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Oscars 2019: BFCA Nominations

The Critics Choice Award nominations were announced today. Somehow I thought they were mid-week, but I’ll take them now. I wonder if they wanted to get a jump on the Golden Globes, which are getting announced tomorrow. BFCA is usually the first to announce winners and always sort of sets the pace for everything else, even if the others feel slightly more important, results-wise. Either way, I’m happy to see them.

This is our first step to Oscar season. After tomorrow, we’re gonna basically have half the puzzle. After tomorrow, we’re just waiting on each of the individual guilds (which includes SAG and PGA) and BAFTA. But, today we’ve got the critics, so let’s see what they nominated.

Here are your 2019 Critics Choice nominees: (more…)

The Overrated Films of 2019

I call this the ‘Calm the Fuck Down List’. Because so often people mistake the term overrated to mean ‘bad’. And that’s not what I’m saying. The definition is in the word — overrated. We are prescribing a level of opinion to something that it does not deserve. And that is both for better and for worse. But people always get the wrong impression from when I put a movie on this list. I’m not blaming the movie — I’m blaming you. And by you, I mean the colloquial you, everyone talking up a movie. Which may be the studio, it may be the media, it may just be the ‘film’ section of the internet, it may be the public at large, I may even be included in some of that.

The point is, some of these movies are getting way too much hype (and you can always figure out what the major culprits are) and this list is meant to tell people to just chill. Or, as the Rolling Stones said at Altamont, “Cool out.” And then tomorrow we’ll talk about the movie that should get some of that excess praise, and then after that we’ll talk about some movies that could just use any press whatsoever because no one’s watching them.

But before that, let’s take out some frustration on the movies that are getting far too much credit (and you already know what my unofficial #1 is before I even start the list. Because you’re all fucking guilty of it). (more…)

Pic of the Day: “You know, Herbert Hoover once stayed here on this floor.” “The vacuum guy?” “No, the President.”