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The B+ Movie Blog Tenth Anniversary

We’ve finally (somehow) hit ten years on this site. Technically this is year ten, but still… it’s been a decade. By the time we hit 1/1/21, it will be ten years to the day that I posted for the first time on this site. Which is insane.

Ten years is a long time to do anything. For the first like, five, things were going up pretty consistently every day. If we’re really getting technical, something has been posted on this site every day since it was created. Granted, a lot of them, especially in recent years, have been a Pic of the Day and nothing else. But in the early days, I think I went from 2011 into early 2013 before I officially took a day off and had nothing written go up. The point is, there’s been a lot of content here over the years, and there’s always three months straight of content every year between November and February.

I felt like now would be a good idea to go in and just sort of recap all the big things I accomplished with this site over the past ten years. This is really for no one else but me, but that’s most things on this site. Sure, a lot of stuff does end up being for other people should they want it, but largely it’s for me. Otherwise I’d have abandoned this place a long time ago.

I’m basically just gonna go over the ten years of this site and reminisce a bit. I used to post updates like this all the time back in the early days. I bet if you went back and compared what this is going to be versus what those are, you’ll see a definite change in tone and maturity. I mean, I’m still a piece of shit, but now I’m just an older piece of shit.

Anyway, let’s reminisce. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”