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Mike’s Top Ten of 1975

If 1973 isn’t the strongest year of the decade, then 1975 for sure is. This top ten list, though. Holy shit. When the weakest one in the bunch is something that you disagree with because it’s not your cup of tea, that’s a strong year. You can’t argue with the cultural impact or strength of any of these films. Kubrick, Lumet, Spielberg, Gilliam, Altman, Forman, Pollack, Russell. That’s just 8 of the top 10. That’s nuts.

I will admit, it’s somewhat top heavy a year, as the lower films aren’t as strong as the ones in some other years. But still, when you have a top ten as strong as this one, you don’t need much else. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “I feel a little bit like Columbus… set down in a strange new land… full of new wonders… new discoveries. It’s a challenge, all right – a challenge to my training. Sometimes challenges can get mighty big. But I’m gonna stay alive, believe me.”