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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1940 – The Grapes of Wrath

1940 can be a very simple or very difficult year depending on how much thought you want to put into it.

There are a bunch of choices you can rationalize as being the choice. The Great Dictator? Sure. Only I already did Chaplin and wouldn’t have much to add to that article. The Philadelphia Story? Sure. If you like. But I don’t think that represents 1940. Rebecca? Great movie. Won Best Picture. But doesn’t represent the year. Fantasia? Pinocchio? I guess you could. But we already did Disney, and Fantasia was a flop when it came out.

The film that manages to hit all the right notes for me is this one. The Grapes of Wrath is an American classic. Both as a film and a novel. It was one of the biggest moneymakers of 1940, and has remained as one of the greatest films ever made. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “You and me got sense. Them Okies got no sense and no feeling. They ain’t human. Human being wouldn’t live the way they do. Human being couldn’t stand to be so miserable.”

The Grapes of Wrath - 5