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Oscars 2018: SAG Award Predictions

I’d call this a SAG preview, but let’s face it — we know what this article is about.

I considered not even putting one out there, but you know what? For me it’s not about the predictions. I don’t even care about guessing half these awards. For me it’s all about the result and what it means for the race. So really all I’m doing is talking about where the race is now and what outcomes seem most likely and how things will be affected based on who wins and who doesn’t.

And it’s a good way to bullshit another article that takes less than twenty minutes to write. Look, I don’t need extra content, but when it’s this easy, screw it, right?

So here’s your SAG Awards “Preview”. (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Film Scores of 2018

I both greatly look forward to and dread this article every year. I look forward to it because it’s amazing and fun to do and gets me to listen to film scores. I dread it just because I know film scores are not something I keep up with throughout the year, other than a mental note here and there of ones that really stood out during the initial watch. So usually I have to do the first deep dive in December, pulling everything I can and compiling it all, and then I just have to spend the next month sampling and whittling down to a workable number until I can hone a list. It’s more work than you think. Still, having this article makes it worth it.

I say the movie poster is a lost art. I feel like film music is something that, while not lost, has lost its way. So much of film scores now is underscoring, so you never notice it and it’s never interesting. Here’s an example: you get a tense moment in a movie now, and they draw everything back and there’s the undertone of “dread” and then staccato violins and stuff. You know what I mean? And compare that to a John Williams Star Wars theme. Sure, one doesn’t call attention to itself, but the other one you remember 40 years later. That’s my only point there. So I like to look at which scores are particularly good pieces of music, especially since, if I just pulled the films on the list below and said, “What do you remember of their scores?” I bet a lot of people would go, “I don’t even remember a score from that.” Most people don’t necessarily listen for it.

So yeah, this is just me listening to a bunch of stuff and picking my favorites. I am by no means someone who knows anything about music. In fact, I know nothing about music. I have no ear for it, I don’t know what pitch is, I couldn’t tell you anything other than a general, “Oh that sounds nice.” So that’s how I pick my choices. Generally I have the composers I like, and sometimes a new one comes along that does something cool and it allows me to track what they score from there on out. You never know. Also, scores, not soundtracks. So A Star Is Born will not be on this list. And also, since this is my list, it will probably differ from what a lot of other people will have on theirs. I don’t care what’s trendy or will get clicks. I like what I like.

Here are my favorite film scores of 2018: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “It’s past ten. My daughter is in pain. I don’t understand why she has to have this pain. All she has to do is hold out until ten, and IT’S PAST TEN! My daughter is in pain, can’t you understand that! GIVE MY DAUGHTER THE SHOT!”