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The Underrated Films of 2018

Yesterday were the overrated films, today is the underrated films. What makes a film underrated? No idea. But I’m going for it.

I guess for me underrated means, easily dismissed for whatever reason. Either they think, “Oh yeah, that’s just that kind of movie,” and I’m thinking, “No, but there’s a lot more going on there that you’re not paying attention to.” Or it’s just, “This came out, no one really saw it or they let it slip under the radar, but trust me, this is great.” I have a very good track record on movies like this. I’ve noticed a lot of movies that I championed right from the start have slowly grown fan bases over the years. Other times I just want people to know — it’s okay if you still don’t like this, just don’t dismiss it as easily as you have.

Here are my picks for the most underrated films of 2018: (more…)

Oscars 2018: BAFTA Nominations

BAFTA announced today. Finally the last major piece of the puzzle for Oscar nominations. This will give us everything we’re gonna get, save some more guilds, which are only for the technical stuff. All the big stuff, we now have everything we’re gonna get.

BAFTA is always good in showing you which films and performances have sneaky support that may not be represented in the American precursors. You can always guess two or three extra nominees based solely on the British support. And the other reason they’re good — they don’t fall into the trap of the mainstream. I can tell you right now, sight unseen, that they nominated Black Panther for two or less awards. Because I feel like BAFTA, more than anything now, values quality over popularity. (Though they do often fall into the trap of “British nominee over other choices.” Nobody’s perfect.) But, as that last sentence suggests, I don’t know what the nominees are yet. I like to find out as I write them up, so my reactions are pure.

So here are your BAFTA nominees for 2018: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “He asked us out there Sunday.” “Farmer John’s just gonna have to get along without me, I can tell you that.” “I want to go.” “No.” “Yes!” “No!” “YES!” “NO!” “Shit!”