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Oscars 2020: CAS Awards

The Cinema Audio Society handed out their awards tonight for Sound Mixing.

Sound of Metal won for Feature Mixing and Soul won for Animated Mixing.

After MPSE, we now have all our Sound precursors in and have our work cut out for us, as three of the five nominees have won something and seem to have legitimate cases to be made for them winning. All part of the fun of Oscar season, folks.

Only one more precursor to go, ASC, which announces tomorrow, and after that, everything is in and all that’s left is figuring out what you think is gonna win. Strap in, folks, it’s about to get good.

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Oscars 2020: MPSE Awards

The MPSE Awards were apparently handed out last night. This has been such a weird season. All the dates these guilds have been posting for ceremonies have changed so many times. But whatever, we have winners and that’s all that matters.

Greyhound won the big award, for Sound Effects and Foley. Trial of the Chicago 7, very unsurprisingly, won for Dialogue+ADR, Tenet won for Music Underscore, Eurovision won for Music in a Musical and Soul won for Animated.

Greyhound and Soul are the two nominated for the Oscar and, along with Sound of Metal, tare the favorites to win. Sound of Metal feels like the more presumptive Sound winner based on its BAFTA win and feels more likely to contend at CAS for Mixing, which is handing out awards as we speak. So I’ll update with how those went in a bit. For now, basically we just found out that three of the five Sound nominees now have precursors, which could potentially be scary or could just be white noise distracting us from what is a really obvious outcome. Guess we’ll find out in a week.

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Oscars 2020: ACE Eddie Awards

The ACE Eddie Awards were handed out today.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 won for Best Dramatic Editing, while Palm Springs won for Best Comedy Editing, and Soul won for Best Animated Editing. Oh, and My Octopus Teacher won for Best Documentary Editing. So, while this basically helps sew up two other categories, this does keep the Best Editing category wide open for next weekend, as now Trial of the Chicago 7 and Sound of Metal have split the precursors (including a tie at BFCA). Plus, with Nomadland being the Best Picture favorite, that’s also gotta be considered in contention as well, which turns Editing into one of those few really interesting categories that you have to put some thought into.

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2020 Oscar Category Breakdown: Best Cinematography

Today is Best Cinematography, a category that was not overly straightforward when trying to guess the nominees, but one I am very pleased about because I managed to guess all five nominees. There aren’t many things related to the Oscars and guessing stuff that make me legitimately happy, but being able to guess nominees 5/5 in a category that’s not so obvious going in is definitely one of them.

This isn’t the usual flashiness we tend to get in this category, but all five are a real solid set of nominees. ASC, the cinematographers guild, doesn’t actually announce a winner until tomorrow night, but even so, I think we’ve got enough evidence to be pretty certain how this one’s gonna go. (more…)


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