Pic of the Day: “Is your hotel restricted?” “Well, I’d hardly say it was restricted.” “Then it’s not restricted?” “Would you excuse me a moment, please?” “How do you do, Mr. Green?” “How do you do?” “In answer to your question, may I inquire, are you – that is, do you follow the Hebrew religion yourself, or is it that you just want to make sure?” “I’ve asked a simple question. I’d like a simple answer.” “Well, we do have a very high-class clientele, and, well, naturally–“ ”Then you do restrict your guests to Gentiles?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that, Mr. Green. In any event, there seems to be some mistake. We don’t have a free room in the entire hotel. But if you’d like, perhaps I could fix you up at the Brewster Hotel, down near the station.” “I’m not staying at the Brewster. Look, I’m Jewish, and you don’t take Jews. That’s it, isn’t it?” “I never said that.” “If you don’t accept Jews, say so.” “Don’t raise your voice to me, Mr. Green. Speak a little more quietly, please.” “Do you or don’t you?” “Mr. Green, I’m a very busy man. If you want me to phone a cab, or a room at the Brewster, I’ll do so, otherwise– ” “Otherwise what?”

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