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A Pictorial History of the Movies: The Master List

So, we’ve just finished my first go-round of A Pictorial History of the movies.

The goal here was, since I do a Pic of the Day every day, to find something cool to do with it. I came up with the idea of going through the entire history of film, from the very first films until now, year by year, and picking only one movie per year. Which is a pretty impossible task.

But I did it, I managed it, and I even wrote something up for each movie along the way. So now I’m compiling everything into one giant list. Mostly so I can use it for reference the next time I want to try this to prevent repeats from happening. (more…)

A Pictorial History of the Movies: 2013 – Gravity

This is the defining film of 2013. I know people will say 12 Years a Slave is the film of 2013, but it’s not. Gravity is that film. 12 Years is the most important film of 2013, but it’s not the film that defines 2013.

Put it this way – how many people were really excited about Gravity before it came out? I was. Shit, I called that movie 5 stars when it was supposed to come out in 2012. January 2012, I already said, “I’m so fucking in for this movie.” It’s not like it had that prerelease buzz of something like The Avengers. Or The Dark Knight. Or Avatar. This was a movie that, unless you were paying attention to it, you knew was a space movie that was coming out.

And then if fucking blew up. This movie brought people back into the theaters. The right way. Not in that, “We spent millions of dollars to market it, so people will come out the first weekend and not afterward because it’s not very good,” way. This was the, people came out, people went, “Holy fuck, that was amazing,” and then went back to see it. And they told their friends, “Holy fuck, did you see Gravity? You need to go right now and see that fucking movie.” That’s why this is the most defining movie of 2013. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Houston, this is Mission Specialist Ryan Stone. I’m off structure and I’m drifting… Do you copy? … Anybody…? Anyone…? Please copy.”

Gravity - 43