dick Tracy

Joe Pesci, Goodfellas (more…)

Pic of the Day: “18,000 dollars?” “Yes.” “In addition to the $1,000 you’d already put up?” “Yes.” “A total of $19,000 now?” “Yes.” “Hang on …. I’m just checking your math on that. Yes, I got the same thing.”

The Box Office Report – August 26-28

Last week, in Box Office…

It was worse than expected. And I love it.

The Help wins the weekend, as expected, with $20 million. Barely. I’m okay with this. I was hoping it would drop under 20, but, it barely made 20, so, who cares, really? It’ll make money, they’ll make more of these — whatever. At least it’s not another shitty superhero movie. The film’s made $71 million domestically off a $25 million budget. Good for them.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes finishes second, as expected, with $16.1 million. Slightly more than expected, but not much, mostly due to all the new films just failing miserably (ha ha). It’s made $133.6 million domestically, off a $93 million budget, so, knowing they spent a shit ton to market this, they probably haven’t broke even yet, but they will, and that’s cool. It’s made $122 million more worldwide, so they’re in the black here overall. Maybe we’ll wait until we have a good script for the next one though, huh, studio? That’s all I ask. Don’t fuck up the good will you got here. Pretty simple. (more…)