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My Favorite Directorial Efforts of 2018

I post these lists every year. They’re coming late this year, mostly owing to the scheduling of the rest of the season. Shit happens. This will be the first one you get, because the next couple days are all Oscar nominations. And then I’ll do all the performances once those are done, and then after that it’s basically category preview time.

The point of these lists is the same as when I post the Underrated and Underseen films of the year — I just want people to discover cool stuff. I mean, sure, a lot of the time we’re all in agreement on what the best stuff is, but you might look at my list and see something you wouldn’t anywhere else. And then you seek that out and think, “That was really great. I gotta tell people about that.” That’s the goal. It’s all about seeing cool things and sharing cool things.

Today I’m going over the directorial efforts I loved. As I say, they’re in order, but they’re not really in order. The numbers don’t matter. I liked these efforts the most. And it’s just about what I liked, not about awards or anything else.

Here are my favorite directorial efforts of 2018: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “You brought music back into the house. I had forgotten.”