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Mike’s Favorite Animated Films of the Decade (20-11)

Our first official list. My favorite animated films of the decade. What I love about animated films in particular is that, in a lot of ways, they’re the first films we’re exposed to as children. Anyone growing up pretty much from the 80s onward grew up with these films in our lives, because of the home video age. Before we went to theaters to see stuff and before we got into ‘movies’ at large, there was all those movies we grew up on. And now, even though I’m not of the age for most of the animated fare to appeal to me like they used to, there’s still some amazing stuff that comes out each year that’s worth talking about, because they, while entertaining for all, are an art form of their own.

So we’ll shout out the 50 that I liked best over the past decade. Animation is a genre with some great stuff, but overall a very limited number of films that come out each year, owing to the length it takes to actually make one of them. So 50 feels right, rather than trying to stretch it.

So here are my top animated films from the decade 2010-2019: (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #185 – “Try Everything,” from Zootopia


185. “Try Everything,” from Zootopia

It’s just a really likable song. I was gonna downgrade it because it has nothing to do with the movie and just appears during the credits, but that’s not entirely true. You do hear this song throughout the film in snippets, and then we see her performing the song during the end credits. So that made me okay with it. This is straight out of the Wreck-It Ralph playbook of broadly likable pop song over your end credits. And it works.

Pic of the Day: “What did you tell him?” “I told him the truth, and strange enough, he believed me.”