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91st Academy Awards Recap

This is the most relaxed moment of the year for me. This is the day your thesis is turned in and all the work is done. At this point, Oscar season isn’t particularly stressful for me, but it’s a culmination of two-plus months of thinking about this stuff. And it’s been something going up every single day since December. Now, it’s all over, and the books are closed.

I wish I could say I’m remotely shocked by anything that happened. But no. This all went about how I expected it to. A couple of minor surprises here and there, but nothing that far from the realm of expectation. At one point throughout the night I remember remarking to a friend, “Bohemian Rhapsody has won every award it was nominated for. It has four awards and Black Panther has three. Which is the most Academy thing ever. ‘Look at us, we’re inclusive! (But also we’re still us.)” Honestly, how could anyone be surprised at the way things turned out? I mean, I never am because I’m so deep into this shit I’ve figured out every possible permutation for how things could have gone. So to me, this is all, “Yup, yup, yup, oh that won there, which means this will win here and it won’t win there.” I was calling out three categories ahead when they announced a new one. That’s where I’m at. I’m almost incapable of being surprised by all this. That’s why I do the Scorecard ballot thing now.

Anyway, let’s recap what happened and close the book on 2018. (more…)


Pic of the Day (125th Anniversary)

Pic of the Day Update

I’ve decided to try something different for Pic of the Day this year.

Mostly it came out of me going, “Well I gotta fill like, nine months of images now,” and deciding I didn’t want to have to figure out what those were gonna be. It just felt like work, and I didn’t want work. So, since I’ve been doing these anniversary-themed ones the past couple years, and because next January 1st will begin the 10th year of this site (that has nothing to do with it at all, but it is worth mentioning), I’ve decided to just make every Pic of the Day this year be an anniversary Pic of the Day.

That is — all but ten Pics of the Day between now and December (just ten), will be of a film that is celebrating some sort of anniversary this year. (Anywhere from 1-125. All round numbers. All but one are 5s and 0s. There’s one 1 year anniversary, just because it amused me.) And the ten that aren’t celebrating an anniversary are there to commemorate earlier versions of films that are coming out on that particular date.

Oh, and it’s completely out of order, too. I’ve picked all the films already, and then just jumbled up the order, so films show up whenever they show up. Only a handful of dates are pre-selected. Everything else is totally random.

Also, as a tease for what’s to come — today’s Pic of the Day is celebrating its 125th anniversary. That’s the oldest one we have.