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Oscars 2020: Annie Awards

The Annie Awards were handed out tonight. Not that they really matter, since we kinda know where the Animated Feature category is headed, but since they legitimately go deep in recognizing animated films, I like talking about them.

Soul won Best Feature, as well as Writing, Music, Editorial, Effects, Character Animation and Storyboarding, while Wolfwalkers won Best Indie Feature as well as for Direction, Production Design, Character Design and Voice Acting. The two films split every single category, with Soul winning 7 awards to Wolfwalkers’ 5. Just in case you weren’t sure that those were the two top Oscar choices.

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2020 Oscar Category Breakdown: Best Supporting Actress

Today is Best Supporting Actress, a category that began as something you really weren’t sure about to now probably one of the safer categories of the night. Which is why I always tell people not to make any decisions about things until all the information is in. Too often do people overreact to one piece of the puzzle without looking at the entire thing.

A month ago, you’d have had absolutely no idea who was gonna win this category. Two weeks ago, you’d have went, “Wait, is she really gonna win this?” And now, you go, “Oh, yeah, she’s gonna win. That makes total sense. It feels a bit like the escape in Cast Away. Where all he had to do was get over those initial rough waters and as long as he could weather that it was all smooth ocean from there on out.

Anyway, here’s Best Supporting Actress: (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “Watching every motion / In my foolish lover’s game / On this endless ocean / Finally lovers know no shame / Turning and returning / To some secret place inside / Watching in slow motion / As you turn around and say / Take my breath away.” ♫ (35th Anniversary)