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The Return of the Top Ten Lists

The Oscar Quest came back, now it’s time for the top ten lists.

They originally went up by decades. Every three months, I’d post a new one. A massive list of top tens (and etc) for ten years at a time. But that’s all I ever did. So there’s 80 years of movies that I’ve barely gone over. Just sort of dumped a bunch of names in your lap. Which is good for some people, but for most, it’s just a giant overload of film titles that’s too cumbersome to go through. You lose the cool stuff you don’t know about because all you see are the big names (or lack of big names). And since the goal of this site now is to provide cool movies for people to see, that just won’t stand. So, we’re revamping it!

I’m going year by year this time. No more decades. And we’re gonna spend time talking about the movies. That way it’s not just a bunch of names thrown at you. I can talk about why I love each of the movies and give you reasons to see some of the more hidden gems. And we’ll put pictures, since I think it helps when there’s a visual component rather than just a name.

The goal here is to really talk up my favorite movies and get more people to see the ones they haven’t seen. You’ll still get the base list up front for reference purposes, but below I’ll also be giving you reasoning why I love the films (like I do now, with each year’s top ten list) which will hopefully help you discover some new movies. The best of both worlds.

I’m also gonna do something I’ve never attempted before. I was gonna do a redo of the decades lists at the end of each decade for those who simply want the lists and don’t need the details. But I’ve decided I’m going to — just for now and not to be archived — attempt an “all decade” list. Where I take the entire decade and make a top ten list for it. Then probably an 11-20. I don’t know if I go past that, because obviously, it can be endless. But a top ten of the actual decade could be interesting. So we’ll try it. See if it sticks.

I’ll put up a giant page with everything curated along with all the caveats (which nobody reads anyway and prefers to blindly just send messages, so I won’t bother putting them here). For now, it’s best to just get it out there that this is happening.

It all starts tomorrow. Just wanted to prime all twelve people that are gonna read this today so they can not get as excited about this as I am.

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