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The 2020 Film Release Calendar: November

This has been perhaps the strangest Release Calendar I’ve ever done. Because the Oscars were held a few weeks earlier than they usually are, I wasn’t able to fit in the majority of the calendar before them. Usually I get the whole thing done by late January. And now, we’re post-Oscars, and I’m only on March. And the only reason January and February got done is because I wanted to get them up before some of the films actually came out.

But, here we are, working our way through the rest of the calendar for all the films to look forward to. I think you all know how this works — I’m gonna preview everything that’s set to come out (and a lot more that isn’t), and then guess what I think I’m gonna rate them all when I do manage to see them. And then we’ll use this as evidence of my ineptitude come the December wrap-up articles. These are my own twenty-seven 8×10 colored glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one.

Anyway, here’s November: (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #192 – “Big Eyes,” from Big Eyes


192. “Big Eyes,” from Big Eyes

Do people know that Tim Burton directed this movie and that it’s by the same guys who wrote Dolemite Is My Name and Ed Wood? I feel like this movie flew totally under the radar when it came out. Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz — it’s a solid movie. And Lana Del Rey doing a song for a Tim Burton movie… how on point is that?

I’ve always enjoyed this song. I love those random Shakira trumpets that blare near the beginning out of nowhere. It almost doesn’t fit the movie at all, but I love the big orchestral splendor of this song. They went all out on it, and I’m here for it. It’s one of those songs I keep thinking I want to rank higher every thirty seconds, but then the next thirty seconds come and I go, “No, it fits right where it is.” It’s a really interesting song, but I like it.


Pic of the Day: “Nothing can lick Chicago!”