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2020 Oscar Category Breakdown: Best Production Design

Today is Best Production Design.

Funnily enough, when scheduling out these categories, I thought to myself ‘Costumes seem easier than Production Design, so I should put that first and then wait on BAFTA for Production Design’. Turns out, Production Design is one of the easiest categories on the night and Costumes is actually up for debate. Oh well.

Either way, we’ve gotta deal with this now, and based on how the precursors have gone, this should be a pretty straightforward one on the night. Which is good, since the more easy ones you have, it gives you more time to consider what you’re gonna do for the hard ones. (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside) / I gotta go away (Baby it’s cold outside) / This evening has been (Been hoping that you’d dropped in) / So very nice (I’ll hold your hands they’re just like ice) / My mother will start to worry (Beautiful what’s your hurry?) / My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar) / So really I’d better scurry (Beautiful please don’t hurry) / Well maybe just a half a drink more (I’ll put some records on while I pour).” ♫