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Mike’s Favorite Movie Trailers of the Decade (10-1)

While I call movie posters a lost art, trailers are a different beast altogether. They’ve definitely evolved over the years, and in a way, they’re getting better the more time goes on. Trailers 40 years ago were so much different than they are now. The way people sell a film is different now. Posters are just about imagery, but trailers have to show you what you’re in store for without giving away everything. Though, there is some artistry to that as well, since I think we can all agree that a lot of times, you can understand what the entire plot of a movie is gonna be just from a trailer. But once in a while, you get something really nice, where it’s cut real well and it makes you excited for the film without giving too many secrets away.

I track my favorite trailers each year, so now I’m gonna look back over the past decade and see which ones have held up best for me.

Here are my favorite film trailers of the past decade: (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “It’s astounding / Time is fleeting / Madness takes its toll / But listen closely / Not for very much longer / I’ve got to keep control / I remember doing the Time Warp / Drinking those moments when / The blackness would hit me / And the void would be calling / Let’s do the Time Warp again / Let’s do the Time Warp again” ♫ (45th Anniversary)