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Oscars 2019: Independent Spirit Award Nominations

They also announced these last week. These are closer to being slightly meaningful for the Oscars, but the fact that I waited this long to talk about them should tell you how little they truly matter. Mostly it’s just indie people promoting indies, and usually the indies that are the real Oscar contenders end up shining. But mainly it’s just an excuse for everyone to get drunk in a giant tent in Santa Monica the day before the Oscars. Which I approve of wholeheartedly.

I honestly blindly copy-pasted these categories the day they were announced and didn’t even look at them until now, so, as usual, this is just gonna be my gut reaction based on seeing everything as we go through the article. I suspect nothing here will be particularly surprising or helpful, but mostly I’ll go, “Oh, good for them,” because stuff I know will never get any Oscar attention will get some love here, which at least gives it something.

Anyway, here are your 2019 Indie Spirit Award nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2019: Makeup & Hairstylists Guild Nominations

They announced this shortlist about three weeks ago, but I wanted to wait until I was mentally ready to start thinking about Oscar season before I posted it. (Because even though I don’t read that stuff, I’m already sick and tired of what I know are the countless articles out there talking about whether or not Endgame or Joker are gonna be nominated for and win Best Picture. Hearing people ask me about that stuff is like when your relative quotes something they heard on Fox News. Spare me, please.)

But, it’s almost that time, folks. And what better way to move into Oscar season than by talking about the Makeup & Hairstylists Guild!?

It’s gonna be another two weeks or so until we get our shortlist, so for now we’re operating in a vacuum. Plus, this is the one guild that is most meaningless to the proceedings because they’re gonna shortlist seven choices and only three will be nominated, and if previous years are any indication — what wins here means nothing there. A lot of times things get left off the shortlist and a lot of times you know from the jump what’s gonna get nominated and win. But hey, the season is starting. Think of this as the first almost-snowfall before the Oscar blizzard is upon us.

Here are your 2019 Makeup & Hairstylist Guild nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2019: Important Dates

Here’s every date you need to know for this year’s Oscar season:

November 11th Makeup & Hairstylists Guild Nominations

November 21st Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

December 2nd Annie Award Nominations

December 3rd National Board of Review Awards

Best Visual Effects Longlist

December 8th BFCA Nominations

December 9th Golden Globe Nominations

ADG Nominations

December 10th – CDG Nominations

CAS Nominations

December 11th SAG Nominations

ACE Nominations

December 16th MPSE Nominations

Best Documentary Feature Shortlist announced

Best Foreign Language Film Shortlist announced

Best Original Score Shortlist announced

Best Original Song Shortlist announced

Best Visual Effects Shortlist announced

Best Makeup & Hairstyling Shortlist announced

Best Animated Short Shortlist announced

Best Live-Action Short Shortlist announced

Best Documentary Short Shortlist announced

January 2nd – Academy Award Nominations Voting Begins

January 3rd ASC Nominations

AFI Awards

January 5th77th Golden Globe Awards

January 6th WGA Nominations

January 7th PGA Nominations

DGA Nominations

BAFTA Nominations

VES Nominations

Academy Award Nominations Voting Ends

January 11thMakeup & Hairstylist Guild Awards

January 12th –  BFCA Awards

January 13th92nd Academy Award Nominations

January 17th ACE Eddie Awards

January 18th PGA Awards

January 19th SAG Awards

MPSE Golden Reel Awards

January 25thDGA Awards

ASC Awards

CAS Awards

Annie Awards

USC Scripter Award

January 28thCDG Awards

January 29thVES Awards

January 30th – Academy Award Final Voting Begins

February 1stWGA Awards

ADG Awards

February 2nd BAFTA Awards

February 4th – Academy Award Final Voting Ends

February 8th – Independent Spirit Awards

February 9th – 92nd Academy Awards

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