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Mike’s Favorite Movie Trailers of 2019

Sometimes I question putting up all these ‘favorites’ list each year. Because everyone puts up some version of them But I realize as I do it each time… not one puts the amount of care and effort into the lists the way I do. I always stumble upon a ‘favorite performances’ or ‘favorite trailers’ list on a site or two, and it’s always the same shit you’d expect to try to appeal to the most amount of people. Hustlers and Joker and The Irishman and all the same films that are gonna get the most searches. No one’s actually talking about the content itself. So that’s why I keep doing it.

That was a long way of saying we’re talking about my favorite movie trailers today. Another art that’s on shaky ground. Not as much as posters are, but they’re not doing great. Trailers now are either completely abstract and designed to give you nothing about a movie or spell out the entire plot of a movie from start to finish. There’s really no in-between most of the time. Unless, of course, the trailer actually does its job. And that’s what we’re gonna try to get at today.

My viewing of trailers tends to ebb and flow from year to year. I’m usually in a theater a lot, so I’ll catch a fair amount. And some of the bigger ones I will watch. Sometimes I’ll get bored every two months or so and then pull up like ten that I just missed to see if they look any good or see if they’re selling the movie well. Because I’m gonna watch all this stuff anyway, so trailers really aren’t doing anything for me. They’re not really moving the needle all that much. The only thing a trailer will do is make me reconsider (or further convince me) if I should see a movie in theaters or not or make me more excited for something than I already am (which, in those particular cases, is usually a lot). But I make myself write up this article so I can really look at what trailers are doing their jobs exceptionally well. Because people do this for a living. Their job is to make these things. So it’s only fair they get their just shout outs for doing their jobs well.

Here are my favorite movie trailers of 2019: (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Seven o’clock. Psychos seize Santa’s workshop and only Lee Majors can stop them.”