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The B+ Movie Blog Top Ten Lists Tally

So we now have all of the Top Ten lists finished. As of this moment, there are 90 of them (1930-2019). They will be here now, forever, for posterity. I’ll keep updating them as I watch new stuff, rewatch stuff I’ve seen and my opinions change over time. Of course, as I must always do when I finish something of this magnitude, I gotta analyze everything and look for cool trends and things. That was always the best part of doing science fair projects, analyzing all the data, and I’m still just trying to chase that high.

This data will only be for how the lists appear at this moment in time. I’m not planning to go back and alter it for every little change I make. Maybe in like five years I’ll do a bulk update, but let’s just assume I’m never gonna go back to this and treat it just as something cool to look at for right now. (Though I may update this in like, six weeks, once 2019’s list gets posted, giving us an even 90 years of lists.)

Also, yes, I wrote up 90 years of Top Ten lists (all of which contain at least 20 films apiece, most of which contain 40 apiece and some up to 80 apiece) and then went back and broke each one of them down in various ways. How could you expect anything less of me? (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Kid, what’d you get?” “I didn’t get nothin’. I had to pay fifty dollars, and pick up the garbage.” (50th Anniversary)