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Mike’s Favorite Female Supporting Performances of the Decade (20-11)

I make ‘favorite performance’ lists every year, and I get that these lists, more than the rest, are the most subjective one can make. Because it’s really about what you see in each performance and what you respond to; There’s no objective way to truly rate a performance as better than another. With whole films, it feels easier to make that distinction. So with these lists, I’m just gonna focus on some performances from the decade that I really, really enjoyed, and the goal here is just to shout them out and maybe get some people to watch the films if they hadn’t or reevaluate each of the performances the next time they watch the films.

These are my favorite female supporting performances of the decade: (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #140 – “A Cover Is Not a Book,” from Mary Poppins Returns


140. “A Cover Is Not a Book,” from Mary Poppins Returns

If I had to describe the Mary Poppins Return songs and my feelings about them, I’d say, “A hearty respect, but no love.” Because they’re all really solid. But I just don’t have the warmth toward them that I do the songs from the original. But they’re all really well-written and performed. This is basically an English beer hall song. They’re singing the same hook and working their own story/verses in there. I’m not a huge fan of working the Lin-Manuel Miranda rap in there, but apparently that’s a thing that has to be done for him in movies, so I get it. It’s a very fun song that is always better than I think it’s gonna be when I put it on.


Pic of the Day: ♫ “He’s a pinball wizard / There has to be a twist / A pinball wizard / Got such a supple wrist” ♫ (45th Anniversary)