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Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #194 – “A Million Ways to Die,” from A Million Ways to Die in the West


194. “A Million Ways to Die,” from A Million Ways to Die in the West

One thing (of many) I respect about Seth MacFarlane is his commitment to original music. He did it on his show and he’s done it in the three movies he’s directed to this point. This is a perfect song for his movie. It’s totally trading on “Blazing Saddles,” but the song still has to hold up on its own, which it does. Though while “Blazing Saddles” is a very straightforward song (Mel Brooks tells the story about Frankie Laine singing it and actually crying because he loved the song so much, not knowing what the movie was it was being recorded for), this one is sung straightforward, but all the lyrics are comical. So it’s never gonna hold up over time the way Blazing Saddles is, but it’s still a very nice tune.

Pic of the Day: “I never even knew the dame.” “You know she’s been murdered, don’t you?” “Yeah. So was Julius Caesar. I didn’t know him either.”