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B+ Movie Blog Update

Guess what, folks, I’m not dead!

It’s been slow goings here the past while. And by while I mean like, two years. Oscar season is always busy, of course. But the rest of the year, the March through November part, that’s been hit and miss for me.

But, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally gotten all those Top Ten lists done, and that was a priority for me, just because they’re meant to be on here forever and not just be something I did for immediate content. I’m planning to actually update them as I see new things and/or change my opinions on stuff, so I wanted to make sure I did those right, first and foremost. And those last twenty years or so have upwards of 80 movies per year. Writing all that up took time. Plus, shit happened. Life and what not. So I didn’t have time to focus on new content.

BUT… that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left. Actually, now that the Top Ten lists are done, it means things are looking up. I can’t get into what exactly I mean just yet, partially because I don’t want to spoil the surprise (and I’m giving myself the out in case for some reason it doesn’t actually happen) and also because Oscar season is upon us and that’ll be the focus of the site for the next three months, so why waste a good surprise now when we have to wait for it anyway. But trust me — next year’s a big year. Next year’s gonna feel a lot like the early days of the site. I’ve got a lot of stuff planned. In fact, starting tomorrow, there’s a really good chance that something will be posted on this site every day through Oscar night 2021.

Mostly I just wanted you all to know (all… eight of you that read this thing)… I haven’t been sitting idly. Stuff has been happening behind the scenes, in the lab, behind the curtain, whatever metaphor you wanna make for it. It’s all gonna pay off next year, and I’m really excited for it. But before all that — it’s Oscar season, folks. And that kicks off starting tomorrow.



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