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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1944 – Double Indemnity

I was a little torn about this, but it’s Double Indemnity, and just saying that makes sense, so we’re good.

If I’m going by what the film that best represents 1944 culturally is… actually, it’s still kind of close. I was thinking about Since You Went Away here, since, in 1944, that was actually the choice, and the film that best represented that year. I’m actually going kind of light on war year films here, but I guess that’s what next time is for. Technically the biggest film of the year was Going My Way, which is just bizarre.

But, honestly, in terms of film history, Double Indemnity is really the total package. Noir and the history of noir is right in line with 1944, and, while this might not be the film that best represents 1944 from a 1944 perspective, in 2014, this film definitely represents 1944 from a film history perspective.

Plus it’s just awesome. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “I think you’re rotten.” “I think you’re swell… so long as I’m not your husband. “Get out of here.” “You bet I’ll get out of here, baby. I’ll get out of here but quick.”

Double Indemnity - 83