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Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #189 – “Blinded by Love,” from Vox Lux


189. “Blinded by Love,” from Vox Lux

Our first Vox Lux entry on the list. Here’s a movie that has about five original songs in it, and when I first saw the film, I didn’t really notice the songs all that much, because I was reeling from the third act of the film, which ends with a concert but is almost trying to not give you the big concert, by not fixing up its audio and letting Natalie sing live, heavy breathing and all between songs. Plus she’s not the greatest singer, though she’s more than passable. Which took a lot of attention away from the songs for me. So all I heard was “Sia,” who so clearly wrote all the songs.

But, going back later for this article and hearing just the songs in a vacuum, they’re all really nice. They’re all pop songs, and are meant to be pop songs. This one’s nice, though not as catchy as the other songs that will also be on the list. But it totally fits as a song that would be in a movie like this. And bonus points for it actually being performed during the film.

Pic of the Day: “I fight against fascism. That is my trade.”