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Mike’s Top Ten of 1971

1971. There’s a year. This is where the proper 70s begin. This is where all the below the line stuff is just awesome, and it’s all weird 70s stuff, and not just ‘old school Hollywood’ stuff. Not that old school Hollywood stuff is bad, but it doesn’t fit what this decade is all about.

This year in particular though… it’s got some bangers. Look at that top ten list. One hidden gem, one weird movie that I love, but the rest are all straight classics (or at the very least part of famous franchises). The top ten is so strong. But, what’s even cooler is that there are such great films all the way down the line. You don’t just stop at the top ten in a year like this. You’re gonna find great stuff all the way through.

Pay attention, kids. The 70s are a decade you don’t wanna just skim through. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Gentlemen, you are being sent in by a HALO jump. Now, I realize not all of you have had hands-on experience. Frankly, none of us have ever faced a situation quite like this one before. I would not be asking any one of you to take this leap if I did not have complete faith in your ability to succeed. Your courage will never be more needed than it is today.”