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The Overrated Films of 2018

Welcome to the annual “Calm the Fuck Down” list.

That’s basically what this article is. It’s not to denigrate the quality of each of the films on it. It’s mostly to tell the people who are going a little too hard for them to just cool it a bit. They’re not that great. They didn’t change the face of cinema as we know it, which is what you’d think they did based on everyone’s reaction to them.

Last year, it was Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was fine. It was fun. It wasn’t a great movie. But no one cared. They had to champion it for everything and if you said something bad about it or said it shouldn’t be nominated for every award known and unknown to man, you were a heretic. That’s overrated. When the internet becomes a publicity machine for your movie, that’s overrated. When a film has its own angry mob, that’s overrated.

This is not an indictment about any of these films. It’s truly just about, “Fucking cool it, guys. It’s fine.”

Here are the films I consider to be the most overrated in 2018: (more…)

Oscars 2018: DGA Nominations

And your DGA nominations were announced today. Typically they match 4/5 with the Oscars, so one of these people most likely will not end up being nominated. The last time they went 5/5 was 2009. And before that, 2005. And before that, 1998. So three times in twenty years.

Oh, and because I’m nuts — it only happened two times before that: 1981 and 1977. So five times ever. Well… since the DGA went to five nominees in 1970. Before that, the DGA had ten to fifteen nominees a year, which made it way easier to have all five be nominated. And you know what? It still only happened three times in those years: 1953 (12 DGA nominees), 1954 (15 DGA nominees) and 1967 (10 DGA nominees).

So yeah, 5 times in almost 50 years. Odds are, one of these people will not be nominated at the Oscars, and I think we all know who it’s gonna be.

Here are your DGA nominees for 2018: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Some gang! An Indian ranch hand, a drunken gunfighter, a sex maniac, and an uncle!”

Oscars 2018: CAS Nominations

Okay, the shortlist you’ve all been waiting for has been announced. BEST SOUND MIXING!

Oh, what, you thought you were getting the DGA list first? Nah. You gotta eat your salad and then you’ll get the main course.

The Cinema Audio Society also announced their nominations today, so we’re gonna talk Best Sound Mixing as well.

Sound Mixing, to remind you if you’re not all up on your categories, is the entire sound design in the film. Musicals do great here, as do war movies. Basically, if you assume Dunkirk and Baby Driver and probably Star Wars, then you’re most of the way there already. (And this is before I’ve even seen the list.)

Here are your CAS nominees for this year: (more…)