Fun with Franchises: Favorite Images from The Twilight Saga: New Moon

One of the recurring features that we do in Fun with Franchises (a feature within a feature) is, after we finish watching a film, we go through and pick out our favorite images from that film. These images could be anything from really famous images from the film or franchise, really beautifully composed shots, shots that are funny to us because of the facial expressions being made in them or because of what we said about them in the article in which they appeared, or simply because they have boobs in them.

What we usually do is, just how we watch the films, Colin and I go in separately and pick out about ten to fifteen shots that we really liked. Then we compare lists, and whichever ones we both picked automatically go on our final list. And everything else we talk through and discuss why we like them, and eventually we’re left with a final list of ten images we liked the best, along with ten honorable mentions, which were also as good, but just missed out on making the list proper.

It’s not very complicated (like most things we do here on B+ Movie Blog), and is just a way for us to point out shots that we really liked in the films, especially since we tend to pick stuff that’s not always on the beaten path. (We also don’t officially rank the list of shots. We just put them in chronological order. Simply picking them is hard enough. We don’t want to make our lives any harder. Plus, we’re lazy.)

That said — here are our favorite images from The Twilight Saga: New Moon:

Again, there’s no intro here.

Because do you really think we’re gonna have excess shots from these movies?

We barely made a list as it is.

Most weeks, we have to do work to get it down to 20 shots.

Usually, Colin sends me his shots email, I pull mine, I compare, I put all the exact matches aside, then go for general matches, then I send him my remaining shots, then we discuss, and then we figure out what we like, what we don’t like, what can be left off, and work to get the list down to a solid 20.

This week, Colin sent me his shots, I compared, I went, “Okay, those work,” and then we had 7 extra spots. So we just filled them in. And by filled them in, I went, “Let’s throw these on the end,” and he went, “That works.”

Just to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with for this franchise compared to the other ones.

1. This place

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 17

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 23

Because this field is really nice. It’s a nice location, the cinematography is noticeably better in this movie than the previous one, the light hits the flowers really well, and I like the purple accents.

I did want the second shot in there to point out that it’s more the location that I like than anything. Because the first shot looks like we could just be in a field outside a forest. That could be Fangorn and this could be right outside it, with a pile of orc bodies just outside of frame.

But the second shot makes it clear that this is a clearing in the middle of the forest, which makes it all the more interesting to me. I like forest clearings, and I like the idea that there’s randomly this circle of flowers in the middle of this forest. As a location, this is one of my absolute favorite ones in cinema. I just really love the idea of a forest clearing. So that’s why I’m a big fan of this.


Yeah, I don’t know what this clearing is doing here — you almost suspect it’s somewhere that used to be something and that natural succession just hasn’t gotten to it yet. In another three or so years, it’ll be overgrown. But right now, it’s nice. Usually I would call them out for throwing down obvious columns of light like this, but in this case it actually makes me more interested in what’s going on. This really isn’t bad to look at by any measure. And that’s a triumph for this franchise.

2. Titties

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 126

So we like titties. You can’t fault us for that.

What the hell else is there to pull?


Girls don’t like it when you pull them.

I tried once.


3. Launched

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 149

Because she gets fucking LAUNCHED here.

I really like this image above the other ones (Colin picked this one, by the way. I had a different one, until I saw this and realized how much better it was) because it’s hilarious that, after she gets launched across the room, SLAMS against the wall and probably gets concussed as all hell, her body just flops down and hits the table before rolling off onto the floor. It’s that second impact that’s just funny.

Plus, any shot of Bella getting hurt or falling is just hilarious.

Because she deserves it.


Mike got exactly what I was going for. It was good enough when she flew through the air, but her hitting the table like a rag doll on her way to the floor just makes it. You never really look more retarded than when you’re completely horizontal, face-planting on a table in someone’s living room. Look at the majesty that is this shot and bask in its glory. Kristen Stewart, this is how I imagine you always.

4. To Kill a Mockingjay?

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 316

This shot is clearly stolen from To Kill a Mockingbird.

But honestly, I’d rather be reminded of that here than pull any of the other shots in this movie.


Maybe it’s because I like working on cars and there’s stuff here I recognize, but I pulled this because there’s a bunch going on that I want to look at. It’s like when you got a LEGO or K’NEX set as a kid and whipped out the big guide that showed how to put them together. It always had a manifest of all the pieces you were gonna have. And you’d look at it for a few seconds and think, “Well, I’m gonna lose at least two of these, but by the time I get finished with the rest of them, I’ll have something that looks SORT of like this.” That’s what this shot is to me. And I’m the type of person who really needs things laid out like this. It used to drive me nuts when I worked on cars with my grandfather, cause he’s got some affinity for machinery that allows him to take shit apart and throw the parts everywhere before then putting it back together perfectly while I’m still trying to catalog each bolt.

But the other thing about this is how it reminds me of a Wes Anderson cutaway. Just a bunch of shit on a table, probably related to something the character did. There’d be a voiceover like, “Following his parents’ separation, Nathan was sent to Moab to live with his mother’s brother, who ran a garage. Though his cyclophobia kept him from learning to ride a dirt bike, he was a proficient mechanic on most engines between 50 and 600cc.” And then this shot would pop up, with a title in the corner (obviously Futura) saying “Honda XR 250R Four-Stroke.”

See where my mind HAS to go while I’m watching these? There’s nothing else. 

5. This

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 490

I honestly didn’t catch this shot at all when taking it or when pulling for this article.

And when I saw this on Colin’s list I actually burst out laughing.

This is amazing.


Holy shit, are you kidding me? This has to be up there with the best in the franchise. If it isn’t actually the best in the franchise. Just, “GET THE FUCK OUT MY FACE, BITCH!” 

6. And This

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 497

It’s a black guy about to punch a wolf in the face.

We rest our case.


Yup. If I had my druthers, it’d be these two shots, titties, and something yellow that’s coming up in a bit. Those three things. That’s all. This is fucking perfect.

Also, I will say that I like that they cut away from it immediately after this. This is definitely the way to go out.

It’s like how Depp goes out at the end of Pirates 2 — only shittier, because they show you what happened later on.

7. Tree of Life

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 584

Because this actually looks like the shot where the dinosaur shows up in The Tree of Life.

And I’d rather be reminded of a Terrence Malick movie in this article than pull a shot of Kristen Stewart looking sad.


I think I’d rather have diphtheria than pull a shot of Kristen Stewart looking sad.

8. Italy

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 769

Because Goddamn, Italy.


I had spaghetti for lunch today at a nice ass Italian restaurant. It was a pork ragu sauce. That shit was tasty. I’m convinced that Europe is the place to be. But then, that’s what everyone thinks about Japan, and now that I’m here, it’s just PRETTY good. But goddamn, Italy. 

9. Porsche

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 773

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 801

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 803

I think we know why these are here.

And honestly… who would argue?

This car is glorious.


To be honest, there are several colors I’d have chosen over the yellow, but you pick your battles. Shit, they put a fucking 997 Turbo in a Twilight movie, so as far as I’m concerned, the war has already been won. I also have to appreciate how unconventional a choice it is. They could have gone Italian with this very easily. Like — we’re in Italy, so they have to be driving a [Ferrari / Lamborghini / Maserati / Alfa Romeo / Pagani / Lancia / Fiat] or something like that. But they went with the Porsche. Correct.

I’m not even going to whine about how it makes no sense as product placement or how one of my favorite cars ever is in a movie I disliked. Maybe I’d have liked for them to make some more use of the 480 hp on tap from a twin-turbo flat-six with variable turbo geometry. Showcase the active suspension management on some tricky roads, maybe during a chase. Fuck it, this is a positive thing, and I’m going to enjoy it. Cause look at it.

This car is glorious.

10. “Good… good.”

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 992

Love this Mr. Burns pose. It’s sinister and hilarious at the same time.


“Namaste. Bitches.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Honorable Mentions:

  • This shot

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 57

This shot is this movie in a nutshell.

Kristen Stewart giving this look to Taylor Lautner, with Pattinson walking away from her.

That’s this movie in a single image.

It’s not a great image, but I do like when an entire film can be encapsulated in a single image.


The Twilight Saga New Moon - 1006

This shot is this franchise in a single image.

Her and him, a bed, and tissues between them.

The tissue placement in this frame is so ungodly funny to me.

The fact that a box of tissues is coming between them is so utterly perfect that I had to put it in this article.


I’m so glad that the pastel or painting or whatever is hidden behind her lamp. Cause I know it’s ugly. And I’m pretty sure this is some bizarro version of Dorian Gray where if I see Kristen Stewart’s portrait, I die.

  • Alice

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 71

Tally ho!

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 736

We love Alice.


I do enjoy a casual tally ho.

  • This shot

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 204

This shot was all me. Because do you really think Colin would feature an image of the characters in this movie unless they were making a stupid face or Kristen Stewart was being injured in some way?

The reason I like this shot, as I explained to Colin, is because I’m looking at it the way a purely visual filmmaker views his frame.

That is to say — I don’t give a shit about the actor. The actor is just a body. I’m basically blurring out Patterson in this image when I look at it, and he might as well be a coat rack.

What I like about the image is the figure standing small in the corner of the frame with all the trees and stuff taking up the rest of it. As an image, I really like this shot. I like how this was set up. To me, Pattinson is just a body and it’s the image that matters. I’m not crazy about the concrete, but that can’t be helped.

Thinking about this as someone trying to get an image who doesn’t give a fuck what the actor is doing, I understand that. Put the cattle wherever you have to to make your shot look good.


When you put it that way, yeah. I still like how you make allowances for me to just not pick stuff with them in it. Cause you know I won’t. I did with Padme and Anakin on a few occasions, but it was for REALLY good stuff. 

  • Sex Dreams

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 261

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 265

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 342

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 996

Just look at these shots out of context.

Seriously… who thought this would be okay?


She looks like she’s about ready to go murder a village of Sand People.

  • This

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 373

Because one shot of Kristen Stewart falling down isn’t enough for one movie.


JUST like with the table. This shit is so hilarious to me. I hate her. She falls. There is justice.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - 102

  • “Shhhhhhhhh bitch it’ll all be over soon.”

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 470

Colin’s explanation of this shot is really what sold me on it.


My only explanation of this shot became its title. “Shhhhhhhhh bitch it’ll all be over soon.”

Look at that face. That’s what it’s saying.

  • This

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 456

This was the one shot — all my choice, by the way, as if it weren’t apparent already — that I basically said “fuck it” and put on.

I like the field, I like the overhead, I like that the field is taking up most of the frame (it reminds me a bit of that Padme being dead shot from the end of Revenge of the Sith), and also — “I can’t feel my legs.”

Colin wasn’t (and still isn’t) crazy about it, since we have two shots of this field up there and I basically had the exact same shot in last week’s article, but my rationale is this — I’d rather be repeating shots I like than pulling other stuff just to round out the numbers.

He did mention that it felt weak, considering how much restraint we had to show for the other articles, to get them down to 20, whereas here we’re just putting on whatever to fill it out to 20, but I felt like, to change it, I’d be going against my original intent with these articles, which is to take each film on its own and focus solely on the shots in the film and not hold them to any particular standard. The shots would only be going up against each other and not the ones from other films. I have to treat every film as its own thing, otherwise I’m not being fair to it.

So I can’t fault this (wet) dog for not being better at calculus.


Oh. I’m just faulting these filmmakers for not being better at filmmaking.

But that too. 

I bet Jacob sucks at calculus. Imagine a Stand and Deliver crossover with Twilight with Edward James Olmos on the reservation. Hah.

Also, their legs are really in strange positions. What’s that all about?


  • This

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 463

Because the idea of a ghost telling you to “be better” is hilarious to me.



  • Underwater

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 669

The underwater cinematography in this film is quite good, and I thought that deserved a shout out.


I thought it was all a bit…extreme.

(Music Intro)

  • Dakota

The Twilight Saga New Moon - 904




– – – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow are final thoughts, and then Eclipse.

(See the rest of the Fun with Franchises articles here.)

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